Kids suddenly very sick, Stephen Coughlin on “Christian Nationalism” and more: Links 2, October 13, 2022

1. Alex Berenson: Now happening: actual pediatric hospital overflow from respiratory illness

As opposed to the fictional pediatric hospital overflow from respiratory illness during Covid. Would be interested to know what percentage of these kids have gotten their mRNA Covid vaccines, but I have a feeling no one is going to be in a hurry to provide that data.

Source: NBC Miami

2. One reaction to the Pfizer admission that they never tested for Transmission

3. It appears that JP Morgan, Chase bank is refusing to do business with the singer formerly known as Kanye West.

This appears to be because of his antisemitic tirade on Twitter.

While I think what he did is awful, in no small part because some of his less elegant followers may decide to do harm to perfectly innocent and unrelated people who have done no harm to them personally, businesses should not be monitoring our social media and then deciding if we should be able to have their services for things unrelated to the business at hand.

This kind of deplatforming I am against when it happened to Robert Spencer by Mastercard, or Gates of Vienna by PayPal and a long list of other people who had services critical to them removed because the company didn’t like what they had to say. When will the phone and power companies deplatform us I wonder, for refusing to admit 2+2=5? This once was an unacceptable thought. Now we know it’s just a matter of time.

4. It appears the Covid shots might have a deleterious effect on future generations

5. Stephen Coughlin at Townhall. What is intersectionality?

More to come on that from Stephen soon I hope!

Thank you all for your kind attention. 

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  1. Kanye West: this is NOT because of any tirade on Twitter, but because he and Candace Owens showed up at a prestigious fashion show wearing “white lives matter” shirts.

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