President of Peru arrested, replaced, UK, a defib on every corner, De Santis goes after VAXX makers, more grooming at schools: Links 2, December 7, 2022

1. President of Peru impeached and run out of office – Vice president sworn in. No word on the charges but the president is under arrest.

NYT link

Axios link

Gateway Pundit describes president Pedro Castillo as a Marxist

Nothing to add at this time as of yet.

2. This is a great little story suggesting the state of things in the UK. It does suggest that while the UK continues to lie about the vaxx, they are at least creating real measures to save lives of people they clearly know are vaxx damaged. Not a great solution, but any attempt at solution is an admission of sorts, that one is needed. Its well written and a pleasant and short read.


On one of the hottest days of this year, which already seem like another epoch, I received a knock at the door. Upon answering the door, I saw a pleasant-looking teenage girl wearing a uniform, it looked to be some sort of medical uniform.

I will admit that I actually despise the intrusive nature of people knocking at the door, primarily because there’s always the chance that it’s the BBC license goon coming to shake me down again. Needless to say, opening the door to see a wholesome teenage girl performing what was probably a civic duty changed my mind immediately.

I opened the door and the conversation went something like this:

Girl: ‘‘Hi, I’m Kelly from St John’s Ambulance, could you spare a minute?’’

Me: ‘‘Well, OK, then I’ll give you two because I’m feeling generous.’’

Kelly: ‘‘Oh hee hee, well….do you know where your nearest defibrillator is by any chance?’’

Me: ‘‘Erm…no, that’s one of those zappers for heart attacks, isn’t it?’’

Kelly: ‘‘Yeah!’’

3. Governor Hogan Announces Emergency Directive to Prohibit Use of TikTok, China and Russia-Based Products and Platforms in State Government

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the State of Maryland has issued an emergency cybersecurity directive to prohibit the use of certain Chinese and Russian-influenced products and platforms for the executive branch of state government, including TikTok. These entities present an unacceptable level of cybersecurity risk to the state, and may be involved in activities such as cyber-espionage, surveillance of government entities, and inappropriate collection of sensitive personal information.

“There may be no greater threat to our personal safety and our national security than the cyber vulnerabilities that support our daily lives,” said Governor Hogan. “As the cyber capital of America, Maryland has taken bold and decisive actions to prepare for and address cybersecurity threats. To further protect our systems, we are issuing this emergency directive against foreign actors and organizations that seek to weaken and divide us.”

The directive—issued by the state’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)—applies to TikTokHuawei TechnologiesZTE CorpTencent Holdings, including but not limited to: Tencent QQQQ Wallet, and WeChat; Alibaba products, including but not limited to: AliPay; and Kaspersky.

(Probably a good idea)

4. Gov. DeSantis Seeks to Hold COVID Vaccine Makers ‘Accountable for Misleading the Public About the Vaccine’s Safety

(One has to believe that their legal relief from liability cannot possibly include criminal actions. Much like an incorporation which shields a company’s liability to the amount the company is worth, can be pierced and the assets of the owners can be attached to a suit if it is determined that the corporation acted with malicious or criminal intent)

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) just openly declared war on the pharmaceutical industry.

DeSantis recently announced that his office intends to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for making misleading and false statements about the vaccines.

So sorry to have to bring you that last one. But hey. If we don’t know, we can’t do anything. Thanks for your concern about these issues.

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