Katie Hopkins on the normalization and denial of Died Suddenly: Links 1 for January 4th, 2023

1. Computing Forever does 7 minute recap on boosters

2. US Government quietly extends the mandate for non citizens to be vaxxed for entrance to the US. (Does it still not apply to illegals?)

Transportation Security Administration U.S. Department of Homeland Security Transportation Security Administration 6595 Springfield Center Drive Springfield, Virginia 20598 EMERGENCY AMENDMENT PDF 4 pages :

4 page PDF available here.

3. Defendants forced to choose between maximum sentences or unwanted injections

Judge RIchard Frye is a Franklin County Judge in Columbus Ohio. He recently began including “vaccination” against COVID-19 as a condition of defendants’ terms of probation. One such defendant is a young man named Sylvaun Latham. Here he explains that he was given a choice between five years probation, verses only one year, provided he submit to the dangerous experimental genetic injections.


4. Terrifying moment hundreds of men swarm around lone girl, 17, and attack her for ‘dressing immodestly and distracting riders’ at a motorcycle event in Iraq

Shocking footage has emerged of a teenage girl being attacked by a crowd of men for dressing ‘immodestly’ at a motorcycle event in Iraq

The 17-year-old was targeted by a male mob who accused her of distracting riders at the racing event in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Video filmed and shared by a racegoer in Sulaymaniyah showed the teenager attempting to walk away from the area before being forced to run as a crowd of men pursued her screaming: ‘B****’.

5. Katie Hopkins is at her peak these days. The take-away is how the UK made a damned TV commercial normalizing children dropping dead from playing sports as if it always happened all the time and you are an idiot if you don’t accept that.

Nuremberg 2.0 NOW. Including for the propagandists who made that advert.

Thank you all for paying attention.

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4 Replies to “Katie Hopkins on the normalization and denial of Died Suddenly: Links 1 for January 4th, 2023”

  1. Katie is pitch perfect.
    She talks to you directly: you’re a reasonable adult who can take in this startling information and make responsible decisions. That’s respect.

    She may reach more people than journalists who project their own emotions and call you names if they fail to convince you.
    This is something I will pass on.

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