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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for December 22, 2022”

  1. Was Congress applauding Ukraine or were they applauding the money laundering that gives them millions from the deal? With FTX gone, who gets the contract now?

  2. Tucker nails it: Stalin’s audience. Or Fat-Boy Kim’s.

    Prez Z wasn’t playing Churchill or FDR. He was doing Fidel Castro/Yasir Arafat addressing the UN. A demonstration of contempt.

    Larry Johnson flags an article by Helmholtz Smith, suggesting that a different historical precedent might be more apt: that of Ngo Dinh Diem, dubbed the “Vietnamese Winston Churchill” by JFK’s VP, LBJ.
    ( https://sonar21.com/videos-not-to-be-seen/ )

    LBJ would later have Diem murdered.

    A clip from Prez Eisenhower’s over-the-top welcome of Diem in 1957:

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