Tucker Carlson for May 19th, 2022

Please at least watch the opening monologue. However bad you may think the WHO is, it is worse. This is one of the best exposes of the global communist revolution taking place now, without calling it as such directly.

I might add, I try and listen to the show live when I can over YouTube. Normally, I go to YouTube at just before 8:00 ET or just after, search for Tucker Carlson, then hit the filter for the last hour. Normally I have to dig through the results to find a stream. But tonight it was a little easier. Then I realized why. It was some lefty who would stop the stream now and again and contemptuously “fact check” Tucker Carlson while the show went on. Needless to say, his fact check needed fact checking as he was wrong, and he never addressed the critical points Tucker had made. So thats an aspect of the depths that Google’s Youtube has sunk to.

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