Interesting front page of London Newspaper

UPDATE: There is a lot of pushback on this post so please check the comments to read people’s reactions to it. I can only say for the moment that it came from an email list of a prominent scientist who may have been sloppy on this one, or he may truly feel this is correct and the pushback is damage control. Hopefully more on that later.

This is the free morning London paper distributed at railway stations. Likely read by several million commuters in London.

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9 Replies to “Interesting front page of London Newspaper”

  1. If they are admitting to that many fatalities, obviously from the shots, then imagine what the REAL numbers must be!

    And they want us to forgive and forget? NEVER.

  2. We need a covid amnesty! Right after every single cornazi is cut down from the gallows.
    I’ll forgive, right after every covid karen and cameron is tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail.
    I will forgive when ‘Dr. Tam’ is fifty years into her new job of manually making gravel out of big rocks on Elsmere Island, followed by deportation back to her beloved PRC.
    I’ll ‘just move ahead’ when Bonnie Henry is rotating on a spit over a surpassingly hot fire.
    I will forgive when comrade justin is offered a last cigarette and blindfold.
    These people are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity under the Canadian Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.
    Genocide. Forced Medical Experimentation. Gross Politically instituted Discrimination, Segregation and Dehumanization of Target Populations. Racketeering. Criminal Conspiracy. Foreign control of National Policy.
    Of course, we all know nothing will come of it.
    So, it falls to the citizen-warrior. You have been told by your nominal head of state, kang chuck, in May 2019, at Davos.
    ” The Social Contract has been re-written. ‘We’ (the ruling elite) can no longer permit undesirable outcomes like Brexit and Donald Trump ever again.”
    Translation: Your precious elections will conform to the whim of your overlords, for their benefit and theirs alone.
    You would not fight when victory was easy. Now, you must fight when your survival is questionable, and success not assured. You may, in fact, be mulched in job lots.
    You were warned.

  3. Pro Tip:
    If media begins 1100 Db REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ing, and the debunkers come out…well.
    Surely you must recognize that for what it is.
    Going back to the early 2020 Moderna Macak trial, where 88 simian stand-ins were shot up with MRNA goo, and 90 percent were dead of heart attack, neurological fires, organ explosions, retroviruses and weird instantly fatal cancers, and the survivors maimed, sterile and dying after ten days, at which point the remainder were disposed of, and the researcher’s ground up for Chinese-market (moderna ‘Wang-Fun brand’) aphrodisiacs; a trial described by Moderna as 100% ( I Scvhitz You Not – no satire there ) successful.
    Those numbers are what I expect to see, and have been seeing, every single day since Aktion T-4 V.2 was implemented. The ambulances never stop rolling. One evening last April, at a new Tyvek and vinyl siding sheet-box condo monad full of, I’m guessing, (masked, tattoo’s, nose rings, Tesla’s, brown elasticated-gusset ankle boots and dumpsters full of rotting kale) leftist-urban hipsters, I witnessed 4 20-30-something’s getting the soylent green treatment. 2-200’s, coronaries, according to the EMT’s, and 2-300’s, one shocked back to mere arrythmia, one still getting CPR on the gurney coming out the door.
    Want a fun family activity? Park up at the loading dock behind any hospital. Count the body bags coming out.
    Were it not for the fact that these chuckle-fcuks have been total fascists about this for nearly three years, I might be a wee bit alarmed. As it is, I eat popcorn and chuff weed while tallying up the deaders. And I laugh.
    You see, we only have to kill off 14% of the 11 million or so people who do the productive work that makes it all go before civil order collapses.
    Or, Klaus and Georgie order the keys twisted to bury it.
    Soon, chalamala, soon.

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