Alberta, Paris stabbing attack and more: Links 1, January 11th, 2023

1. Two important videos on politics in Alberta

This one needs to be sourced and we must learn all we can on it. Hopefully someone can send in more information. Alberta NDP plans Red Guard mission to get people to vaxx up

2. John Campbell on excess deaths around the world

3. SIX people stabbed by a Mohamad at a Paris metro station this morning. European news agencies are running disinformation campaigns on it, but the evidence is it is Jihad. Below, an actual video of the attack, which was deleted off of Twitter. Probably by the FBI ministry of Truth.

4. Apparently, computers are as reliable and fast at organizing flights as they are at counting votes:

Live updates: Departures ‘resuming gradually’ after FAA orders pause on all domestic flights after computer failure

FAA system restored after outage that halted all domestic flight departures in the U.S.

FAA Resumes Air Traffic Nationwide But Causes 4,000 Flights To Be Delayed

(How long till my dry sarcasm about computers being the issue when its obviously about people using computers as weapons against our rights and societies, is labelled anti-technology hate speech and I have to answer questions before a board for undermining people’s confidence in the technology used to rule them?)

5. Twitter Permanently Suspends OANN Reporter For Reporting On Rep. Buddy Carter’s Fair Tax Act Which Will ABOLISH The IRS

Twitter permanently suspended OANN reporter Daniel Baldwin this morning following a tweet covering Congressman Buddy Carter’s Fair Tax Act, which will abolish the IRS.

H.R.25, the Fair Tax Act, will “promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States,” according to the bill.

It must be much much more than a full time job for Elon Musk to wrestle control of Twitter from the tyrannical forces that have run it for years and years now.

Thank you all for paying attention. Below is what happens when we don’t. Remember, they are applying the same standards now to police. soldiers, firemen, pilots etc. Form over function, and form which defies function.

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  1. The failure of the FAA advisory system is more than fishy. At a minimum, such systems typically have multiple failover hardware and software components, so that there are few if any notable disruptions. Even if something big enough were to happen to pop it offline, there’s no excuse for not having a parallel back mirror if the system, capable of being seamlessly swapped online until repairs are completed on the primary (I’m thinking an exact duplicate of the primary but situated on separate hardware, not collocated, and on a different part of the switching backbone). The system is THAT critical, and the expense would be easily justifiable, since if it goes down, no one flies anywhere until it’s restored.

    Gross incompetence or deliberate malfeasance? You decide.

  2. Alberta – Nutley calls on Smith to apologize for unvaccinated comments

    Rachel Nutley is calling on Premier Danielle Smith to apologize and withdraw her comment calling unvaccinated people the most discriminated against group of her lifetime.

    The opposition NDP leader said the comment tarnishes the province’s reputation and has “deeply hurt” hundreds of thousands of Albertans.


  3. ITEM # 1 RACHEL NOTLEY – that was on September 2021 (26th or 27th ???)


    ctv news – Alberta NDP calls for door-to-door vaccination campaign to increase immunizations


    National Post – Alberta NDP’s proposal to reach the vaccine-hesitant: Go door-to-door with COVID-19 shots

    NDP proposal would see a health-care worker and a ‘trusted member of the community’ knocking on doors to address vaccination concerns


    twitter @RachelNotley

    We need to figure out who isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19, why they’re not, educate them and then take the vaccines directly to them.

    This just makes sense.

    video — NDP calls for door to door vaccination campaign

    + 603 comments on the YT page

  4. ITEM 3: A Libyan migrant, he arrived in France three years ago. Allah Akhar, for sure.

    ITEM 1: NDP’s Notley indirectly confirms the recent Canadian Call for Services via Tender. I see her words as an easy provocation to attract comments from unvaxxed Canadians. The government will follow up on those who comment which makes their job easier in relation to tracking unvaxxed Canadians.

  5. This stabbing in Paris it’s so disturbing!!, and people doing nothing to save this person, what they did to this beautiful continent it’s heartbreaking, .,

    • Heartbreaking. Yes. A kevlar vest is the second best way to protect the heart. Not taking DoD untested gene therapy remains the best though.

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