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  1. So… How long do these spike proteins remain in the body and are we justified to request unvaxxed blood for transfusions? One more good argument here.

    Important discovery:

    Herpes zoster skin lesions (due to reactivation of the varicella zoster virus) after COVID-vaccination contain the spike protein induced by the mRNA transfection (Covid vaccine):

    Detected 3 months after the vaccination.

  2. No idea if I have posted this before but IMHO it is still relevant.
    Trumps biggest mistake was in trusting the Obama primed bureaucracy that he inherited. He made the mistake of actually thinking that “public servants” were such and not people who worked via their own political agendas. IMO, he had a clue that there would be some “insurgents” within it but had not a clue as to how many there really were. It was only when he found himself having to chase up on why previous orders/requests had not been implemented that the penny dropped. It took longer than it should have for him to realize this as he was constantly under fire from all directions, and this was deliberate as it had 2 edges: 1. the primary attack; and 2. the distraction effect of such in decreasing his ability to concentrate on supposedly “minor” bureaucracy problems.
    The point of this post is that Musk is having exactly the same problem: he is NOT running Twitter: the zealots still are. He cannot micromanage everything and they know this so while he can make some obvious superficial changes at the top, he cannot undo the damage still being done as he cannot sack all of those in the direct front line at the lower levels, and to cleanse these zealots suddenly could well make Twitter non-functional.

    Unlike Trump though, Musk has no time limit and IF he is determined to cleanse Twitter, it can be done with time, effort and patience. But he still will be attacked from all directions.
    Oh! They hate Trump but they hate apostates more.

  3. Yesterday I heard a public service announcement. The radioman talked about strokes and heart attacks, framing them like you’re the next stop on their bus route. Anyone can get a stroke no matter their age, he said.

    This is how the powerful perpetrators of this crime cover their tracks. A new normal dawns.

    • People have to learn that the historical norm is violence and oppression. We in the west have grown use to the freedom and semi peace we have known all of our lives.

      This long time of freedom and semi peace has caused most people to relax, not keep an eye on the politicans and allow wanna be Dictators take control of one of our political parties.

      We are going to pay the price for our bad judgement by living through a long period of recurring violence around the world. In order to regain or freedom we are going to have to fight and fight hard.

  4. Behold the quick withering of the marriage contract, and its greater institution, at the hand of a deconstructionist postmodernism via the sanctification of gay marriage, only for the purpose of accelerating this destruction. Pure dialectic attacks on the institution achieved this. So it is not so ironic how a system that encourages us to embrace the noble but now antiquated (in the eyes of the system) terms and conditions of marriage—…for better or worse, sickness and in health…—is the first to abandon them with the alacrity of divorce. There is no contradiction when the point is revolution.

    There is a segment of society, however, that arrives at the same place as we who struggle to understand the concepts and deliveries of dialectic warfare, but without so much head banging. They arrive fully born and less conflicted by confusion and chaos.

    People of faith meet us at the crossroads of our own paths. They stand to hold the devil to account. This means, precisely, that believing in God is irrelevant to standing at the crossroads. Rather, it means sharing with Christians a defiance to the abandonment our own beliefs at the gun barrel of the State. It means the uncompromising will to refute apostacy.

    12 powerful minutes:

  5. At the end of the day we will not endure “struggle sessions”. This thing will be settled more simply:

    What percentage of the US goes to church regularly?
    “Despite only about a fifth of Americans attending church or synagogue on a weekly basis, almost 40 percent consider themselves to be very religious.Sep 30, 2022.”

  6. Data from this website provides cost and composition of energy demands, supply.
    PJM Interconnection, which operates the electric grid in the Mid-Atlantic region and parts of the Midwest, issued a warning on electricity use during the extremely cold days of Christmas Eve and Christmas. PJM called for consumers to conserve electricity in response to high demand on the grid caused by “frigid weather.” These warnings are more typical of summer months in which air conditioner usage his high, but electric heating may make these warnings common during the winter too.

  7. BREAKING: Zelensky announces he is planning to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to sign new postwar loans with BlackRock

    “Volodymyr Zelensky and Larry Fink agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channelling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” the post said.

    On Wednesday it was revealed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government is prepping to participate in January’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, and that the Ukrainian leader is in talks with BlackRock CEO Larry Fink regarding rebuilding efforts following the war with Russia.

    According to Bloomberg, Zelensky said in an evening address to the nation, “Specialists of this company are already helping Ukraine to structure the fund for the reconstruction of our state.”

    Zelensky reportedly had a video call with Fink in September. He did not reveal whether he would be attending the WEF in person or virtually.

    According to a Wednesday post on the Ukrainian President’s official website, Zelensky said, “In accordance with the preliminary agreements struck earlier this year between the Head of State and Larry Fink, the BlackRock team has been working for several months on a project to advise the Ukrainian government on how to structure the country’s reconstruction funds.”

    “Volodymyr Zelensky and Larry Fink agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channeling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” the post added.

    “During the conversation, it was emphasized that certain BlackRock leaders plan to visit Ukraine in the new year,” the post continued. “The President thanked Larry Fink for the work of the professional team that BlackRock has allocated to advise on structuring the reconstruction projects.”

      • the gateway pundit – Retired USMC Colonel Andy Milburn Surprisingly Tells Some Truth About Ukraine

        The following video is bizarre. Andrew Milburn is the leader of the Mozart Group, which is comprised of former U.S. military personnel who are providing rudimentary training to Ukrainians. I am shocked by what I see in this video. Milburn, at times, is juvenile. He demonstrates no knowledge whatsoever about the predicates that sparked Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. And his commentary on Putin in particular and Russians in general is cartoonish and shallow.

        You want a contrast? Pull up any video of Doug MacGregor (Colonel US Army retired) and compare Doug’s presence, comportment and commentary with that offered by Milburn. Both men held the same rank, but I am certain you will come away with the conclusion that MacGregor is a true professional. Milburn? Lacking in good judgment at a minimum.

        I suspect that Milburn is in hot water with his financial backers as a result of his Whiskey fueled chat with the boys at the Team Room because he says some truthful but damaging things about Ukraine. Maybe Andy secretly does not want to set foot again in Ukraine and did this podcast to make it impossible for him to return.


        The real shocker for me comes at the 1:42:30 mark when he starts talking about “Cannabis” and other drugs. Active duty Marines would face a court-martial for the conduct he describes.

    • europravda – Zelenskyy gives his annual address to Ukraine’s Parliament

      … the country’s reconstruction will be Europe’s largest economic project of modern times.

  8. zero hedge – Bankman-Fried Criminal Case Assigned To Judge In bin Laden, Epstein-Linked Cases

    With Sam Bankman-Fried – a democrat donor so generous a March 2021 interview in the leftist outlet VOX said that SBF was “among the people most responsible” for Joe Biden being in office – spending hundreds of millions to buy favors, influence and fawning media support, it was hardly a surprise when we learned last week that Judge Ronnie Abrams (appointed by Barack Obama in 2012) recused herself from prosecuting SBF in his upcoming criminal case due to work her husband Greg Andres’ law firm Davis Polk did for FTX (before joining Davis Polk, Andres served as an Assistant Special Counsel for Russian interference in 2016 United States elections under Robert Mueller).

    So fast forward to today when Sam Bankman-Fried’s criminal case was reassigned to Bill Clinton-appointed District Judge Lewis Kaplan, recently known for handling a Epstein-linked sexual abuse lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew, and defamation lawsuits against Donald Trump, and is also known for presiding over a number of federal racketeering cases involving Mafia members. In April 2010, Kaplan was assigned to preside over the cases of 14 Gambino crime family members arrested on charges, among others, of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, witness tampering (in the 1992 trial of John Gotti), and sex trafficking of a minor.

    […]oversees two civil lawsuits by former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll accusing Trump of defaming her by denying he raped her in a Manhattan department store dressing room 27 years ago.

    more :

    • DAILY MAIL – EXCLUSIVE: Sam Bankman-Fried hires top private investigator who worked for Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘Relentless’ detective is seen escorting disgraced crypto boss out of court after being freed on $250m bail can reveal that SBF has hired ‘hound dog’ Jimmy Harkins

      He was escorted from court in NY by Harkins after being freed on $250m bail

      Harkins is a former NYPD detective who has helped mobsters evade conviction

      Fallen FTX founder assembles expensive legal team despite claiming to only have $100,000 to his name


    • zero hedge – Sam Bankman-Fried’s ‘Nervous’ Parents Hire Armed Guards Amid Death Threats

      […]His parents secured his bail with the equity in their house. Word has quickly spread of SBF’s location, prompting the family to fortify the home.

      NYPost reported the family had contracted a private security firm in the Bay Area to patrol the grounds for $10,000 per week to protect SBF from mounting death threats.

      […]Days ago, NYPost reported Bankman-Fried’s parents hired workers to construct a network of security cameras around the home on the edge of Stanford University’s campus.

      more :
      DAILY MAIL – Cashing in? Sam Bankman-Fried meets with writer who penned Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Big Short’ while holed up on house arrest on $250M bail – as parents cough up $10K-a-week for private security

      Author Michael Lewis reportedly visited Bankman-Fried on Friday

      Lewis is said to have been working on a book about the FTX founder for months

      But the implosion of FTX last month accelerated his plans for publication

      Meanwhile, heavy security surrounds home where Bankman-Fried is on bond

      His law professor parents reportedly paid $10,000 per week for private security

  9. Experts say artificial sweeteners are the reason for sudden heart attacks.

    Meanwhile, I guess this poor young man consumed too much sweet stuff.

    “Minnesota hockey player aged just 16 dies on Christmas Day, weeks after suffering a series of strokes”

    • DAILY MAIL –British Heart Foundation dismisses MP claims that it is ‘covering up’ data that Covid vaccines harm the heart

      Tory MP Andrew Bridgen made the explosive claims in a debate in Parliament

      He alleged the British Heart Foundation is hiding data on Covid vaccine harms

      The charity has now hit back, saying if he has any evidence he should present it

      Even a member of his own party has criticised the ‘conspiracy theory’ thinking

      Covid jabs are known to carry a small risk of myocarditis but it is very rarely fatal


      […]Patients can treat the condition with medication aimed at regulating heartbeat and improving heart function.

      Some rare cases have required patients to have a device implanted in their heart to regulate heartbeat.

      Myocarditis is a mild, temporary condition in the vast majority of cases, experts say.

      […]A report of myocarditis from a vaccine submitted to the MHRA only indicates a suspicion a case was linked to the vaccine, not conclusive proof.


      table 1 – People with a COVID-19 diagnosis in the previous 14 days who were admited to hospital, admited to ICU or reported as having died in the week ending 17 December 2022

      FOUR OF MORE DOSES = 362

      NO DOSE = 0

    • twitter @RealGeorgeWebb1

      Are we sure Live Exercise 2.0 is coming?

      Time to stop blaming Fauci and expose the real perpetrators of the Live Exercises?

      + 1 min 31 video


      CBC – The scientists tracking new COVID-19 variants — before it’s too late

      ( 2 min 17 )

      The virus that causes COVID-19 continues to mutate amid reduced testing, adding to concerns that a new variant could explode before it’s detected and tracked.

      But Canadian labs are on the case.

    • Klaus Schwab And Albert Bourla Talk Effective Vaccines

      Should we be afraid of another virus?

      How many vaccines are we going to need?


    yahoo sport UK – Italian police investigating Camila Giorgi over allegedly fake vaccination papers


    […]According to a report from La Repubblica, Giorgi has been accused of obtaining a fake vaccination certificate, without getting the vaccine against coronavirus, from a doctor who is against the idea of vaccinations and wilfully provided multiple counterfeit certificates.

    The doctor’s client list reads as something of a who’s who of Italian celebrities and public figures,


    Madame e Camila Giorgi, le confessioni della dottoressa sui falsi vaccini inguaiano le due «stelline»

    Oltre alla cantante e alla tennista (con i familiari) indagati infermieri e medici. Le ammissioni sui nomi durante gli interrogatori. E ora il pm chiede l’incidente probatorio

    L’ha fatto «per tutelare la loro salute», perché spesso erano pazienti «con patologie e allergie» per i quali la vaccinazione poteva essere controindicata. In questi mesi, la procura di Vicenza ha interrogato per cinque volte la dottoressa Daniela Grillone Tecioiu, 57 anni, medico di base con studio a Vicenza , specializzata in medicina estetica e ozonoterapia. E per cinque volte lei, assistita dall’avvocato Fernando Cogolato, ha provato a indossare la maschera della paladina dei malati, spiegando di aver «agito in questo modo, per prevenire danni maggiori». L’ha fatto per i pazienti, assicura, per proteggerli dalle possibili controindicazioni del siero anti-Covid.

    E per quelle finte vaccinazioni che consentivano di ottenere il green pass, lo scorso anno si sono rivolte a lei centinaia di persone. Anche da fuori regione. Anche Vip. Due nomi su tutti: la cantante vicentina Madame (al secolo Francesca Calearo, 20 anni) che tra meno di due mesi è attesa a Sanremo, e l’atleta marchigiana Camila Giorgi, 30 anni, una delle più forti tenniste italiane. Entrambe, sono ora indagate per falso ideologico.

    La spiegazione alle telecamere

    Le giustificazioni rese di fronte al sostituto procuratore Gianni Pipeschi sono coincise con una confessione piena da parte della dottoressa che era stata arrestata a fine febbraio assieme al marito Andrea Giacoppo, e con quello che viene considerato il suo «successore», il nefrologo Erich Goepel Volker, 64enne di Malo che da novembre 2021 era medico di medicina generale da supplente in uno studio di Fara Vicentino. Entrambi i dottori, nel frattempo sono tornati in libertà e, in attesa dell’eventuale processo, hanno ottenuto dall’Usl la possibilità di tornare a esercitare. Che la donna stesse collaborando con gli inquirenti (al contrario di Goepel che, assistito dall’avvocato Massimo Malipiero, si è sempre avvalso della facoltà di non rispondere) era evidente da quando, il mese scorso, le telecamere dell’emittente locale Tva Vicenza l’avevano ripresa mentre spiegava candidamente: «Sono stati fatti dei vaccini falsi, solo però a dei colleghi miei, infermieri ecc, che avevano patologie, che stavano per morire se facevano un vaccino… Erano disperati». Per questo si rivolgevano al suo studio, perché «tutti gli altri colleghi si sono rifiutati di fare loro un’esenzione». Quanti pazienti hanno ottenuto in questo modo il green pass? «Non sono stati tanti, alla fine saranno stati sì e no trecento vaccini».



    • One of two things is happening, either NATO is starting a new front to distract Putin. Or Putin is starting a new front to distract NATO.

      Either way the war is spreading and the Dems are busy destroying the US Military. The shift from war fighting to social justice is one half of the destruction. The shipment of the US reserve ammo to Ukraine is the other half of the equation.

      This war is going to spread around the world and all Western Nations have a large number of enemy fighters embedded in our nations.

    • The Optimistic Conservative
      TOC Ready Room 28 December 2022: Grab bag – AZ election lawsuit; George Santos; illegal migrants

      As readers have probably guessed, I’ve been taking a bit of a Christmas holiday and not posting much recently. (As an update from several weeks ago, I continue to work on an extensive article about Chinese land holdings in the U.S., and some implications for national security. That won’t be out until the New Year at this point.)

      This Ready Room will be a little grab-bag of reflections on a few topics, the first of which is the Arizona judge’s ruling against gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit over the conduct of the 2022 general election in Maricopa County. The evidence of irregularities is extensive, and a strong case was made that failures of preparation and operation on election day, including machines and back-up planning, ended up disenfranchising numerous voters. In the opinion of legal experts who were tracking the lawsuit and the court filings by Kari Lake, the evidence also showed an unmistakable bias in the political demographics affected by the irregularities, which were overwhelmingly Republican precincts.

      I want to focus on just one aspect of the issue, however. Rachel Alexander at Townhall spoke for many in opining that the judge made politically biased decisions about which claim counts in the lawsuit he would allow, and then in ruling against Lake. But Alexander also did the signal service of listing many recent incidents in which judges in other states had ordered new elections, after they were presented with instances of far fewer irregularities than Lake’s team was able to give evidence of in her lawsuit.

      It’s not so routine as to be uninteresting when a new election is ordered by a judge, and it’s generally not for the gubernatorial race. But it’s certainly not unthinkable. And if Lake’s case didn’t meet the threshold – numerous individually documented instances of effective vote suppression in Arizona’s most populous county – nothing would.

      Here’s the one observation I want to make. It’s clear the fate of voting irregularities and their effect on elections shouldn’t be left primarily or solely to lawsuits in the state courts. Too much depends on the political bias of individual judges in that case. (And that’s only one of the problems. Invalidating an election, even though judges have done it a number of times, isn’t necessarily an indicated remedy for the irregularities found by the court. That’s even though it might be the fairest and most just outcome for the voters.)

      The state legislatures need to think more proactively now about the likelihood of election irregularities, and consider writing remedies into the statutes governing elections in their states. As things stand, the requirement to review elections, require recounts and audits, and order new elections is either a function of a very narrow margin in the vote, or is completely at the discretion of a judge, if a candidate brings a lawsuit.

      The outcomes that situation has been producing aren’t working for the people anymore. Judges can’t and shouldn’t be expected to recraft how law responds to the evidence of whatever is causing the growing number of irregularities. It shouldn’t be up to judges to decide whether enough discrepancies in signature matching on mail-in ballots, or voting machine operation, warrant a forensic audit or a new election, nor should judges have broad discretion to admit ballots that weren’t processed or didn’t arrive in conformity with election law.

      Image via Mental Recession
      Election law itself needs to exclude the “finding” of ballots “unexpectedly” in closets and transport vehicles. Basically, election law needs to stop falsely assuming that all functions are being executed in good faith, and start accounting for, regulating, and prohibiting the unregulated practices by which vote-counting has been extended for days and even weeks after the polls have closed on election day.

      This must not be left to the courts. Legislatures need to tighten the laws up, and start writing the rules for holding elections as if the possibility of irregularities that adversely affect truthful, accurate outcomes is ever-present – just as criminal statutes are written on the premise that the possibility of robbery, assault, and murder is ever-present; which, of course, it is.

      Common crimes are not assumed away by state laws; that would be a deranged approach. Common crimes are defined, so that a standard must be met to prove them. Election irregularities can’t be assumed away either; they need to be defined and to carry remedies envisioned in legislative intent.

      One of the chief due-outs of this process should be revised expectations about how easy it is to exploit voting procedures, machine operations, and vote-counting to shape electoral outcomes by the “accidental; things happen” method. New elections should be required more readily when there are such irregularities. Either an election meets a tight standard of integrity, or the law, not a judge, is what dictates that its result cannot be accepted.

      Keep in mind, this potential inconvenience is not too high a price to pay. If the American people are governed by the outcomes of elections, it is exactly the right price to pay. Throw out irregularity-ridden elections, even when it’s inconvenient, until the people can be assured that their votes counted and the final count was honest and auditable.

      I don’t think this would have to be done very many times to get the point across: that exploiting the vulnerabilities of the election process will no longer be an avenue for potential manipulation. In most of America’s election venues – the vast number of smaller counties across the land, where irregularities have not been as much of an issue – it will hardly make a difference.

      Holding and then certifying elections replete with unaddressed irregularities must not pay off, even in theory. And if irregularities are to be prohibited as a potential way of weaponizing elections against voters, legislatures – not judges – will have to see to that. Irregularities in good faith can happen, but even if they happen by accident, they shouldn’t disenfranchise voters. Happenstance should not govern Americans, any more than the potential for deliberate manipulation should.

      The purpose of law in this case is to deter the potential for mischief with elections. The purpose isn’t finding miscreants, or merely expressing a wish list about the conduct of elections; the purpose is throwing out voting outcomes that are ridden with discrepancies and lack of accountability.

      That’s how you deter the mischief: you don’t let it pay. Stop accepting electoral outcomes accompanied by widespread irregularities.

      Lawmakers need to lose the irrational constraint of assuming that elections will simply be executed perfectly or in good faith, and reset the laws to keep vote-counters and ballot-harvesting groups from using that absurd constraint against the people.

      The egregious George Santos

      So this guy Santos, who got elected as a Republican in U.S. House District NY-03 (Long Island), appears to have lied about pretty much everything on his resume. There’s not much to say about Santos, although one of the things is clearly “Tell it to the hand,” when Democrats and the media express outrage about all the lying. George Santos will never live long enough to lie about all the things Joe Biden has lied about in his political career. And they’re all the same kinds of things: resume lies, who the candidate is, what background he came from. Joe Biden’s biggest moment of oratory about his own origins, back in the 1988 election cycle, turned out to demonstrate that he is actually UK Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

      Neither Biden nor Santos is the only one who has tried to sell such, er, exaggerated tales to the public. Other Democrats and Republicans have done the same thing. Move on from that; the posturing is cheap and everyone knows it. If actual evidence of honest indignation about these things is present, the people will know it. Currently, it’s not.

      Only two points here. One, there’s no excuse for the New York Republican Party not vetting Santos better. I’m a Republican in California; you don’t have to explain feckless state party leadership to me. But this is what it results in. Stop the leaks, guys.

      Two, meanwhile: so what do we know about George Santos? In a very odd twist, it seems we’re told, by Santos, that he was straight and married to a woman until shortly before the 2020 election (in which he first ran for the same House seat, but lost), when he decided he was gay. That also appears to be when he decided he was [quote] Jew-ish [unquote] (although he apparently was raised Catholic, but there were Jew-ish cheekbones in his ancestry or something), and had worked for Goldman-Sachs and some other untrue things. This sounds more like a psychotic break or an elaborate, planned ruse than anything else.

      George Santos, claimed Republican candidate, in 2022. CBS 2 NY, YouTube
      My question: how do we know Santos is even an actual, politically committed Republican? I’m guessing he’s registered as a Republican, but clearly, with Santos, that doesn’t mean anything. The situation is extremely weird, but in a way it’s something of a blessing to have it come up.

      It’s by no means out of the question to imagine that some Democrats, somewhere, might try to run Sudden Republicans in states (like New York) where the GOP isn’t doing its job very well. In recent primary elections, Democrats have funded and boosted Republicans they think it would be easiest to defeat in the general election, even encouraging crossover voting for them, where party-favored Democrats were certain to win their primaries anyway (i.e., not all Democrats would need to vote for the Democratic candidates to ensure they got to the general election). There were numerous claims that that’s what they – Democrats using a crossover tactic – accomplished by getting Kari Lake selected as the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Arizona. Similar claims have been made about elections elsewhere.

      It’s not a stretch to envision running what are essentially fake candidates. I emphasize that I’m not asserting any such thing happened in NY-03. But if candidates aren’t being vetted properly, it could happen. And to insist no one would even think of doing it is to behave, as a former POTUS-in-Chief might say, stupidly.

      State GOPs, vet your candidates.

      The federal government and its frequent-shipping practices with illegal migrants

      Texas Governor Greg Abbott was blamed for busing illegal migrants to Washington, D.C. over the Christmas weekend and dropping them off near Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence. Apparently he hasn’t yet acknowledged being the one to do that, so we’ll suspend a conclusion on it until we’re sure.

      But to cut to the chase, the point of this topic in the grab-bag is to reiterate that the agencies of the federal government have been shipping illegals hither and yon around the country since Biden took office, and continue to do so. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) isn’t even really doing its actual job for homeland security anymore. It’s devoting its agents’ time and its budget to moving illegals inland from the border, redistributing them by bus and plane all over the country.

      ICE (and CBP, closer to the border) isn’t sending them to Martha’s Vineyard or the neighborhoods of senior public officials, of course. In San Diego, as in many other places, it’s simply dropping them off at bus stations, in the dozens or hundreds in short periods of time. Tent cities immediately spring up, or grow near the ones that already exist, and community workers and police are quickly overwhelmed by the arriving numbers. In Texas and parts of Arizona, “overwhelmed” passed a long time ago, and the meter is simply broken on how much local communities can handle.

      The illegal border crossings are on pace to bring 8 million migrants into the country by the end of Biden’s current term. That’s just the ones who receive minimal processing but are at least theoretically known to be here. It doesn’t count the hundreds of thousands of “got-aways” who are observed by the Border Patrol and other agencies watching the border (sheriffs, state police, state Guard reconnaissance), but are never processed.

      In calendar year 2022, 78 persons on the terror watch list have been identified by CBP and ICE as entering illegally this year (that figure, from DHS, was reported on Fox News Tuesday morning). That’s four times the number directly involved in the 9/11/2011 attack. What we don’t know is how many of the border “got-aways” include known terrorists, repeat violent felons, and human and drug traffickers.

      Previous reporting has also indicated that illegal border-crossers are coming from 160 nations around the world, many of them traveling from Asia and Africa and then through Central America into Mexico to get to the U.S. southern border. They’re not doing this for free. It reportedly costs $5,000-7,000 (paid to the cartels) for the inside-Mexico trip to the U.S. border and the border crossing. (The cartels control the border on the Mexican side.)

      Travelers from Africa and Asia are paying up to three times that for a complete trip: to get to their first waypoint in the Americas, and then into the hands of the cartel “coyotes” in Mexico. That money is coming from somewhere.

      The facts militate against the myth that migrants are fleeing desperate poverty and danger. Some no doubt are, but video of the mass arrivals never bears that out.

      For those who watch only the legacy mainstream media, the tweet streams of reporters Bill Melugin and Sara Carter are a good place to start for comprehensive coverage. Carter in particular is good at getting native-language interviews with illegal border crossers, and has documented many times how many migrants aren’t coming from poverty or danger, but are coming to the USA for good jobs, and who say the news in their countries of origin advertises that the U.S. border is open. They have printed instructions on how to answer questions from CBP and ICE in order to simply be released into the country, and there are loaded Visa cash cards waiting for them at mail-and-ship businesses in American cities.

      Migrants in 2021 wait under a bridge at the U.S. border for their “processing” by federal DHS agencies CBP and ICE, which for many of them includes busing or flying them to locations inside the United States. Fox News video, YouTube
      It’s really time to cut the crap on all this. The Biden administration is literally lying about everything that’s happening and everything it’s doing with respect to border security, and the finger of guilt pointed by the uninvolved at the average American people who just want their border secured and their law enforced is equally a lie. The finger-pointers don’t bother to actually know what they’re talking about.

      I’ve always been a friend of legal immigration, and while I don’t necessarily think there’s any call for admitting 8 million people to the U.S. in the space of four years, I’m by no means opposed to immigration. America is enriched by bringing in immigrants of all kinds – legally. But for national security, we need a secure border, and for the continuation of a healthy civic life we need our laws enforced.

      We have neither condition in place right now, and that’s exactly what the Biden administration and the media are lying about. That’s unsustainable. It can only produce destructive and debilitating tendencies that, if left unchecked, will drive our nation to ruin.

      Many people have said in the last few days that they hope 2023 will be more peaceful than the last few years. I don’t think it will be. We can’t be ruled by lies and expect peace. There will be a reckoning, and our level of control of it may not be that favorable.

      But a reckoning is better than lies and festering situations. And I pray for all of us that we will have peace in our hearts and homes even when storm clouds gather.

  11. FIGHTING BACK? GOP-Controlled State Legislatures Looking At Bills On “Constitutionality” Of Executive Orders
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 28, 2022 at 10:20am

    Since taking office, Joe Biden has signed 105 executive orders.

    During his first week in office, he signed a record number of executive orders.

    Some GOP-controlled state legislatures have taken steps to look at the “constitutionality” of these executive orders.

    Missouri State Rep Brian Seitz is sponsoring a bill that would require state lawmakers to scrutinize some presidential executive orders.

  12. While elected officials have expressed concerns over increasing the use of facial recognition technology recently, saying that it could lead to an all-pervasive Orwellian surveillance system. In response to the criticism surrounding expanding facial recognition technology, New York City Mayor Eric Adams not only belittled the officials but also declared that “Big Brother is protecting you.”



    • Not in my backyard, climate clowns can feel all warm and fuzzy about saving the world, driving their electric vehicles. Wait until they have to dispose of the parts, where will they be tucked away and at what environmental cost?

      More destruction by the Climate clowns.

      Where is John Galt?

  14. “We can’t locate a signed agreement with Pfizer”, The Israeli MoH stated in a court hearing two weeks ago. However, last week the ministry suddenly announced that the missing document was found. But this story is only the prelude to the real drama: the new documents reveal that the ministry actively attempted to conceal the fact that the deal with Pfizer, including the agreement for a trial on Israeli citizens, was signed before the vaccine received the emergency permit from the FDA, and created a false representation according to which it was signed later

  15. Wake Up America: The End Of Free Elections Is In Sight!
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 28, 2022 at 12:30pm

    This week, Leftists and RINOs admitted, under oath, they changed the print settings, on election morning, so Republican votes would not be tabulated, on the one day most Republicans vote – and the Maricopa County judge said “…it wasn’t intentional.”

    A Republican governor candidate who easily won by multiple points, was denied her rightful election. Several million Arizona voters were disenfranchised.

    Not a word from Republican leaders

    Wake up America.

    Leftists and RINOs spent the last 40 years owning election machinery to end your right to vote – and they are about to finish the job.

    This week, the Governor of Minnesota took the lead by planning to register, automatically, teenagers not old enough to vote. On election day, there will be tens of thousands of names, with little history, who can be voted by election commissions when needed.

    Democrats are proposing laws making it a felony to question an election. Of course, they are!

    Breitbart, Fox News and about every other mainstream-controlled opposition is cowed into submission.

  16. Holiday Hope from Tommy Robinson: “The Battle will be Won in the USA”
    By Richard Abelson
    Published December 28, 2022 at 2:10pm

    Tommy Robinson: “The world is relying on you, America”

    This holiday season has been a bleak time for patriots. Gateway Pundit presents messages of hope from around the world in these dark times.

    Tommy Robinson is one of the world’s most politically persecuted people, having been imprisoned five times for crimes including reporting outside a rape gang’s trial, traveling to the USA under a false identity (usually no problem for migrants) and alleged mortgage fraud on his brother-in-law’s mortgage.

    Speaking to Gateway Pundit readers, Tommy says he’s “watched anxiously what’s happened in the United States… I felt your pain in 2020, when your election was stolen, and recently, Kari Lake’s. I know how you’re feeling. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’ll tell you what we can’t we. We cannot let apathy become a weapon for them. We are are at war, believe that. It’s a war of information.”

    “Wheny you feel defeated,” Tommy say. “think of the generations that went before. Think of the soldiers in the Civil War, and how they felt. “Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself, I think of Normandy, and then I slap myself.”

    “We loolt to you in America for inspiration”, Tommy said. “The Battle will be won in the United States… Come back in the new year fighting for freedom as you’ve never fought before, because the world is relying on you.”

    Watch the whole video here:

  17. FIGHTING BACK? GOP-Controlled State Legislatures Looking At Bills On “Constitutionality” Of Executive Orders
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 28, 2022 at 10:20am

    Since taking office, Joe Biden has signed 105 executive orders.

    During his first week in office, he signed a record number of executive orders.

    Some GOP-controlled state legislatures have taken steps to look at the “constitutionality” of these executive orders.

    Missouri State Rep Brian Seitz is sponsoring a bill that would require state lawmakers to scrutinize some presidential executive orders.

  18. WHAT DOES VLAD KNOW? Another mystery death in Russia as tank boss dies ‘suddenly’ a day after Putin abruptly cancels meeting with him
    Henry HollowayWill Stewart
    Published: 6:01 ET, Dec 28 2022Updated: 9:16 ET, Dec 28 2022

    ANOTHER mysterious death has rocked Russia as a tank boss suddenly died just one day after Vladimir Putin cancelled a meeting with him.

    General Alexei Maslov, 69, suddenly fell ill and died on Christmas Day just after Putin axed a visit to the tank firm where he worked in Uralvagonzavod.

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