Geert Vanden Bossche: Its five past midnight

When one thinks of authoritative virologists, (and yeah no one did till a few years ago but now a lot of us do) there are two groups of them and a few names from each group springs to mind. From the group doing actual science and speaking in a manner which is revealing of truths that while they have predictive value, also threaten the well being and livelihood of these scientists, two names always come to the surface as the ones quoted by all the other doctors and researchers trying to warn us not to take these horrible concoctions. These Frankencines.
From University of Guelph in Ontario, Vaccinologist, Dr. Byram W. Bridle Ph. D. And the other, vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche.

I hear all the greatest minds and scientists in related fields refer to Vanden Bossche frequently. And in this video, we add to the two issues already discussed about the vaxx, ADE, which occurs when you mass vaccinate the public during a pandemic, which all orthodoxy says not to do, and OAS or Original Antigenic Sin, another mechanism where inappropriate use of a vaccine can accelerate a problem rather than mitigate it.

In this video, we add “large scale immune escape”. Dr. Vanden-Bossche’s explanation in written form can be found here.

We haven’t really had time to vet this or check it with other doctors or scientists yet. With luck we will this week. But rumours are floating this way that there is something taking place in emergency rooms across Canada now which might be related to this. I hope to know more about that by tonight.

On a personal note, let’s all hope he is wrong. As it is, as he claims, too late for most people already, I would much rather have egg on my face than dirt on my friends.

UPDATE: Segment of Tucker last night:


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  1. Sorry Vlad I have changed my minsd on Bosce.He’s tellling half truths .the vaccines never prevented infection ,transmission and severe disease ,hospitalization ,death.He likes to pretend that while enhancing infection they somehow by some sort of magic trick have up to this point prevented severe deisease and death.It’s alie they bnever did ,not at any time ,or for any length of time.He’s controlled oppossition ,has only good things to say about Bill gates ,signed a non disclosure agtreement and is stil receving his monthly check from Gates.He is controlled opposition.He can’t admit it was a scam from start to finnish.

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