Canada’s DND wages disinformation war to crush Christianity in the military: Links 1, May 7th, 2022

1. So Elon DID buy CocaCola. Why? This video doesn’t answer that, or anything else. but does talk about Coke and Musk for nearly nine minutes. It’s just interesting that he bought Coke.

From Miss Piggy: “I saw someone asking him to buy Canada, but the answer was that China wouldn’t sell.”

2. Bill Gates Warns: ‘We’ve Not Seen the Worst of Covid’

(The other day, Gates referred to Covid as having had “one extra step”, almost certainly meaning gain of function work. So he would likely know what’s coming. Cause if he wasn’t actually involved in the making of these pathogens as well as its mRNA gene therapy years in advance of Covid, he is on friendly terms with those who did make it.)

“We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal,” Gates told the Financial Times. “It’s not likely, I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom, but it’s way above a 5 per cent risk that this pandemic, we haven’t even seen the worst of it.”

Last year it was revealed that Pentagon scientists working in a secretive united created a microchip to be inserted underneath the skin, that can detect Covid-19 before the body exhibits symptoms.

(I don’t get why that isn’t also true of every bacteria and virus out there.)

3. Please make sure you have something to vent on nearby that you don’t care about when reading this official document from Canada’s DND. Notice how they describe Islam, and nearly every other religion in terms of objectionable deviations from the current communist ideal, and then ONLY name Christianity as the offender. Interestingly it is ONLY Catholics that have no female priests. Lots of protestant denominations have women clergy, and Judaism also has no women Rabbis except in communist variants and front groups for Jews, and Islam, well no one who reads this site needs to be told about Islamic views on Women, but from an equality standpoint they are the worst. Women have to sit behind men at congregation, technically not really even required to go at all, and menstruating women at the very back. So read this with this in mind.

6. Re-Defining Chaplaincy

For many members of the Defence Team, religion can be a source of solace, optimism and compassion. Whether members of the CAF are at their home base or deployed, they can reach out to their unit’s chaplain. According to the CAF website, chaplains are “responsible for fostering the spiritual, religious, and pastoral care of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, regardless of religious affiliation, practice, and/or belief. They have an open attitude and promote diversity within the Canadian Armed Forces by providing an environment that is caring and compassionate.”Footnote117 The Defence Team also recognizes the importance of an individual’s potential need for effective support in ethical guidance or spirituality through the new Total Health and Wellness Strategic Framework.Footnote118

It is necessary as well to recognize that, for some Canadians, religion can be a source of suffering and generational trauma. This is especially true for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited members of Canadian society. And Indigenous Peoples have suffered unimaginable generational trauma and genocide at the hands of Christian religious leaders through initiatives such as Residential School and Indian Day School programs.

Another important point is that, at present, some chaplains represent or are affiliated with organized religions whose beliefs are not synonymous with those of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Some of the affiliated religions of these chaplains do not subscribe to an open attitude and the promotion of diversity.

For example, some churches’ exclusion of women from their priesthoods violates principles of equality and social justice, as do sexist notions embedded in their religious dogmas. In addition, certain faiths have strict tenets requiring conversion of those they deem to be “pagan,” or who belong to polytheistic religions. These faiths’ dogmas and practices conflict with the commitment of the Defence Team to value equality and inclusivity at every level of the workplace.

If the Defence Team rejects gender discrimination, anti-Indigenous discrimination, and racialized discrimination in every other area and is working hard to remove systemic barriers to the employment of marginalized people, it cannot justify hiring representatives of organizations who marginalize certain people or categorically refuse them a position of leadership.

The Advisory Panel has observed that there are varying degrees of misogyny, sexism and discrimination woven into the philosophies and beliefs of some mainstream religions currently represented in the cadre of chaplains in the CAF. This Advisory Panel does not seek to evaluate or categorize these religions in this report. Rather it is pointing out that the Defence Team cannot consider itself supportive of inclusivity when it employs as chaplains members of organizations whose values are not consistent with National Defence’s ethics and values—even if those members express non-adherence to the policies of their chosen religion. For example, it can be assumed that if a religion openly forbade a Black person to serve within its ranks, its members would be banned from the Chaplaincy in the CAF. The same scrutiny should be applied to those religions that forbid women to serve within their ranks or are against equal rights for same-sex couples.


  • 6.1 Do not consider for employment as spiritual guides or multi-faith representatives Chaplaincy applicants affiliated with religious groups whose values are not aligned with those of the Defence Team. The Defence Team’s message, otherwise, is inconsistent.

  • 6.2 Select chaplains representative of many faiths including forms of spirituality beyond the Abrahamic faiths.

  • 6.3 Review the selection process for chaplains to ensure that, in addition to listening skills, empathy and emotional intelligence, there is an intrinsic appreciation for diversity and a willingness to challenge one’s beliefs.

  • 6.4 Find ways to grant educational equivalencies, for example to knowledge keepers, rather than strictly adhering to the prerequisite that all chaplains must have a master’s degree.

(This is an astonishing piece of agitprop, disinformation. There are no religions that conform to these principles except recent synthetic ones designed for that purpose. Islam is a catastrophe from the PoV of this document but their clergy is going to be hired. Read and understand this as a solid crash course on disinformation.)

Normally we do five items a post. I think three is enough for this one at the moment.

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  1. I have direct experience with peacetime military chaplains. They wiuld best be replaced by a team of social workers, lay leaders, and chaplain consultants because those are their functions.

    Every day at sea starts with the chaplain’s benediction. Some chaplains are better (or more willing) to minister to diverse faiths than others.

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