Inquiry into Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act shows the falsity of its premise: Links 1 for October 21, 2022

1. Fascinating video of questioning of security official at hearings over Freedom Convoy in Ottawa January and February 2022. This is worth watching for all interested in how the Trudeau government broke all convention with civil law to attack a protest which threatened his dignity and ultimate authority.

2. Alex Berenson’s Substack: URGENT URGENT: 1 in 780 German kids under 5 required hospitalization after Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shots

Young children were significantly more likely to have side effects following mRNA Covid jabs than after other vaccines, German researchers reported Tuesday.

The children were also more likely to have severe side effects. Of 7,800 children under five who received mRNA shots, 10 required hospitalization afterwards.

No children who received other shots needed hospitalization.

The German study, which examined Pfizer’s mRNA shots, adds to little-noticed and troubling safety data from Moderna’s own clinical trial of its mRNA jab in children under 5. The reports come even as a federal vaccine advisory committee meets today to consider adding the mRNA shots to the standard childhood vaccine schedule and paving the way for states to require them for school.

Moderna has never published or publicized its clinical trial safety data, which showed that 24 out of fewer than 4,800 children suffered a serious adverse event, such as a high fever or swelling of four inches or more, following the shot.

The rate of 1 in 200 was nearly three times higher than the rate in kids who received a placebo shot. The gap was particularly notable in children under 2; 15 of the 1800 children that age who received the shot had an adverse event, compared to one of the 600 who received a placebo.

One who received the Moderna vaccine suffered a fever so high that he had a seizure, which investigators said was related to the vaccine.

3. Media Blackout: ‘Large Amount of Unwellness’ During Amsterdam Marathon

Neurologist Jan Bonte also notices that there are suddenly multiple resuscitations during running competitions and marathons.

This past Sunday, the Amsterdam Marathon took place in the Netherlands. During the marathon, something remarkable happened, reports Dutch media outlet,  The traffic police in The Hague had to urgently provide assistance to the Amsterdam Unit “due to a large amount of unwellness,” reports authorities.

Motorcyclists had to escort six ambulances from other regions to hospitals in Amsterdam.

4. New Zealand Farmers protest Agro-Emissions tax

5. Viva Barnes clip on the inquiry into Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act to thug out the Freedom Convoy:

Thank you all, as always for your kind attention to this site, and its presentation of these issues.

A couple of idle thoughts…

Canada is a place where you can have formerly illegal drugs pre-Trudeau, delivered to your home by Uber Eats, but you need to find a smuggler to buy effective cold and flu medications. This means the total inversion in Canada and much of the West goes far beyond the moral.

A second thing which continues to nag at me…

We interviewed a Canadian Captain this summer a couple of times. James Formosa. In the interviews he revealed that he had discovered a database which showed that the higher the rank, the greater the acceptance for submitted vaccine exemptions. So a General would absolutely not have to take the shot and nearly all LTC would get the pass if requested. He, as a Captain had to leave the force in effect to not take it.

What bothers me is, if the shots were safe and effective, and the military was corrupt in exactly the same way, higher ranks would have cheated their way to the front of the line to get the shots, rather than grant themselves a pass to not get it. That fact alone should cause the kind of burning anger in the forces that should affect change.

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  1. The fact that Trudeau is around as PM is astounding. He should be behind bars awaiting trial. Canadians have to answer for the delay in removing him.

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