Stephen Coughlin thread on what the ‘leak’ of the SCOTUS report likely really is: Links 2, May 6, 2022

1. The number of serious complications after vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 is 40 times higher than previously recorded by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI).

(Open link into Chrome or something with translation from German)

The number of serious complications after vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 is 40 times higher than previously recorded by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). This is one of the results of a long-term observational study by the Berlin Charité. Study director Professor Harald Matthes is now calling for more contact points for those affected Study with around 40,000 participants.

The study “Safety Profile of Covid-19 Vaccines” (“ImpfSurv” for short), which focuses on the effects and side effects of the various vaccines, has been running for a year. Around 40,000 vaccinated people are interviewed at regular intervals throughout Germany. Participation in the study is voluntary and independent of how the vaccines work in the subjects.

2. Supreme Court of India: “No one can be forced to be vaccinated, no mandates”…so this begs the questions, what is so special about India? Why has USA, Canada etc. and other 1st world’s failed? 

India’s top court on Monday ruled that no person can be forced to get vaccinated and the constitution gives everyone the right to refuse vaccination, in a milestone judgement on the country’s Covid-19 policy.

A bench including Justices L Nageswara Rao and B R Gavai was hearing a petition on the mandatory inoculation policies introduced by some state governments, which barred unvaccinated people from entering certain public places.

“Considering bodily autonomy, bodily integrity is protected under Article 21. No one can be forced to get vaccinated. [But] government can regulate in areas of bodily autonomy,” the bench said.

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution gives protection of life and personal liberty to citizens.

The bench, however, said that the current vaccine policy was not “unreasonable”, as it was based on scientific evidence, but suggested that while infection rates are low, individuals should not be restricted from accessing public places and services.

3. Dr. Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin’s paper: “Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO”, very potent & showing us what we are up against; TRUMP must evict UN out of New York, get out of WHO

Either DeSantis or Trump, the United States must get out of WHO as soon as they can and make law in the congress, and evict UN, a fraud inept corrupted agency out of New York, FIRE WHO

Biden et al. are selling us down the river and we have to act at the polls in November and in 2 years. We handle business at the polls and this time we do it properly. Complete.

The time has come to get out of World Health Organization fully and IMO the UN, end funding and stop all payments.


4. Please read this thread by Stephen Coughlin on the ‘leak’ of the SCOTUS draft

1 of 10) WARNING: Is the “leak” of Justice Alito’s draft that overturns Roe v Wade a warning order to the mass line to prepare for action preparatory to release of the opinion? In political warfare (the Maoist insurgency model), . . . 
2) . . . the rapid ubiquitous reporting of the leak of the opinion follows “open communications” command and control (C3) paradigms. In Spring 2020, Unconstrained Analytics socialized “Requiem for Minnesota” – including some law enforcement – PRIOR to the Floyd event. 
3) It warned that the violence scheduled for Summer 2020 would start in Minnesota and explained why. Published shortly after the Floyd event, it was socialized well beforehand.…
4) “Requiem” warned that the scheduled violence aimed at delegitimizing the election process and the election as forecast in Warning on Racism would start in Minnesota. There’s a reason events began in Minnesota. 
5) From “Warning” to “Requiem,” events unrolled on schedule as forecast.…
6) Analyzed along political warfare lines, we now have an example of an open communication calling for the assassination of two Supreme Court Justices, Thomas and Alito followed by a binary retreat. The open communication:Image

(Best to see it all at the link above)

5.  Trudeau calls someone a faggot in Parliament when asked why he turned the military on Canadian peaceful protestors.

Thank you all who give us your time and attention. 

This is the download link for all the Pfizer documents recently dumped. And there are a lot of them.

Meanwhile, a fully vaxxed gorilla died at the zoo of multiple organ failure.


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  1. 2- A fantastic Viva Frei. He interviews Roman Baber, the Dug Ford caucus member who Ford threw out, who is running for leadership of the Ontario Conservative Party. Viva even tries to vet Baber in real time to see if he is a WEF communist in sheep’s clothing. Baber says all the right things. Time will tell.

  2. 4. Simon Says:

    “I’ve removed my recent tweets about the US Supreme Court as on reflection they’re obviously pretty irresponsible, though I don’t think they would be against Twitter’s TOS.
    FYI I don’t endorse murdering anyone, but don’t think there’s anything wrong with thought experiments.” – Simon Gwynn – May 6, 2022 – Twitter

    “It’s interesting as an abstract question but becomes a real conundrum of, say, you’re terminally ill and have little to lose yourself, but know that it could save many women’s lives in the future” – Simon Gwynn – 11:04 AM – 5/3/22 – Twitter

    Say, you’re terminally ill?

    Let’s play that “thought” game. Clot Shot Army – Say, you’re terminally ill after…

    That’s a big army.

    • Indeed, a big army.
      Incidentally, in my job I drive around a town of aprox. 150,000 people in Queensland, have done so for the past 6 years. I have never seen so many ambulances on the road, all day, every day….

  3. #4 I believe that Mr. Coughlin is incorrect in characterizing the speech acts as felonies: Madonna’s incitement was protected speech. Only speech that calls for violence at a place and time is not protected.
    The tweeter is no stranger to generating controversy in his tweets
    links to some tweets that got him fired.
    There is no reason to allow him to enter the United States if he is going to threaten government officials.

    • Maybe not a felony, but the point is that such comments have sequelae. Paying attention might help predict subsequent moves to undermine and directly threaten our govt and society as a whole.

      Discourse Theory is a line of effort (LOE) associated with the Semantic Marxism line of operation (LOO) used in mass line narratives that support political warfare efforts.”
      Though I’ve learned a great deal from Mj. Coughlin – I’ve been following him for over a decade – I find his writing dense and difficult. Loaded with technical jargon more accessible to military professionals.

      His video lectures are much better. When they’re not available, you just have to slog through a slew of acronyms and Nietzschean terminology. His slides help boil down the prose.

  4. I hope Coughlin will put this up on his site Unconstrained Analysis,
    it´s among my favourites but have seen hiatus since the death of his good friend and colleague Rich Higgins in february.

    Higgins was on the National Security Council early in the Trump administration but was soon removed, basically for warning about the bottomless hostility of the permanent bureaucracy, he used terms like cultural marxism and was clearly our guy. RIP.

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