Tucker Carlson for January 5th, 2023

There are several segments well worth the time to watch the parts of lesser interest perhaps, depending on your geography.

Personally I found the interview with the CEO of Rumble discussing indirectly how YouTube shadowbans the same people or the same views Twitter does to be worth every second. YouTube/Google/Alphabet is absolutely as bad as Twitter, and in fact worse, and in fact doing it for longer. Google manipulates its search engine results to force people to the narrative view. This is worse than censoring people’s opinions. It forces people to create ‘their’ opinions based on false information.

Google has become a dialectic engine. Not a search one. And slowly they manage to force all other search engines to do the same. Google is a cancer. Not a finder of things that inform your choices.

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  1. Although we’ve warned them many times, too many people ignore the advice and still use Google. They just don’t learn and it’s a big problem for those ‘in the know’.

    I LOVE TUCKER. The best of the best in broadcasting. Thank you.

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