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  1. Good Morning America – DEC 01 2022 – Sam Bankman-Fried denies ‘improper use’ of customer funds

    SBF spoke to George Stephanopoulos and ABC News

  2. CNN – ‘Putin is not able to succeed on the battlefield’: Blinken on Russia’s military tactics

    Blinken tells Amanpour the United States is “very focused” on helping Ukraine with air defense

    ( 10 min 55 )

    • IMF’s sees rising cost to keep Ukraine’s economy going

      Ongoing Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure have increased the cost to keep Ukraine’s economy going next year, adding up to $1 billion a month to previous estimates of $3-$4 billion, Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the International Monetary Fund told the Reuters NEXT conference on Thursday.

      + video


      Canada completes issuance of 500 million CAD Ukraine Sovereignty Bond

      Home » Latest news Ukraine »

      Canada completes issuance of 500 million CAD Ukraine Sovereignty Bond
      2022/12/01 – 11:36 • LATEST NEWS UKRAINE

      On 29 November, the Government of Canada successfully completed the issuance of a five-year 500 million CAD ($373 USD, – Ed.) Ukraine Sovereignty Bond, first announced last month by the country’s Prime Minister, Canada’s finance ministry reports. The funds are going to assist the Ukrainian government “so it can continue to provide essential services to Ukrainians this winter, such as pensions, the purchasing of fuel, and restoring energy infrastructure.”
      “The investor base for the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond is primarily Canadian, with nearly $50 million in demand from individual Canadians. Overall it includes a broad range of domestic and international institutional investors, different orders of government, and international official sector institutions like central banks,” the Canadian finance ministry wrote.

      According to the report, an amount equal to the proceeds from the bond will be transferred to Ukraine as a loan through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Administered Account for Ukraine.

      The ministry says that the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond is in addition to the Government of Canada’s $2 billion CAD in direct financial assistance to Ukraine so far in 2022, all of which has already been disbursed.

      Also, Canada has separately committed more than $2.5 billion in military, humanitarian, and other assistance to Ukraine this year.


      NOV 30 2022 – Atlantic Council – Preparing for Victory in Ukraine

      A long-haul strategy to help Ukraine win the war against Russia — and secure the peace.

      Success. That’s the potential outcome that the United States, Ukraine, allied and partner governments, and private-sector actors must now prepare to confront. Ukraine’s counteroffensives, backed by expanded and accelerated US and allied support, continue to push Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory, although at a reduced rate. These hard-won successes, however, bring with them possible challenges that also must be addressed.

      In the short term, there are fresh threats from Moscow—attacks on electricity, water, and heat as winter approaches, sham annexations of occupied territories, mobilizations of new troops, reduced but persistent nuclear risk, and Russian prisoners to manage. Areas that Ukraine has liberated from Russian forces need immediate governance, cleanup, humanitarian assistance, and economic revival. Over the longer term, Ukraine will have to rebuild destroyed infrastructure; institute the economic and political reforms required for European Union (EU) membership; and be capable of ensuring its security.

      How exactly to meet these looming challenges while exploiting present and future opportunities?

      It is, of course, up to the Ukrainians to determine their priorities and their supporters to assist as much as possible, which is also consistent with US interests. But what’s urgently needed is a four-front, long-haul strategy for helping Ukraine win the war against Russia and the peace that follows—one built to withstand the dramatic developments that are sure to play out over the coming years, not just over the next weeks and months of this rapidly evolving conflict.

      Building on a Strategy Consortium meeting with leading experts on Ukraine and Russia, we have developed just such a strategy. Among our top recommendations in the military, economic, political, and diplomatic domains are the following:

      The United States needs to make explicit that it supports Ukrainian victory and Russian defeat in terms of the Kremlin’s strategic goal of destroying the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian identity.
      Washington should not be self-deterred by Russian nuclear threats.
      The United States and its allies and partners should confiscate the currency reserves of the Central Bank of Russia, which are currently frozen in the West, and transfer these reserves to the Ukrainian government, with appropriate oversight, as needed for budget support, with the balance used for fast recovery, cleanup, and the rebuilding of infrastructure.
      In meetings with their Ukrainian contacts, senior Western officials should raise issues related to political and economic reform alongside urgent war-related matters. But to ensure that Ukraine can maintain its war effort, at a time when it risks losing up to 35 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) this year, economic assistance as a whole cannot be conditioned on political reform at this point.

      The most important step Ukraine and the West can take to contribute to diplomacy is to support Ukraine’s war effort with military equipment, training, and economic support.

      Below is our proposed strategy in full.

      Military recommendations

      The United States needs to make explicit that it supports Ukrainian victory and Russian defeat in terms of the Kremlin’s strategic goal of destroying the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian identity. It should commit to helping the Ukrainian people achieve a democratic, independent, sovereign, prosperous Ukraine that has the means to deter and defend itself against any future Russian aggression.

      The United States, NATO allies, and other key partners need to plainly articulate a strategic narrative and rationale for that goal. This narrative might take the following form:

      Without a shred of justification, Vladimir Putin ordered a new attack on Ukraine, a peaceful, sovereign nation that, like the Russian Federation, has been independent for thirty years. Putin’s aggression represents a clear and present danger to US and European security and prosperity. As Putin has made clear, a Russian victory would put NATO allies at severe, unacceptable risk. Moreover, Putin’s aggression is a campaign with genocidal features aimed at erasing a sovereign Ukraine from the map and eradicating Ukrainians’ cultural and national identity. If Russia prevails, other nations in the region, including NATO allies, could be next. The Ukrainians are justly defending their sovereignty, freedom, and independence, as well as principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the Helsinki Final Act including that borders may not be changed by force. It is in the interests of the United States, NATO, and other partners to support Ukraine in defending its right to exist and to help the Ukrainians defeat Russian aggression and thwart Putin’s revisionism. It is also in their interest to reestablish the principles of respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and internationally recognized borders—principles that are widely embraced throughout the world as critical to international peace and security.

      Given the great risk to US security and prosperity if the Kremlin wins in Ukraine, it is essential for the president, other senior administration officials and congressional leaders in both parties to explain clearly and regularly to the American people why it is in the US interest to provide ongoing, substantial assistance to Ukraine.

      The Ukrainians have demonstrated skill and competence in defending their nation. They know best how, when, and where to defeat the Russians, including what weapons are needed to do it faster and with less loss of life. While the United States should consult with Ukrainian officials on the issue, it is the Ukrainians who will have to decide and execute any military operations. The US and allied role is to continue to provide and accelerate military support for the overall Ukrainian campaign plan.

      The United States and NATO allies should provide the amount and kind of military support the Ukrainians require, short of deploying NATO forces to Ukraine. This is even more important now as Putin mobilizes new forces and in the process spurs unrest in Russia. The Ukrainians are justified in using their weapons, including those received from Western partners, to attack any Russian forces that attack them wherever those attacking Russian forces are located. The United States and NATO should get the requested weapons to Ukraine faster to enable a successful counteroffensive, especially as the Kremlin rushes new conscripts to the battlefield. Russia should be left in no doubt that the use of weapons of mass destruction, or any form of attack on NATO members, would have catastrophic consequences. The United States and NATO should be prepared to respond to such use or such an attack accordingly. That policy should be publicly announced, and the United States and NATO should quietly move conventional and nuclear weapons systems into position to be prepared to execute that policy, taking into account the scale and nature of the Russian attack. The United States must recognize that it is far easier for Putin to threaten nuclear war than to initiate it. Therefore, Washington should not be self-deterred by Russian nuclear threats.

      This is an immediate issue as the Kremlin-run sham referenda in four areas of Ukraine that it does not fully control have yielded the expected putative results in favor of joining Russia. At the same time, Moscow is stating that it will use all its capabilities, including nuclear weapons, to defend the “motherland” and intimating that this would now apply to these territories. Moscow’s purpose is to deter Ukraine (with US support) from extending its counteroffensive to those parts of Ukraine currently under Russian control. As the United States has not discouraged Ukraine from conducting operations against targets in Crimea, it should not discourage Kyiv from operations designed to regain control over any Ukrainian territories Russia now purports to annex in the east and the south. The United States should also reiterate the excellent warnings conveyed publicly by President Joe Biden on 60 Minutes and at the United Nations against Moscow’s use of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

      In managing and treating Russian prisoners of war (POW) and conducting war-crimes trials, Ukraine must continue to adhere to the Geneva Convention. We recommend the United States and NATO assist Ukraine in establishing a civil-military board to oversee POW camps and treatment regimes. Ukraine should also seek, accept, and facilitate Red Cross and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) observation and assistance. The United States, Ukraine, and other partners should demand that Russia’s treatment of POWs adhere to the Geneva Convention and that Russia provide Red Cross and OSCE access to them.

      Economic recommendations

      With its GDP projected to decrease by up to 35 percent this year, Ukraine needs dramatically increased budgetary and economic support to keep its economy afloat as it defends itself against the Russian invasion. The most urgent need is for monthly budget support, which the United States has provided, but the EU has not fully delivered. Since the United States is providing the preponderance of the military support (although the Europeans should do much more), it is only fair to ask that Europe provide the preponderance of the economic support, which will help ensure sustained US public and congressional support for Ukraine. This section outlines urgent and medium-term recommendations for policymakers.

      The United States, the European Union, and their allies and partners should focus on addressing Ukraine’s monthly budget deficit challenge to enable Kyiv to sustain the war effort. The United States needs to exhort the EU to deliver on its budget support. Ukraine is running a nonmilitary budget deficit of $5 billion per month. The United States gives $2.5 billion a month through a World Bank trust fund, while the EU disbursement to this point falls short of its total commitment of $10.2 billion.

      Furthermore, the United States needs to continue to focus on grants to Ukraine, not loans, and urge European governments and international financial institutions to do the same. Before the war, Ukraine had a public debt of 50 percent of GDP; with a falling GDP and exchange rate, the country’s rising public debt is expected to reach 95 percent of GDP at the end of this year. This is untenable and will require debt restructuring. Therefore, Ukraine needs grants, which the United States gives, and not loans, which is what the EU and international financial institutions (IFIs) currently give.

      The United States, the EU, and their allies and partners should increase sanctions on Russia to include all Russian banks and oligarchs. At the same time, they should confiscate the currency reserves of the Central Bank of Russia currently held and frozen in the West. They should transfer these reserves to the Ukrainian government with appropriate oversight, as needed for budget support, with the balance used for fast recovery/cleanup and rebuilding of infrastructure. The currency reserves held and frozen in the West amounted to $316 billion as of January 1, according to the Central Bank of Russia. Germany held $96 billion, France $61 billion, Japan $57 billion, the United States $39 billion, the United Kingdom $31 billion, Canada $17 billion, and Austria $15 billion.

      The United States should work with the aforementioned countries (including through the EU and Group of Seven) to pass national legislation that would enable confiscation and transfer of these funds to the government of Ukraine. Canada has already legislated confiscation of Russian assets. Central bank reserves, not oligarch assets, are initially the right target. These funds are liquid, and they involve the least amount of administrative and legal work. Work should then be undertaken on whether and how to reach oligarch assets and transfer them to the Ukrainian government for similar purposes.

      The United States and EU should advocate for as large of an International Monetary Fund aid package for Ukraine as possible. Ukraine has already begun discussions with the IMF.

      The United States and the EU should provide humanitarian assistance to help Ukrainians get through this winter, including support for rapid repairs of critical energy, water, and heating systems. Having lost the initiative on the battlefield, Russia is targeting Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure ahead of the winter. The United States and the EU should give Ukrainians humanitarian support to stay warm through the winter and to protect and quickly fix damaged infrastructure.

      There is a need to address the energy crisis in Europe and to help ensure Europe is prepared for winter. The United States should encourage Germany to extend the life of its last three nuclear reactors for at least another year. The United States should also speed up its permitting process to allow the number of liquefied natural gas terminals in the United States to expand and bring more terminals online. Appropriate US officials should consult closely and frequently with European counterparts to help them think through the problem, offer innovative suggestions as to how energy can be managed more efficiently and effectively, and extend whatever other assistance the United States can provide. The US effort in Ukraine has a lot riding on the European energy issue if solidarity with European allies is to be maintained.

      The United States and EU should encourage their business communities and universities to offer job training and vocational education to Ukrainians. There is an acute need for job training to support the unemployed and internally displaced persons within Ukraine. More vocational training could help the unemployed find jobs in the near term and restart the Ukrainian economy.

      Political recommendations
      The priority task in Ukraine right now is to defeat the major conventional attack Putin launched in February. Ultimately, promoting political and economic reform remains critical to Ukraine’s future, but it is currently a secondary priority to defeating Putin’s war aims. That said, the United States and its allies and partners must still keep reform on the agenda in Ukraine. Without attention to these matters, Ukraine risks winning the war and losing the peace. Ukraine needs to defeat Russian aggression as a priority. But the United States and its allies and partners should build upon the prospects for Ukraine’s EU accession and the growing intolerance within Ukrainian society for corruption to set the stage for major reform, especially as the country begins to rebuild after the war. To this end, we put forth the following recommendations:

      While Ukraine and supportive governments are properly directing most of their attention to the war, senior Western officials should nonetheless periodically raise political and economic reform issues alongside urgent war-related matters in meetings with their Ukrainian contacts; however, to ensure that Ukraine can maintain its war effort at a time when it risks losing up to 35 percent of its GDP this year, economic assistance as a whole should not be conditioned on reform. If, notwithstanding, donors do decide to impose conditions on such assistance, they should all use the seven EU accession criteria, five of which pertain to governance and anti-corruption actions.

      The West is providing enormous resources to Ukraine, which has offered to accept any tracking mechanism that its donors request. To ensure that the aid they provide is being used properly, the United States and its allies and partners should set up an appropriate system for the various assistance streams and do so in ways that are as simple and impose as little administrative burden on the Ukrainians as possible. The establishment of such a tracking mechanism could help manage criticism in donor countries that aid to Ukraine will be lost to corruption; on the military side, it could also help get equipment to the front faster.

      As a priority matter on any reform agenda, the United States, the EU, and IFIs should support the appointment of reformers to key positions in Ukraine’s justice sector: the various prosecutorial agencies and the courts. They should also carefully monitor the state of play with media in Ukraine. Since the war began, all the major television stations have been combined into one station overseen by the government, advertising revenues have dried up, making it more difficult for independent media to stay afloat, and Rada TV (the Ukrainian equivalent of C-SPAN) was recently taken off air. The objective of US, EU, and IFI efforts should be to ensure that Ukrainians have access to free media and a plurality of voices.

      Diplomatic recommendations

      The most important step Ukraine and the West can take to contribute to diplomacy is to support Ukraine’s war effort militarily and economically. Moscow is only likely to negotiate in earnest if it faces defeat on the battlefield. Postwar diplomatic settlements often reflect the balance of power on the ground.

      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the West should reject Russian cease-fire proposals that would lock in Russian territorial gains. Under Putin’s leadership, Russia has never returned conquered territory to its original, legal jurisdictions. A “frozen” conflict will be used as a means of further destabilization of Ukraine and preparation for a new conflict when the time is right. When it is agreed, a cease-fire should be unconditional and not made contingent on sanctions relief. Once sanctions against Russia are removed, it is most unlikely that they will be restored. Sanctions should not be lifted until Russian forces withdraw from Ukraine’s territory and Russia pays compensation for the damage caused by its invasion. The United States and its allies and partners should maintain a strictly enforced export control regime on Russia to deny it the things it needs to maintain its military effort. All should be steadfast in opposing the allure of what would be an unrealistic and short-lived peace.

      Any postwar settlement should include clear security guarantees for Ukraine. Ukraine must be able to deter Russia in order to prevent a recurrence of the war. These security guarantees could take a few different forms:

      NATO membership should be the goal, but it may be hard to achieve unanimous support in the alliance for Ukraine’s accession in the near term. Still, the prospect of membership should remain on the agenda for consideration at a more favorable moment. Ukraine’s demonstrated military prowess makes clear that the country would enhance NATO’s defense capacity.

      In the interim, as part of a settlement to the conflict, powerful countries with an interest in Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, and others should promise some form of bilateral security guarantees.

      As the Biden administration’s actions suggest, Washington and the West should pursue a US-Israeli model, whereby the United States and other Western powers provide a sufficient quality and quantity of military and financial aid to ensure that Ukraine is able to build a military force capable of deterring and, if deterrence fails, defeating a further Russian invasion.

      The West also should work to embed Ukraine more closely in other multilateral institutions, including eventual EU membership. Furthermore, NATO should consider ways to continue to enhance its partnership with Ukraine, even if Kyiv does not immediately become a full member of the alliance.

      1min55= Zelensky – Canada has successfully completed the issuance of special bonds….

    • Canadian Shield: Making armoured vehicles for Ukraine

      When Russia invaded Ukraine, a little known Canadian manufacturer kicked its production line into high gear.

      The company is called Roshel, and it makes high-tech armoured personnel carriers.

      A hundred of them are now being used by Ukrainians, with hundreds more on the way. How do they do it?

      Mike Drolet got a rare look inside for The New Reality and found their secret weapon.

      ( 10 min 33 )

  3. CNN – Russian journalist responds to lawmakers passing strict anti-LGBTQ+ law

    Mikhail Zygar speaks with Bianna Golodryga about lawmakers passing a strict anti-LGBTQ law that would ban all Russians from promoting or “praising” homosexual relationships or publicly suggesting that they are “normal.”

    ( 6 min 11 )

  4. CBC – Millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses wasted, says Ontario auditor general report

    Ontario’s auditor general says the province wasted 3.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine between February and June, because the government overestimated demand for boosters.

    • twitter @NewsBecker

      Anthony Fauci: “In the era of vaccination, you want to restrict until you can get your population in totality vaccinated.”

      + 34 sec video

      DEC 01 2022 – WaPo – Fauci on the future of public health as he prepares to leave government

      (50 min )

      … about the state of the pandemic, the future of public health and the lessons he has learned from more than a half-century of public service as he prepares to step down.

    • DAILY MAIL – Chris Whitty warns Britain faces ‘prolonged period’ of excess deaths NOT caused by Covid due to collateral effects of lockdown

      Chief Medical Officer said heart disease and cancer cases were missed in Covid

      Comments came in a ‘technical report’ published on the pandemic challenges

      Warned speed of vaccine development could lull UK into false sense security

      Britain will face a ‘prolonged period’ of deaths due to the pandemic — but not from the Covid virus itself, Sir Chris Whitty and the Government’s top virus advisers said today.

      England’s chief medial officer claimed the nation faces a rising death toll from heart disease and cancer cases due to pleas to protect the NHS.

      Knock-on effects of dealing with Covid, which saw thousands of routine treatments and appointments delayed, will also fuel a surge in excess deaths.

      The comments came from a ‘technical report’ published on the pandemic, advising health chiefs in the future on how to deal with similarly disruptive viral threats.

      The report was also authored by Sir Patrick Vallance who, with Sir Chris, became a household name during the pandemic, appearing next to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson during tense Downing St briefings to talk the nation through the crisis.

      In one section, the team warned their successors that the ‘extraordinary’ speed at which vaccines were developed could lull politicians in the future into a false sense security.

      Britain had to rely on lockdowns, face masks, ventilation and hand washing before drugs were available and immunity levels rose.

      Ministers may not be so lucky in getting their hands on a jab with the next disease.

      Sir Chris and Sir Patrick said testing shortages in the ‘critical months’ at the start of the outbreak hampered efforts to track the virus.

      ‘This may well be a repeated problem in future pandemics,’ they wrote.

      Hundreds more Britons than expected are currently dying each week, despite the worst of the pandemic being over.

      Experts say the collateral effects of Covid on treating cancer are to blame for a big proportion of those.

      Cancer checks effectively ground to a halt during the pandemic and patients faced delays for treatment as oncologists were put on Covid wards and patients were told to stay at home to protect the NHS.

      And thousands fewer people than expected have started cancer treatment since the pandemic began — despite NHS performance recovering slightly this summer.

      Meanwhile, the never-ending crisis in urgent care is also contributing to an uptick in heart disease deaths, other leading voices have claimed.

      Some 30,000 people have died needlessly from heart problemssince the start of the pandemic, the British Heart Foundation estimates.

      The report also touched on the controversial policy on discharging potential Covid positive residents into care homes during the pandemic.

      Campaigners have stated the decision played a role in the deaths of thousands of elderly Britons.

      In the report, Sir Chris and Sir Patrick called dealing with care homes ‘some of the most complex’ decisions of the pandemic.

      Officials tried to slow the spread of the virus without producing staff shortages in care and leaving vulnerable residents isolated.

      Despite criticism of the policy, Sir Chris and Patrick wrote that ‘does not appear to have been the dominant way in which Covid entered most care homes’.

      Their report also hints at tensions with politicians, describing a ‘craving for certainty’ at a time when scientists were still grappling with the at-the-time unknown virus.

      They write: ‘Policymakers are often comforted by being able to see a line on a graph purporting to show what will happen under a given policy, but modelling will never be able to precisely predict the future.’

      The pair added: ‘Delays in drugs or vaccines being available, or the emergence of a variant with greater transmissibility, vaccine escape or leading to more severe disease, could result in longer deployment of non-pharmaceutical intervention.’

      The pair acknowledge the downsides of lockdowns and school closures, saying they were always a matter of the ‘least bad option’.

      But they admitted the policy risked having ‘lasting effects on children’s education, developmental and life chances’.

      The shift to online GP appointments helped to reduce transmission but a reluctance to see a doctor among some patients resulted in ‘significant unmet need’, which could lead to further deaths and illness.

      ‘There is little doubt that delays in presentation, reductions in secondary prevention (such as statins and antihypertensives), postponement of elective and semi-elective care and screening will have led to later and more severe presentation of non-Covid illness,’ they wrote.

      ‘The combined effect of this will likely lead to a prolonged period of non-Covid excess mortality and morbidity after the worst period of the pandemic is over.’

      Covid famously led to the cancellation thousands of elective operations and diagnostic tests due to how the virus disrupted the health system.

      The public was told to help protect the NHS, and while medics consistently urged people to come forward of they had worrying symptoms many stayed away.

      Some did so out of not wanting to take away resources or time from the health service which at the time was facing the prospect of a wave of Covid admissions.

      Others stayed away out of fear that going in to hospital or their GP could lead to them catching the virus.

      The NHS has still failed to recover from the pandemic.

      Official figures show 7.1million people in England waiting for routine hospital treatment, such as hip and knee operations, by the end of September, the latest available data.

      This figure also includes more than 400,000 people who have been waiting for over a year, often in pain and discomfort.

      NHS cancer care, which has struggled to reach targets for years, has further floundered to a record-low post-pandemic.

      Latest data shows just 60.5 per cent of patients started cancer treatment within two months of being referred for chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

      The figure is down from 61.9 per cent one month earlier and is the lowest ever recorded in records going back to October 2009.

      The NHS states 85 patients should start treatment within this timeframe.

      Poor NHS performance comes as the health service prepares for a grim winter over fears of tripledemic of Covid flu, and other seasonal infections exacerbating health service delays.


      Global deaths rankings

      + comments on the YT page

  5. Streaming With Walter Chestnut – Sudden Adult Syndrome
    KevinMcCairnPhD – Published November 30, 2002
    Subject discussion begins @ 36:19…
    Dr. Richard Fleming pops up in chat reminding everyone that he was the first one to mention the p53 (tumor suppressor gene) back in January of 2020.

    Walter Chestnut & Kevin McCairnPhD goes over 2 papers.
    The first paper link is posted on Walter Chestnut’s substack.

    Link to the 2nd paper:

  6. MILLIONS OF BRAZILIANS Call for Army to Save Democracy from Corrupt Communist Lula
    By Richard Abelson
    Published December 1, 2022 at 7:45am

    Millions of Brazilians continue to protest the stolen elections and call for the military to step in and protect democracy, even as the rainy season begins with torrential downpours. Convicted Communist criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will be certified Dec. 12 and inaugurated Jan. 1, the corrupt far-left Electoral Court said. President Jair Bolsonaro will meet with protestors and “will not let them down,” says his party leader. A former Judge called for the arrest of corrupt Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

    The corrupt Superior Electoral Court announced on Tuesday that the certification ceremony of Lula as president is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Monday, December 12. The inauguration is scheduled for January 1, 2023.

    Lula is in cahoots with the far-left judges, who he appointed, and who have refused to consider three major reports on the fraudulent all-digital elections (Gateway Pundit reported). Lula met with the stooge judges on Nov. 9 to plot their future plans.

    Senator Renan Calheiros, who is part of the transition team of fake President Lula, threatened to arrest pro-democracy protestors and lock them up for up to 4 years, calling them “fascists.” Calheiros also suggested punishing public servants such as the Federal Highway Police, who refrain from unblocking the roads.

    President Jair Bolsonaro met with leaders of the Liberal Party (PL) Tuesday to discuss how to proceed in the face of the largest pro-democracy protests in the history of the world, which are shamefully being ignored by evil global mainstream media. The head of the PL Valdemar Costa Neto said Bolsonaro would not leave the protestors “in the lurch.” Valdemar said that Bolsonaro is looking forward to “talking to these people who are on the street, people he loves, and who love Bolsonaro,” said the PL head.

    You can be sure that Bolsonaro will give you an answer. Bolsonaro is a man. You can be sure that he will not let you down,” Valdemar added to a supporter.

    “The solution will be to arrest Alexandre de Moraes”

    At a speech on Sunday Nov. 20 in Brasilía, former Vice-President of the Regional Electoral Court Dr. Sebastião Coelho called for the arrest of corrupt Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes, to standing ovations from the audience. “More than 80% of judges in Brazil, at first and second instances, do not agree with what the Federal Supreme Court is doing,” said the former judge.


    Justice Alexandre de Moraes has not respected the Constitution for a long time. He has been committing crimes for a long time and the Federal Constitution says that arrest can only occur by written order of a judicial authority, that is, of a judge, or in flagrante delicto,” Coelho said.

    “The crimes committed by Alexandre de Moraes are being committed with his decisions. By the time his decisions are in effect, crime is happening. Therefore, he is in a state of flagrante delicto.”

    “The solution will be to arrest Alexandre de Moraes,” said Coelho. “It remains for the President of the Republic to summon the Armed Forces to carry out the arrest of Alexandre de Moraes.”

    The people of Brazil do not want to be led by convicted criminal”

    “We are in Day 29 of mass protest in Brazil, a democratic country, with free elections, and we’re talking not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions (of protestors) And what looks to be, when all is said and done, will be tens of millions,” investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand told Tucker Carlson on Monday. “This is possibly the largest democratic protest in human history, and the global media is crickets on this. It is being memory-holed in real-time.”

    The people of Brazil are “very clear,” Tyrmand said: “They do not want to be led by convicted criminal. Lula da Silva was convicted in three separate courts, on 12 charges, by 19 judges, unanimously. Not Bolsonaro appointees, this was years before Bolsonaro. His judicial appointees in the Supreme Court freed him in the last two years, just so he could run in this race. They annulled and vacated his multiple sentences, a 12 year sentence. 580 days he served. They let him out to run. And Brazil has a law on the books that says no convicted felon can be elected to office. They absolutely put him on the chessboard so they could attempt to control the outcome. Now the people, en masse, are crying foul.”

    Even in the districts where Lula da Silva “supposedly has a stronghold, say, the Amazon, with indigenous peoples – they’re marching on Brasilia. Every city in the country is filled with protestors. Now the question is, what is to be done when you have a judiciary that is not comprised of impartial, non-partisan judges, but political appointees who are working to skew an electoral outcome.”

    The military has “a special role in the Brazilian constitution, Article 142,” Tyrmand said: “They are the ones to adjudicate separation-of-power disputes. And it looks like this will be coming to a head.”

    In a letter published last Saturday 11/26, more than 221 military personnel, including 46 flag officers, mostly from the Air Force and the Navy, criticized the Supreme Court and the Brazilian electoral process, and asked the commanders of the Armed Forces to take a position on the demands of the demonstrators who are protesting outside the barracks.

    • BRAZIL WAS STOLEN”: Bolsonaro Supporters Criticize Lack of Transparency in Elections; Armed Forces Were Hindered from Overseeing Electoral Process
      By Fernando de Castro
      Published December 1, 2022 at 7:15am

      Since the end of the presidential election in Brazil, which resulted in the victory of socialist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, voters of conservative president Jair Bolsonaro have been protesting against the election results.

      The Brazilian electoral process happens in a completely electronic and unverifiable manner, like the system used by the Dominion. Brazilian voters distrust the fairness of this year’s elections.

      The Superior Electoral Court, responsible for conducting the elections in Brazil, is accused of having adopted a biased posture during the dispute.

      On many occasions, the Court prevented President Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign from disclosing negative facts about Lula da Silva and other information against leftists. Even videos of da Silva defending abortion were prevented from being aired critically by Bolsonaro’s campaign.

      Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Superior Electoral Court, is publicly known as a Jair Bolsonaro opponent. During the election, de Moraes issued several measures against the president’s campaign, including acts of censorship – which is absolutely forbidden by the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

      After the elections were over, a huge portion of Brazilians began to distrust the transparency of the electronic voting process. The population’s distrust increased even more after the release of an inspection report conducted by the Armed Forces.

      The Armed Forces were invited to participate in the inspection of the electronic ballot boxes. At the end of the dispute, the military published a report on the inspection.

      In the document released by the Armed Forces, the military argued that they were prevented from fully inspecting the voting system and presented some points that indicate serious vulnerabilities in the electronic ballot boxes.

      Massive protests

      Since the end of elections, several people have been protesting at the doors of military barracks around the country. They are claiming a vigorous solution from the Armed Forces against the electoral system that validated the election of Lula da Silva.

      The protests are peaceful and are attended by people of various age groups. They are requesting that the Armed Forces guarantee a transparent electoral process. But the annulment of the electoral result isn’t a unanimous claim.

      President Jair Bolsonaro has remained reclusive since the end of the elections, rarely speaking on his social networks.

  7. Louisiana Democrats Sentenced to Prison in Vote Buying Scheme
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 1, 2022 at 8:30am

    Former Amite Police Chief Jerry Trabona and current Councilman Kris Hart are charged with allegedly conspiring to buy votes and multiple counts of buying votes. (WAFB)

    Two Louisiana Democrats were sentenced to 12 months in prison for taking part in a vote buying scheme. The two Democrats were paying prospective voters for their votes in a federal election.

    Apparently, this is still a crime despite the federal government ignoring most all of the election crimes by crooked Democrats.

  8. EXCLUSIVE: Democrat’s Criminal Ballot Activity Includes More than Their “Ballot Harvesting”
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 1, 2022 at 9:00am

    Democrats cheat. They always have. Now their cheating is putting in place communist politicians whose purpose appears to be the destruction of the United States of America

    We have known for some time that the election results in the 2020 and now 2022 elections have made no logical sense. For example, how could an individual who had less than 2,000 people at his rallies in 2020 (Biden) beat a candidate who had over 1.1 million at his rallies leading up to the 2020 Election (Trump)?

    There were just too many observations and questions that could not be adequately explained that would give an average observer comfort that the 2020 Election was free and fair and honest.

    We saw state election results in 2020 and again in 2022 where large ballot drops occurred and after that point, all ballots counted had the same ratios which totally made no sense.

    Advertisement – story

  9. WOW! Brave Flint, MI. Residents Cite Examples of Voter Fraud and Multiple Unbalanced Precincts in Nov. Election… Ask MI Board of Canvassers Why They Would Certify Election When Flint Election Officials Wouldn’t? [VIDEO]
    By Patty McMurray
    Published December 1, 2022 at 7:00am

    Percent Fed Up reports – On Monday, the MI Board of Canvassers, which is made up of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans and led by Michigan’s Director of the Bureau of Elections, Jonathan Brater, who works under the dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, unanimously voted to certify the November 2022 election, despite multiple examples of voter fraud and precincts that were out of balance.
    On Sept. 6, Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Attorney Erick Kaardal of the Thomas More Society sent Flint a Demand Letter. Either balance the skewed number of election inspectors from 92% Democrat/6% Republican to 50-50 or expect legal filings.

    Sudden resignations tend to raise eyebrows, so when NPR reported the imminent departure of a major city clerk, the move garnered wide-eyed surprise. “Inez Brown has been Flint’s city clerk for 25 years. But at Wednesday night’s city council meeting, Brown announced she would be stepping down at the end of the month.”

    On Sept. 6, two days before giving her three-week notice, the clerk and a who’s-who list of Flint officials received a demand letter. Either balance the city’s skewed number of election inspectors from 92% Democrat and 6% Republican to 50-50 or brace for legal filings, stated the letter from Pure Integrity Michigan Elections and Attorney Erick Kaardal, Special Counsel for the Thomas More Society.

    So, was the 25-year veteran clerk’s resignation a coincidence?

    • EXCLUSIVE: Democrats’ Criminal Ballot Activity Includes More than Their “Ballot Harvesting”
      By Joe Hoft
      Published December 1, 2022 at 9:00am

      Democrats cheat. They always have. Now their cheating is putting in place communist politicians whose purpose appears to be the destruction of the United States of America

      We have known for some time that the election results in the 2020 and now 2022 elections have made no logical sense. For example, how could an individual who had less than 2,000 people at his rallies in 2020 (Biden) beat a candidate who had over 1.1 million at his rallies leading up to the 2020 Election (Trump)?

      There were just too many observations and questions that could not be adequately explained that would give an average observer comfort that the 2020 Election was free and fair and honest.

      We saw state election results in 2020 and again in 2022 where large ballot drops occurred and after that point, all ballots counted had the same ratios which totally made no sense.

      Advertisement – story

      There were just too many observations and questions that could not be adequately explained that would give an average observer comfort that the 2020 Election was free and fair and honest.

      We saw state election results in 2020 and again in 2022 where large ballot drops occurred and after that point, all ballots counted had the same ratios which totally made no sense.

      Advertisement – story

      The elites in the GOP would like you to believe that all the GOP has to do is focus on ballot harvesting rather than on the voters. This implies that the GOP is now willing to take part in the same harvesting fraud as the Democrats in an effort to win elections. This also implies that votes recorded for Democrats and collected by ballot harvesters are legitimate. Neither premise is accurate.

      We know from discussions and observations that the country as a whole leans conservative. The country hates the actions the Biden Administration is taking to destroy America. Citizens are disgusted in the dishonest mainstream media (which is why TGP continues to grow annually). Americans hate cheaters.

      Democrats aren’t winning elections because they have superior candidates. Joe Biden and John Fetterman can’t even think or carry on coherent conversations. Katie Hobbs and Jocelyn Benson, Soros-funded Secretaries of States, are unpopular with constituents.

      It’s not Democrat policies. Americans can’t stand what they are seeing on the open Southern border. They were shocked and appalled by Biden’s disgraceful exit from Afghanistan and are outraged at how Biden is destroying the US economy.

      Yesterday we pointed out another method and a major method that the Democrats use to steal elections which results in the pieces falling together.

      As we reported, the Democrats are changing addresses or ZIP codes on huge blocks of voters without them knowing it in the voter rolls across the country. These changes are then flipped back before anyone realizes what happened. However, during the period when the addresses are changed, ballots are printed and sent out.

      The average citizen impacted by these changes would never know that their ballot may have been duplicated because the rest of their mail is being received as normal.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      Surgeon: This ‘Ends’ Neuropathy – Do this Immediately
      Urologist: 90% of Men Don’t Know This Way to Shrink Your Prostate (Watch)
      The ballots with the faulty information are likely harvested at locations where the changed addresses were sent or through interference by the postal service.

      We are just beginning to understand how this works. The large drops of votes late in the election process are likely related to suspect ballots.

      But we do have evidence that tranches of voter addresses are being changed before election ballots are mailed out.

      Democrats also manufacture ballots for people who aren’t even real. We’ve seen this in multiple states. When canvassers went door to door to ascertain that the individuals who lived at these properties actually voted, they found error rates of as high as 25%.

      Because of this, we know that the Democrats are not winning elections because they have better techniques for getting Democrats to the polls. The Democrats are winning by obtaining ballots and voting with these ballots for Democrat candidates.

      Yes, there is ballot harvesting by the Dems. Yes, they cheat in every way imaginable. But we now know that they adjust voter rolls to assist with their efforts.

  10. Mail Bomb Sent To US Embassy In Madrid Amid Spate Of Mystery Attacks
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    THURSDAY, DEC 01, 2022 – 11:36 AM
    A day after Spanish authorities scrambled to evacuate and seal off the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid over a letter bomb from an unknown sender which injured a Ukrainian employee, the US Embassy in the capital city has also confirmed it received a “similar” package.

    “The United States’ embassy in Madrid has received a letter similar to the five letter-bombs sent to the Ukrainian embassy to Spain and other targets in the country, according to La Sexta TV station,” Al Jazeera reports Thursday. At sixth letter bomb was reported later in the day. An official US Embassy statement said, “We can confirm a suspicious package was received at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid.”

    Spain’s Deputy Interior Minister Rafael Perez briefed reporters, saying that while a culprit has yet to be identified, all the letter bombs are believed to have been sent from within the country. Letter bombs were also mailed to three government offices as well as Spanish arms maker, he told reporters.

    Spain has said it is greatly increasing security measures at government offices and outside of embassies and foreign consulates around the country amid the ongoing threat. The prime minister’s office had been sent a letter bomb last week, which was intercepted.

    According to details in CNN of the sixth uncovered letter bomb:

    The sixth and latest bomb was detected Thursday afternoon and sent to the US embassy in Madrid. It was intercepted at around 12.30 p.m. local time at the security post of the embassy, a police source told CNN. A special protocol was activated for these cases, the source added.

    “We are grateful to Spanish law enforcement for their assistance with this matter,” Jamie Martin, a spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Madrid, told CNN.

    With security already on a heightened state of alert over suspicious packages, the letter bomb did

  11. Rioting Moroccans in Brussels After World Cup Victory were Inspired by a ‘Hatred of the West’ Says Top Academic
    “Hatred of the West” largely inspired rioting Moroccans who flipped cars and set fire to property in Brussels after a World Cup game last Sunday, an expert has claimed.
    Professor Ruud Koopmans, an expert in Migration, Integration and Transnationalization at the Berlin Social Science Centre has claimed that a “hatred of the West” is what largely inspired rioting Moroccans to riot in Brussels and cause civil disturbances in other cities on Sunday.
    Prompted by the Moroccan football team’s victory over Belgium, cities in both Belgium and the Netherlands saw significant violence, with the large Moroccan population in Brussels, in particular, causing substantial mayhem in the European capital.
    According to a report by Bild, while the German professor emphasised that regular football hooliganism likely played a role in the violence, he said that the rioting itself was ultimately the result of a “hatred” of western nations instilled into a number of Arab migrants and their descendants.

    More footage from those riots 4 days ago in Brussels. Tearing down a Belgian flag is very symbolic, and seems to prove the professor right:
    Vandalism, fireworks etc, and testimony by an eyewitness:

    The moroccan team beat Canada today, which led to more riots in the Netherlands. Live feed from AMsterdam:

    Riot police intervene in Amsterdam:
    Same in the Hague:

  12. Britain’s Top Virus Adviser: Country Facing “Prolonged Period” of Deaths Not Due to COVID, But Because of Lockdowns
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published December 1, 2022 at 3:35pm

    COVID lockdowns created an untenable situation in the long run for the healthcare industry. People were told to stay home to avoid spreading the virus, but staying home meant going without preventative healthcare and early disease intervention and treatment.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    British epidemiologist Sir Chris Whitty, who serves as Chief Medical Officer for England (CMO) and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, has warned of a rising death toll from heart disease and cancers due to the lack of treatment during lockdowns.

    Britain will face a ‘prolonged period’ of deaths due to the pandemic — but not from the Covid virus itself, Sir Chris Whitty and the Government’s top virus advisers said today.

    England’s chief medial officer claimed the nation faces a rising death toll from heart disease and cancer cases due to pleas to protect the NHS.

  13. Georgia Man Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Voter Fraud
    By Anthony Scott
    Published December 1, 2022 at 2:25pm

    Georgia man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after being convicted of voter fraud.

    District Attorney Chris Arnt announced William Chase, 62, was convicted of unlawful acts regarding electors’ vote, voting twice in the same election, first-degree forgery, and performing illegal acts with election documents.

    Chief Judge Kristina Graham sentenced Chase to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole until after 15 years.

    NBC 9 News reported Chase filled out another Walker County resident’s ballot during a 2021 Georgia runoff.

  14. State Senator Switches To Republican Party – “Discomfort With The Leftward Direction Of The Democratic Party”
    By ProTrumpNews Staff
    Published December 1, 2022 at 1:35pm

    West Virginia just got even redder.

    State Senator Glenn Jeffries switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party.

    Tony Hodge, the Co-Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party said, “Glenn…expressed to me his discomfort with the leftward direction of the Democratic Party and that he no longer identifies with them.”

    Republicans in West Virginia now hold a giant majority with 31 of the 34 senate seats belonging to Republicans.

  15. Michael Burry, Famous Investor Behind “The Big Short,” Warns of “Extended Multiyear Recession”
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 1, 2022 at 12:45pm
    Michael Burry, the famous investor behind “The Big Short” warned of rising inflation and a huge market bubble.
    Back in October 2021 Burry also commented on the misinformation and persecution of conservatives that is permeating the current culture.

    Back in October 2021 Michael Burry tweeted this out.

  16. Americans Are Being Conned – Risk Limiting Election Audits Are Garbage – Used to Confirm Results Not Identify Election Fraud
    By Joe Hoft
    Published December 1, 2022 at 12:30pm

    Part of the election scam in the US is risk limiting audits. These audits will never identify election issues and appear to be designed that way.

    We pointed out previously that election audits should be performed like bank audits.
    1. Ballots are valuable, as valuable as money.

    2. When you audit a bank you don’t go to one teller’s cash drawer and audit only the number of $10 bills. You audit every drawer and the safe and agree that to what is reported

    But this is not happening. A group of election scammers have sold to various states the proposition of fraud audits being performed through sampling. These limited risk audits will likely never catch the fraud in a state’s election.

    Liz Howard at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Center for Law is connected to these audits. The state of Pennsylvania recognizes her when discussing risk limiting audits.

    “We’re proud to partner with state and local election officials to help them implement the gold standard of post-election audits to protect voter confidence in the integrity of our elections.” Liz Howard, senior counsel, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law.

    Others related to George Soros are connected to Howard and the Brennan Center.

    Many entities worked against the audits requested after the 2020 election that were more than small sample risk audits.

    All of these entities were developed with specific purposes. They want to ensure Democrats win elections. Risk-limiting audits are a means of covering up and validating results in states where any wrongdoing occurs.

    When a bank is robbed you don’t audit one teller drawer to determine what was stolen. The same goes for election audits. Sampling just won’t do.

  17. Welcome Consequences”: Hogan Lovells Fires Partner for Voicing Her Views on the Dobbs Decision

    In a column in the Wall Street Journal, Robin Keller, a partner at Hogan Lovells, wrote about being fired from the firm after a distinguished career of 44 years. Keller was not fired for intermingling funds or violating confidentiality of clients. She was fired because she exercised free speech in an internal meeting on the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

    After Keller expressed her support for the opinion and concern about higher rates of abortions in the black community, a participant complained that she could not breathe and others called her a racist. She was later suspended and reportedly fired.

    What is striking about this contro

    What is striking about this controversy is that there is not a great deal of disagreement on what was said at the meeting. Take Above the Law, which Keller references in her column. The site has become one of the most vocal anti-free speech sites on the Internet. It recently even defended the virtual elimination of conservative and libertarian faculty at universities as

    In a column entitled “White Counsel At Biglaw Firm Spreads ‘Inappropriate And Offensive’ Theories About Abortion, Gets Suspended,” Kathryn Rubino celebrated the “welcome consequences” for people who share dissenting or unpopular views on such subjects. Rubino expressed disbelief that “a white partner who attended HoLove’s women’s meeting felt it appropriate to chime in with her support of the Dobbs decision.”

    Lawyers at the firm demanded the firing of Keller and said that they were “traumatized” by having to hear someone defend the decision on a call to allow people to discuss the decision.

    Let’s repeat that again . . . these are lawyers who were traumatized because a colleague expressed a dissenting view of abortion, a view held by millions of other Americans as well as many judges and justices. It is a view that has been expressed widely in the media, including by African-American and female commentators.

  18. Moscow community mourns four slain U of I students, loss of safety and security

    It’s really a safe community,” Moscow Mayor Art Bettge told the Idaho Statesman in the wake of the attack. “And when these things happen, it’s bad, really bad. We’d like to think of ourselves as being a safe place.” The four victims in the killings early Nov. 13 were U of I seniors Madison Mogen, 21, of Coeur d’Alene, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, of Rathdrum, who were close friends; and junior Xana Kernodle, 20, of Post Falls; and freshman Ethan Chapin, 20, of Mount Vernon, Washington, who were dating. The three women lived in the house, while Chapin was staying overnight with Kernodle.

    Read more at:

  19. Violent clashes took place in Belgium after the Morocco-Belgium football match during the World Cup in Qatar.

    Riots took place in Brussels, Antwerp and Liege, where a police station was attacked by about 50 “youths”, and also in several cities in the Netherlands. Beyond these incidents, the popular jubilation in the predominantly Moroccan neighborhoods of Brussels, especially in Molenbeek, revealed that in these areas, the Moroccan identity has remained much stronger than the Belgian one, even though most of the inhabitants have dual nationality.

    One would have to be blind and trying to fit reality into the ideology of “living together at all costs” not to see that the sympathies of Moroccans in Belgium were with the Moroccan team and not with the team of their “second homeland”. Some journalists tried to do so, with headlines like “No

  20. International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 1, 2022 at 9:36pm

    Unvaccinated patients who require transfusions can now access “pure blood” thanks to a new service called “SafeBlood Donation,” which was launched by a Swiss naturopath named George Della Pietra.

    SafeBlood Donation, which currently has members in at least 16 countries, has the long-term goal of opening blood banks that provide its members with unvaccinated plasma, VICE reported.


    According to George Della Pietra, the demand for “pure blood” has skyrocketed globally.

    The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a peer-reviewed study in Italy found that 94% of people who experienced side effects after receiving mRNA vaccines had abnormal blood and contained foreign matter one month after vaccination.

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