Branding Israel explains the presence on YouTube: Links 1, August 5, 2022

1. Excellent podcast with Dr. Phillip Altman. Dr. Altman is a clinician, but also worked for drug companies actually testing new products on people before they were approved, or not, for human use. He is always worth listening to.

2. The head of WHO, the marxist terrorist, Tedros, won’t answer the question as to his own vaxx status

3. The dialectic utter destruction of Germany is nearly complete. The population has been replaced with fundamentally alien people to Germany, its history and culture.

4. One cannot help but wonder how Russel Brand manages to stay on Youtube with what appears to be such a counter-narrative set of views. And at last the answer is revealed. One of the key tactics of formal disinformation is to present information that appears to be damaging to the state, such as a leak from high office etc. all of which are phoney, in order to gain trust and traction with the target audience, and then abuse that trust with solid disinformation in its formal sense. That is to say, specific untruths which damage the target. Check out his ‘amazing’ guest and what he has to say about Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party and Israel. Now that Brand has managed to amass such a huge following on YouTube it all makes sense. Now it is time for Russel to fulfill his part of the effort.

(It may be my imagination, but I seem to remember Brand having a tattoo on him which said, “Solve et Coagula.” An initiate slogan from alchemy which identifies the wearer as an educated and elite leftist.)

5. Here is a proper follow up for the Russel Brand propaganda injection.

Canada says Jews most-targeted religious minority for hate crimes in 2021

Although only 1% of the population, Jews victims of 14% of hate crimes, Statistics Canada reports, showing a 47% rise compared to previous year; Jewish official says alarmed by figures and calls for action

Canada’s 380,000 Jews were the most targeted religious minority for hate crimes reported to police in 2021, the country’s official numbers keeper reported Tuesday. Statistics Canada said that the Jewish community, comprising about 1% of the population, were victims of 14% of reported hate crimes. Jews saw a 47% rise in reported hate crimes compared to 2020, according to the bureau.

“We are deeply concerned that incidents of hate crimes rose yet again in Canada in 2021,” said Shimon Koffler Fogel, head of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “This disturbing trend clearly proves the need for more proactive measures to stop the rising hate targeting diverse Canadians based on their identity.”

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  1. 2 If you check back over the last 10-15 year or so it was clear that Russell Brand was then an anti-Trump leftist scumbag who mouthed off at the drop of a mike.

    I see no reason to trust him even now as unlike so many Leftists who have changed their “spots”(e.g., my spouse) he never alludes to when he was such. TBH I was quite astonished to read/hear him now. Only Pat Condell would know is he is genuine or not and he has never mentioned him despite being a “fellow comedian”.

  2. 4. Russel Brand.

    a)These days I am very suspicious of anyone who survives so well on YT…double agent ? controlled opposition ? (personally I always feel dirty when I go there – which – I am ashamed to say – I do far to often as I think we should boycott them.

    b) I always found Russel Brand’s delivery and contrived cockney (?) accent irritating, so I never last past his few first words.

    As to his “amazing” guest, (an obvious fan of Jew Hater Corbyn), he might not be a “self-hating” Jew (and if it is true that one is Jewish only through one’s mother then he is not even really Jewish ) but what I hear when I listen to him, is that he really does not like Israel nor the Jewish people. He speaks of the “occupied Palestine”, talks about a big bad bulldozer who apparently killed (deliberately) a lovely Palestinian girl who was about to do a good deed.

    Both strike me as fashionable run-of-the-mill “defenders of the Palestinian cause”.

    • Self hating Jew is a distraction. He is a communist. HIs position is communist and he supports communist Jeremy Corbyn. Like all communists, his support of it supersedes any other identity he might have. To a communist, being a Jew or black or gay or whatever the hell else has been desiganated a special or vulnerable group, is merely a weapon for the communist revolution.

      He even uses his Jewish heritage out loud in this interview this exact way. Like Black Lives Matters. They don’t give a flying turd about anything except communism.

      With the left, the point is NEVER the point. The revolution is ALWAYS the point.

      It is critical to understand that, even at the level of the sexual identity flags now on so many unrelated institutions like private schools.

      • …He even uses his Jewish heritage out loud in this interview this exact way. Like Black Lives Matters. They don’t give a flying turd about anything except communism…..

        It seemed to me that he wore his Jewish heritage just as a fashionable accoutrement, but not as obvious as to displease his real tribe. And Russel Brand played along very nicely.

        I maintain that Jew hatred rules mainly on the Left (and among the terminal moronic) Unfortunately, having now in OZ a born again communist government, the stench already is wafting through the ranks of these Labor/Green/faux independant MPs and beyond.

  3. 4.)

    I followed Russell Brand for a time, until I started asking questions about his involvement with Yuval Noah Harrari and other inconsistencies.
    After all, actions speak louder than mere words.
    Those comments got censored and deleted.
    At first I thought it was YouTube, because by now I’m used to it that anyone that is deemed “Anti Narrative” in their comments gets done in.
    But then I tried something else out of curiosity and posted the same “comments” that got deleted from the Russell Brand YouTube Channel under some other random videos.
    Nothing happened, no censorship.
    From that day on I didn’t bother any longer to watch his Videos.

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