Tucker Carlson for Monday May 9th, 2022

Tucker gets at least 2 darts in the Bullseye tonight. He names the problem as communism, and he identifies the target as Christianity. And why do they call him, “Dr. King”, and not Reverend King?

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  1. As a resident of California, I watched the Tucker segment on our governor https://youtu.be/oqldLSJy9yA?t=2111 and let me clue you in on some more fakery by our “Trudeau of the South”…. When he’s speaking to the camera, that’s NOT his voice! And you can see a slight dubbing issue as he’s walking past a stump when his lips are slightly out of sync of his voice, which is typically scratchy and gravelly.

    Go ahead, find another video of him… compare the two.

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