Qatar bans homosexuality from World Cup, Canadian media pushes for the Gessler hat: Links 1, November 17, 2022

1. More excerpts from the important speech by Lt.-Gen. Maisonneuve. We posted an article on this a few days ago with a general call to find a video of this speech, which still cannot be found. We still want it. I bet it’s awesome.

2. This is something that always happened all the time everywhere. So no real reason to even watch it. Right?

3. Dr. Chris Shoemaker Warns: Ivermectin Must Be Made Readily Available This Winter To Save Lives

Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker, a Toronto clinical physician, is warning people and governments that to save massive amounts of lives this winter, we must “stop injecting people with damaging immune agents,” marketed as “Covid vaccines,” and make Ivermectin readily available. Especially now in highly Covid-vaccinated countries with severe winters, it is crucial; for Ivermectin to be available.  

(Please click through to RAIR to see the video)

4. Islam: Qatar’s World Cup Ambassador says being Gay is ‘Damage in the Mind’, LGBT Fans Could Face Execution

World Cup official in the host country of Qatar drew criticism after saying that homosexuality is “damage in the mind” and that gay visitors to his country must “accept” the rules in the Muslim country.

“They have to accept our rules here,” Qatari World Cup Ambassador Khalid Salman said during an interview with German television broadcaster ZDF this week.

 “(Homosexuality) is haram. You know what haram (forbidden) means?,” Salman continued. When asked why it was haram, Salman said: “I am not a strict Muslim, but why is it haram? Because it is damage in the mind.”

Euronews propaganda video on it:

5. This is an infuriating one. The government media complex ramps up propaganda to force the Gessler hat back on to everyone, including children

For those that missed the reference, last time they forced us all into symbols of submission we made this analogy:

Thank you all for considering alternate views to these critical issues.

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  1. 5. Trigger warning. I am angry at this poseur who strikes me as an onanist rather than an epidemiologist. And dont let him anywhere near children, he obviously hates them by recommending health- and development hindering masks on them. But there is a satisfactory side to this: I looked up what people wh were his patients think of this wanker…..lookey here:

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