Global News doing the Winston Smith against veteran, James Topp

As some of you may know, James Topp, the Veteran who is walking his way to Ottawa from Vancouver, was reported by Global News thusly:

Canadian soldier charged for speaking against COVID-19 vaccine mandate in uniform

A Canadian soldier who publicly spoke out against federal vaccine requirements while in uniform has been charged.

The Department of National Defence says Warrant Officer James Topp faces two charges of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

A charge sheet provided by Topp’s lawyer, Phillip Millar, says the army reservist is accused of criticizing vaccine requirements for military personnel and other federal employees on two occasions in February while wearing his uniform.

Those include a video posted to social media as well as public comments made in SurreyB.C.

Canadian Armed Forces members are restricted in what they can say while in uniform, but Millar argues such restrictions should not apply to policies that affect them personally.

Defence Department spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande says a second Armed Forces member charged with the same offence received a $500 fine after being found guilty.

Global News didn’t tell an outright lie this time like they did about the Trump supporter who gave a Nazi salute at a theatre performance of Fidler on the Roof. This time it was a lie of omission and implication.

Please see James Topp’s own post about this issue below:

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