UNICEF Propaganda to Australian social credit? Links 1 for December 14th, 2022

1. UNICEF deadly propaganda

(Haven’t studied the stats yet, but it seems to me the countries that didn’t really take to the vaxx doesn’t have a huge problem with excess deaths. Also, they didn’t end the pandemic in the most vaccinated places on Earth. They made it worse in fact. So there is also that.)

2. There is some evidence that this is being planned. How long till they make the Alpha to Epsilon rooms one wonders. And which one did Trudeau hatch out of.

And anyway, who wouldn’t want a womb with a view?

3. We really should go back and watch all the videos of leaders taking the shot.

4. World class vaccine and virus expert, Geert Vanden Bossche releases a downloadable PDF he calls his bible for the mass vaxx experiment.

Trial Site News writes it up here.

5. No matter how anyone might spin this into a good thing, we must know that what starts out with ostensibly ‘noble’ goals, always ends with loss of rights, liberties, and ultimately forcing you to do whatever they want, and even support whatever they want. Silence, as Biden said at least once, is complicity. Support the policies of the authority, or the sky is the limit for the consequences.


Twitter has added context to this. It was a 2021 measure never enacted. but it was justified with the expected nonsense of preventing online bullying etc. As always, we lose rights for reasons that make you look bad if you object. But in this case, the post from which I took this tweet did not add this critically important context. Please see the full explanation at Twitter.

Thank you all for your kind attention to these matters, and these interpretations of events as they play out.

One thing is for sure. The Babylon Bee has a better grasp on reality than any North American legacy news.

Hillary Clinton Awarded Honorary Canadian Medical License

OTTAWA — Former Rightful-President Hillary Clinton has been awarded an honorary medical license by the Canadian Minister of Health due to her decades of experience providing dignified euthanasia services to men and women in America.

“When it comes to killing people, there’s no one better than Hillary,” said Justin Trudeau after the ceremony in which a certificate and euthanasia kit was presented to the former First Lady and beloved cultural icon. “We hope Mrs. Clinton will continue to use her gifts to help thousands of Canadian truckers, er, I mean citizens, die with dignity, just as she has done with such exemplary professionalism in America.”

Clinton accepted the award and cackled loudly for several minutes as the audience clapped uncomfortably. “Whaaaaaa? I’ve never killed anyone! Why would anyone think that?” she exclaimed before winking at the audience, causing a collective shudder to run down the spines of those in the crowd.

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  1. Regarding leaders taking the shot, here in U.K., I have a media photo of Boris, the nurse has no gloves on and the cover is on the hypodermic, it’s clear as day.

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