Five more examples of the split between reality, and officialdom: Links 2, December 27th, 2022

1. National Post article on the management of the National Art Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, is a decent microcosm of Trudeau’s Canada overall. The Military is also being handled in this fashion as are all other departments. Perhaps its easier to grasp the process when you read about the details of a single institution.

2. Trudeau has learned one thing from Hillary Clinton. NEVER drop the con.

(One of the greatest fears of Trudeau and all the world’s elites I bet, is that we discover a blood or saliva test to determine if a person has actually taken the shots. I bet I know the results for Justin and his kids.)

3. Vaxx propaganda

4 Twitter files show that the FBI now consider free speech a crime.

[…] Exhibit A: An FBI National Election Command Post “Request for Coordination with Twitter,” dated November 6, 2022, complained “tweets by certain accounts that may warrant additional action due to the accounts being used to spread misinformation about the upcoming election.”

This is a primary source internal document that Musk provided to journalist Matt Taibbi. In it, the Command Post seeks action against American citizens not for being part of a foreign intelligence operation, or even for maliciously spreading chaos but for exercising constitutionally protected speech.

In the email, the FBI sought to issue “preservation letters” against 25 Twitter accounts. Preservation letters are issued to save information before any evidence of guilt is collected. The purpose is to ensure that the information is not deleted before the government can present a search warrant, which the FBI cannot do until it has probable cause.

By the FBI’s own standards, none of its targets was committing any crime. At worst, they were suspected of spreading “misinformation.” The bureau properly defines misinformation as “false or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally.”

Please do click through and read. The article is very well done and has accurate origins of the terms thrown around by enemy propaganda sites like CNN or CBC

5. This is just too sweet to describe. Enemy propaganda site, The NYT, is rushing to google to find out the meaning of two words. Petard, and Hoisted.

Thank you for visiting this site. Oh and gird your loins. 2023 feels like it is going to be 2022 with more advancement on every authoritarian and anti-freedom measure we see taking place in the last few years.

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