Ottawa’s mandate drawback is phoney, FDA approves gene therapy for babies: Links 1, June 15th, 2022

1. Ottawa does not rule out introducing a three-dose vaccination obligation in the fall

(Ottawa) If the epidemiological situation deteriorates in the fall, Ottawa does not rule out reinstating a vaccination obligation. And this time, the requirement might be three or even four doses.

Posted yesterday at 6:44 p.m.

Michael Saba
The Canadian Press

“Today’s keyword is ‘transition’,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said on Tuesday during a press conference where he announced that the vaccine passport would no longer be required for travelers and officials.

And this transition goes much further. It drops the concept of being “fully vaccinated” and replaces it with that of “up-to-date vaccination”.

“Two doses are no longer sufficient to protect against infection and transmission, and that is why we are transitioning to an updated definition of vaccination,” said Duclos.

(“No longer”. This summer is merely a taste of pseudo freedom. The purpose is to get Canadians comfortable with the notion that they do not have rights, but privileges that the government can give or take on a whim. Serfdom. So this summer, Canadians are told they are now free to travel within the country unvaxxed. But still not leave the country on any federally controlled transport. The media of course are selling this like its govt. benevolence and no one has any right or reason to complain anymore. Except that the attack, even by our side, even by the bulk of the Freedom Convoy, has been aimed squarely at the wrong target. The right target is the illegal and ultra-vires powers that the government has taken upon itself to issue fiat law that negate our actual constitutional rights. The wrong targets are the rights they negate. It isn’t that they take away our rights, its that they take the power to do so, when they do not legally have it at all.)

2. Naomi Wolf on the War Room: Vaccines, infertility movie and censorship.

3. Just before Naomi, is the film maker of the Infertility movie:

4. Score: Sinovax 4, Pfizer+ModeRNA, 0

If memory serves, Hungary signed on to mostly the Chinese vaccine, which actually is a vaccine. Of course no classical vaccine can work against a corona virus but it probably won’t hurt you much. Meanwhile, England took the usual crop of gene therapies. Can’t help but wonder if that had an effect on the outcome of this game which was a historical defeat for England. A nation which is much more populous, wealthy, and has a lot more Africans.

5. Dr. Kat Lindley speaks to the FDA who are attempting to con the world into giving gene therapy shots to babies and up to four years old.

Thank you all for your kind attention to this work, and each other’s contributions in the daily Reader’s Links.

Some sad sad news:

One may have to redefine evolution soon.

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12 Replies to “Ottawa’s mandate drawback is phoney, FDA approves gene therapy for babies: Links 1, June 15th, 2022”

    • This is what happens when I publish the last sentence of a thought process.

      What I mean is, anyone who takes the shots or gives them to their children is taking the path to extinction. That evolution will select the recalcitrant and independent thinkers.

    • One can only hope that all these “players” will have their Benito Mussolini or Nicolae Ceau?escu moment in History – and that pretty SOON before they manage to murder all the Babies and future Generations.

  1. FAUCI pretty much tells the story. He has C-19, mild symptoms, and will isolate. They can spin the story as much as they want, it remains a never-ending boosting process followed by isolation cycles for the fully-vaxxed.

    By temporarily lifting mandates, Canadian Gov is appeasing unhappy citizens and helping out the tourism industry that generates millions of $, nothing more. Mandates will return once tourism season ends. That’s my opinion.

    Vaxxing babies and young children: only the parents are responsible for their kids. If they choose to follow this road, it is their problem. If we attempt to instill common sense into them and one of their kids becomes sick with Covid, they’ll blame us.

    BTW, could this be another one? Perfectly healthy, happy, and motivated 17-year old goes to bed and dies.

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