Marxism and Holistic thinking

This is from the same academic who has brought us a lot of excellent explainer videos on communism. I believe he is one of the academics who busted the whole Peer Review system by writing total nonsense papers made up from whole cloth and sprinkled with Marxist language, and they got published in prestigious peer reviewed journals. He may even be the fellow who wrote about rape culture in a dog park.

In one of his other videos that we posted recently, he refers to how in communist hierarchical structure, the government of course has all kinds of power. But also, the people have all kinds of power. But since the people cannot possibly know what is best for them, a panel of experts represents the people in its discourse with government to set policy. That panel of experts, is appointed by government.

I must find that video and repost it. It dovetails perfectly with this.

It bears remembering though, that one shouldn’t be too too reflexive with this word either. One of the most intelligent doctors I know, and one with more integrity than most, uses a kind of holistic approach. What he means is, treat the whole person rather than a symptom. Look at diet and exercise and try and avoid medication when possible. This is the opposite sense that Marxists use the word. He means examine the whole person as that person is competent to self maintain once you look at the various balancing acts of nature. Communists mean you are nothing, the whole is everything, you cannot possibly understand the whole, therefore you have no value.

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