Steyn on Meloni, Global cooling and more: Links 1, September 29th, 2022

1. Mark Steyn on Meloni and the comparisons to the Nazis which is inevitable if a non-communist is elected to power. (Mark makes some important points. YouTube literally removed a video of Meloni because she states the obvious truth that the left has made an enemy of obvious truths.)

Here is the whole speech by Giorgia Meloni


2. Earth headed for sun powered global cooling event. A MUCH more dangerous proposition than global warming.

3. This was posted to the site in Reader’s Links based on the question: How politicized is the RCMP in the manner that the FBI clearly is:

Jeremy Mackenzie, leader of the controversial Diagolon movement, arrested on Canada-wide warrant

Mackenzie arrested in Nova Scotia on charges laid in July by Saskatchewan RCMP

Saskatchewan RCMP have confirmed that Jeremy Mackenzie, the leader of the controversial Diagolon movement, was arrested on a Canada-wide warrant on Wednesday.

According to Mackenzie’s partner, Morgan May Guptill, he was detained at their Cole Harbour home by the Halifax Regional Police late Wednesday afternoon.

May said she and Mackenzie had noticed earlier in the day when reviewing their surveillance footage that police had stopped by their home. 

“So we had called them and they made us aware that there was a warrant,” May told CBC in a phone interview. 

She said she and Mackenzie “waited in the driveway for them and co-operated.” 


Mackenzie is a prolific podcaster and the leader of an online group known as Diagolon. A June 2022 House of Commons report identified the organization as an ideologically motivated violent extremist organization.

“It’s made up of former members of the Canadian Forces, individuals with real combat training, with real capabilities and who have grown increasingly radicalized, especially because of COVID,” the report says, quoting Mubin Shaikh, a professor of public safety at Seneca College. 

[Let me be perfectly clear here. Diagalon, is a joke. It was an idea just thrown out there when this man suggested jokingly of making a new country where Alberta would join Florida I think it was. The resulting lines on a map would be DIAGONAL from West to East so they called this joke concept, DIAGOLON. Instantly the dishonest left turned it into a dialectic weapon. Imputed meaning and purpose and waged an attack on the creator, and other veterans who remember their oath of service and seek to peacefully preserve Canadian laws, constitution and values. This is a rough equivalent of the attack on Trump for an ancient recording of his from a locker room where he made an observation about women and rich, famous men. This is 99% fabrication based on a humorous observation and desire for liberty. It also is a partial answer to the question about the RCMP and how politicized it may now be.]

4. Dr. Phillip Altman on Locked and Loaded with Rick Munn from September 27th, 2022. (Audio only)

The first 7:45 minutes i an amusing rant. Dr. Altman comes on after that.

5. This video makes a lot of claims which need verification. Mostly we would like to see the video of Putin saying the things these two claim he said. But it seems credible enough for now to post with caveats.

Thank you all for staying abreast of these issues on this site, and sending in your thoughts and corrections for anything posted. Western Civilization is about modifying decisions based on understanding of truth at that time. This applies to science and law. Communism/socialism/progressivism is about inventing narratives and lies, and enforcing policies based on those lies. The rate at which the former is becoming the latter in all aspects of life is jaw dropingly fast.



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  1. “Mubin Shaikh, a professor of public safety at Seneca College. “ a muzz practising sharia at his liberty, lying and smearing his enemies with impunity.

  2. 1/ farrr-rrright Jewish Press:
    Likud MK Exchanges Niceties with Italian ‘Extremist’ PM

    It’s a common theme on the news since Giorgia Meloni became the first woman prime minister of Italy, to accompany her name in the headlines with adjectives such as “extremist,” “far right,” and “most extreme since Mussolini…”

    Personally, whenever the news media gang up in this cheap manner on a politician, I figure he or she can’t be all bad. Which is why I was delighted to see that former Likud Environmental Minister Gila Gamliel tweeted on Tuesday:

    “Congratulations to my dear friend Giorgia Meloni, the new PM of Italy! Meloni is a true supporter of the Jewish people & the State of Israel. On many occasions, she expressed her commitment to further deepen the bond between our countries. Looking forward to working together!”

    On the far left in Israel, Haaretz {spit} pundit Ravit Hecht “Look at them and see us. Italy is going to be led, apparently, by an extreme right-wing woman with an appeal that attracts crowds, who in the past provided statements that danced around the border of fascist rhetoric (to use a particularly delicate language).

    “Giorgia Meloni bought her world with a series of statements condemning the LGBT lobby, immigrants, and other suitable candidates for the scary foreigner’s position, and praising the definition of nationality, the traditional family, and religion.”

    So now you know why the radical left, masquerading as the liberal news media, hates Giorgia Meloni: she believes in a strong nation state, in strong families, and in God. In fact, in a much-quoted 2019 speech to a rally in Rome, she declared: “I am Giorgia. I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian…”

    It is remarkable that whenever the left runs up against a strong, astute, right-wing opponent, they call him names, often enlisting the good, old history of Nazism and Fascism, rather than engage in a fact-based debate of the merits of the said opponent.

    Israelis on the far left are looking at Hungary, Brazil, Italy, and a half dozen more countries where people have had enough of unchecked immigration, the ravages of the global economy, and the dictatorship of the EU and they vote with their feet. And with their ballots, too.

    What can I tell you, vote for Religious Zionism. You’ll thank me later.

  3. ITEM 2: From what I’ve been reading for a few years and from my personal observations, the cooling cycle started a few years ago.

    As a person who lives outsides on my deck as of late-spring to mid-October, from morning to night, that’s over. And nobody in my area used their pools this summer, literally nobody.

    I don’t understand people who’ve had inground pools built. They’re stuck with the electricity bills for something they’re not using.

    People that live indoors all summer aren’t as aware as I am.

    And it’s all related to solar activity.

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