EU asks for motion to redo Berlin election, the FBI Geofence dragnet and more: Links 1, November 30, 2022

1. European Parliament discusses the irregularities in the Berlin State elections

2. There are much more disturbing photos than this one of the designer at Balenciaga, the clothing store that runs adds with pedophilic imagery

This photo goes part way to explaining this story. The other photos at GateWay Pundit and I think Tucker Carlson showed some last week, go the rest of the way to explaining this story.

Now, a member of a worldwide street art crew, which has hundreds of artists as members, has sorted Balenciaga’s shop windows in New Bond Street in Central London.

This art protest campaign is called ‘Luxury Vandalism,’ (LV).

According to the artist, Joe Bloggs, more stores will be visited in due course.

“I took this action because I was so disgusted by their photo shoot, which clearly was exploiting children, exposing them to extreme adult sexual practices (BDSM), and had hidden references to child porn and even BAAL, who was a child sacrifice god,” Bloggs told The Gateway Pundit.

3. A Peek Inside the FBI’s Unprecedented January 6 Geofence Dragnet

Google provided investigators with location data for more than 5,000 devices as part of the federal investigation into the attack on the US Capitol.

The FBI’s biggest-ever investigation included the biggest-ever haul of phones from controversial geofence warrants, court records show. A filing in the case of one of the January 6 suspects, David Rhine, shows that Google initially identified 5,723 devices as being in or near the US Capitol during the riot. Only around 900 people have so far been charged with offenses relating to the siege.

The filing suggests that dozens of phones that were in airplane mode during the riot, or otherwise out of cell service, were caught up in the trawl. Nor could users erase their digital trails later. In fact, 37 people who attempted to delete their location data following the attacks were singled out by the FBI for greater scrutiny.

Geofence search warrants are intended to locate anyone in a given area using digital services. Because Google’s Location History system is both powerful and widely used, the company is served about 10,000 geofence warrants in the US each year. Location History leverages GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals to pinpoint a phone within a few yards. Although the final location is still subject to some uncertainty, it is usually much more precise than triangulating signals from cell towers. Location History is turned off by default, but around a third of Google users switch it on, enabling services like real-time traffic prediction. 

Advice to anyone planning to attend a legal peaceful protest, or just a peaceful protest, click here. Anyone planning an illegal event, don’t.

4. The following video is very harsh. It APPEARS to be a woman forced to give birth on her feet outsdie a “People’s Hospital” in China because she didn’t have a Covid test report. There is no reason to think this isn’t true given what they do over there to their own people as a matter of course. But it could just be a woman giving birth.

5. Chinese protestors hold up white paper as protest signs. My guess would be to protest censorship and lack of freedom. Anything else is speculation. Even my guess is, but it fits better than anything unrelated to censorship.


Thank you all who journey herein and find these things to your satisfaction.


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9 Replies to “EU asks for motion to redo Berlin election, the FBI Geofence dragnet and more: Links 1, November 30, 2022”

  1. 5. There is one other thing that a blank piece of paper offers–at least in theory. Plausible deniability. As there are no messages on them, it is harder to claim that they were spreading messages that the state does not want spread.

    Does that protect them from lies or actions against them? No.

  2. BALENCIAGA: their runway shows told the story. For so many years now, the models bear a walking dead-person look. IMHO, anyone associated with or promoting that company has a level of evilness in their soul.

    Celine Dion is another one, transforming kids through T-shirts. When I see her in photos or videos, there is something bad emanating from her.

  3. Volkova claims she left Balenciaga i 2018 so she had nothing to do with those ads.
    That picture is her though, from her IG that she just recently removed from the public view.

  4. 4/ Remember the panic-inducing tweets about covid early on? People in Wuhan dropping dead – of covid – in the streets. A real psyop. I wonder what game that was all about… Event 201?

      • It’s an interesting symmetry, isn’t it?
        They got us all psyched about wuflu, believing “intrepid Chinese patriots” were sneaking “real life” vids of impending doom. All fake.

        Then we invest enormous resources to deny the real thing – that people are dropping dead in the middle of the street, wherever.

        Both lab creations, seems like created by the same cast of characters. One-two punch. Media-Medi- poison, brought to us by Global Governance, Inc.

        So we’ve been partners with China all this time. Pelosi, for example knew, but then she makes a show of cuddling up to Taiwan. And the Taiwanese just voted in a pro-PRC govt.

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