NZ Funeral Director, Ben Shapiro figures out the vaxx was a lie, German website tells kids to get sterilized, Elon Musk walks into Twitter carrying a Kitchen Sink: Links 2, October 26, 2022

1. NZ funeral director eports that since August 2021, 95% of all the corpses he attends to are people who died within two weeks of a covid “vaccine” injection. He also notes that he has never seen a clear case of an “unvaccinated” person dying from covid-19. Here is his two minute report.

2. ‘We were lied to by everyone:’ Ben Shapiro walks back support for Covid vaccine

“We were lied to by everyone. We were lied to by the scientists. We were lied to by Pfizer. We were lied to by the government. We were lied to by the Biden administration … I don’t like being lied to.”


3. German government’s ‘rainbow portal’ advises children to take puberty blockers, change genders

The German government features a webpage that advises children struggling with their gender identity to take so-called puberty blockers to delay their natural physical development and offers information on “same-sex lifestyles and gender diversity.”

Known as the “rainbow portal,” the service, offered by the Federal German Ministry of Family Affairs, explains to children that there are hormone “therapies” available for those whose body “does not fit with their feelings.”

The website outlines how there are “far more” than just two genders and provides information about how to proceed with hormone blocking medication for those girls and boys looking to “transition” to a new sex.

(All of this has to be about stopping people from reproducing. It is the one common denominator to nearly every insane policy in the last 10 to 20 years)

4. MSNBC appears to have interviewed the wrong people for their agenda on the subject of the January 6 protest at the Capitol buildings in DC

Just for fun, here is the YT version. Lets see how long it stays available.

5. Bloomberg: New Covid Boosters Aren’t Better Than Old Ones, Study Finds

(The issue isn’t better. We all know they suck now and even diehard vaxx people are thinking carefully about getting the next one. The issue is are they more harmful than the last ones. And Bloomberg knows it.)

  • Results show the new shots perform similarly to past ones
  • Moderna, Pfizer boosters aim to protect against new variants

Bivalent booster shots from Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc. failed to raise levels of protective proteins called neutralizing antibodies against the dominant omicron strains any more than four doses of the original Covid vaccine, according to an early independent study on a small group of people.

Researchers at Columbia University and the University of Michigan compared levels of neutralizing antibodies in blood samples from 21 people who got a fourth shot of the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech SE bivalent boosters against antibody levels in 19 people who got four shots of the original vaccines. 

(At this point, sweetly telling someone you don’t like to make sure they go and get all their boosters is the safest way of telling them to GF themselves)

Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of liberty and individualism, and in defence of reality itself. 

Watch this video of Elon Musk entering Twitter carrying a Kitchen Sink and especially go to the link and read the follow up comments.

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  1. My father, who is over 100, had covid recently, according to the PCR test (…) and recovered. Although he has other health problems, his doctor said he couldn’t have a “vaxxx for 4 months as having covid was better at beating covid than the jab”…. This is the kind of stuff we get here in U.K.

  2. your site is a big horrible load for my browser and I am running 16GB ram.
    there is just so much on your page that gets loaded up.
    perhaps consider cutting the first page off sooner?

  3. Your words “to stop people from reproducing”, YES. It is so obvious between the problems linked to the jab and their determination to influence our kids to change their gender. What truly surprises me is the number of parents, often mothers, who are happy to bring their kids to trans clubs.

  4. Ben Shapiro is so wrong we did know about transmission 1year 1/2 ‘s ago, they did not test for reduction of symptoms Ben. Do better do some research.

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