Five very important items concerning vaxx repair, nature of vaxx damage and legal actions against the Colleges: Links post 1, October 1, 2022

1. Let’s hope the Colleges in Canada of Surgeons and Physicians will face this legal action

2. In the shadows, the firm McKinsey was at the heart of the management of the pandemic in Quebec

(This is a tough one. The article (translated by Google) busts the far left Legault govt. of Quebec, which implemented an actual curfew and other horrors to try and stop the flu, for using a management company for all policies that was actually Pfizer and Gates foundation. But the extra layer of horror here is that it is reported by CBC. This has to mean an extra layer of deception. They are throwing Legault, who is widely hated in Quebec, under the bus, probably to get a much more ideological Maoist/Marxist into office. It also deflects guilt from people who can be held accountable for vaxx damage, on to people who have been waived of all liability. Namely Pfizer and ModeRNA, the Gates company.)

The Legault government has not said everything about the role played by the consultants, paid $35,000 a day.

On December 14, 2020, when the very first vaccines had just been injected into Quebecers , the director of the vaccination campaign Daniel Paré received an email from an associate of the consulting firm McKinsey: “Bravo for this first day which is taking place good. Here are my notes on follow-ups (action, responsible, deadlines). Feel free to make changes. »

Behind the scenes, McKinsey played a central role in the game plan for the vaccination campaign in Quebec, drawing on its experience with other states, reveals a Radio-Canada investigation. But the American consultancy did more than that.

In May 2020, the Legault government had rejected a request from the opposition parties to make public the transmission of all the opinions and documents produced by the firm .

Radio-Canada was able to reconstruct more precisely the role played by McKinsey through more than 200 emails, contracts and working documents. Some of these elements were obtained from sources, others through access to information requests. 

The confidential documents that we obtained show that private consultants contributed to crucial decisions during the pandemic by giving advice to the Legault government, in particular for the communication strategy. They developed scenarios for purchasing protective equipment and worked on the PCR testing strategy. They also proposed solutions to remedy the shortage of personnel in CHSLDs.

The private firm coordinated the decision-making teams and summoned the senior officials it wanted(New window), in group meetings as in individual meetings(New window). We even see a McKinsey associate familiar with the secretary general of the government(New window), Yves Ouellet, the highest civil servant of the Quebec State.

The consulting firm piloted committees, organized strategic meetings, distributed roles on working groups… It also had access to confidential information, show the emails and documents obtained.

To these documents are added interviews with three people in public health who had to work with the firm during the pandemic. We were also able to count on the collaboration of two people who actively prepared the vaccination in Quebec. All are subject to confidentiality agreements with their employer. That’s why we agreed to protect their identity.

The use of McKinsey arouses the discomfort of a union of civil servants who accuses the government of having turned its back on internal expertise. The presence of the advisers also irritated members of public health who collaborated with the firm. The government, as well as certain management experts consulted, believe, however, that the exceptional nature of the crisis justified it.

(There is more to this important story at the source link at the top. Run it through Deep L or Google. This is an important story.)

3. Important video on how to FIX one of the types of damage done by the gene-therapy shots. Article here.

4.  The video below is Sept. 18 2022 and is a fun poke at Fauci by Rand Paul.)

5. Pro-Vax Doc Believes COVID Booster Accelerated His Cancer

Michel Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., professor of Immunology and Pharmacotherapy at Belgium’s Université libre de Bruxelles, has come forward with his belief that a COVID-19 booster shot may have accelerated the growth of his cancer.

Goldman, a prominent advocate for vaccines in Europe, was driven to go public with his beliefs by his desire for open and honest discussion about the COVID-19 vaccines. He told The Atlantic that the Pfizer booster shot he received on September 22, 2021, appears to have accelerated the progression of his angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL).

After being diagnosed with AITL, Goldman, 67, believed it was the right thing to do to get the COVID booster because his immune system would be compromised upon starting chemotherapy.

However, a CT scan taken after Goldman received the shot revealed something unexpected: the cancer had spread so rapidly in such a short amount of time that individual cancerous nodules illuminated his entire scan.

Thank you all for being willing to stare into the facts, even as they diverge farther and farther from the imposed dialectical pseudo-reality which is being imposed on us in every single aspect of our lives.

Speaking of which, here is a link to the Explainer video on Dialectics we posted yesterday. Its worth watching until it makes total sense. Communism, like Islam, is an entirely different system of thought. One has to approach it from its own centre to get it well enough to defend against it. Because like Islam, both systems only bring suffering, death and slavery.


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  1. ITEM 2: The summary would be that Quebec Premier Legault and the Health Minister had no involvement in the way the ‘pandemic’ was handled. They parrotted and implemented the McKinsey (Pfizer and Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation) consultants’ orders.

    From the setup of the injection sites, the recruitment process, all the way through penalizing those who refused the jab, the lockdowns and restrictions, the proposal of imposing a significant tax on citizens that refused the jab as well as the gradual way out and the return to normal strategy.

    IMO, they also managed the setup of social media bot accounts.

    The Anglo MSM skimmed the surface of this very important story and isn’t going deeper while the French MSM is reporting everything. The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party wants a thorough investigation.

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