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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Imagine, one of the largest, most derivative-leveraged banking institutions in the world, Deutsche Bank, is solitary among 75 analyses prognosticating recession next year. This means 74 are willing to paint lipstick on the pig that is so obviously the ugliest world economy in many decades. It also means 74 are too stupid, or too corrupt, to admit central banks are cornered by their own Keynesian policies. Cornered, that is, like an elephant in the room. DB must be compelled to be truthful so to justify its forthcoming deleveraging. One thing is for sure, none of these guys are stupid, but like everyone else these days they may be thoroughly politicized.

    My big question is, how can banks make effective policy when their own inflation-gauging baseline measurements are fundamentally flawed? The consumer price index (CPI) has been sufficiently whittled and wormed from the early ’80’s to be nothing more than a political tool. Real inflation is twice its stated rate if the old metrics are used. Real interest rates are very negative. Economic policies must be grounded in reality, not fantasy.

    is upon us. To deny this makes you a dupe, stupe, or else a disseminator of economic disinformation.

    The emperor has no clothes. 74 in the audience refuse to admit it. It takes but one courageous beginner’s mind to point out the obvious.


      • Doggie covid, CCV.
        Richard was dogsitting for Tara while she was sick with covid. I was worried till a friend reassured me in an email:

        “A canine coronavirus infection is a highly contagious intestinal disease that can be found in dogs all around the world. This particular virus is specific to dogs, both wild and domestic. The coronavirus replicates itself inside the small intestine and is limited to the upper 2/3 of the small intestine and local lymph nodes.

        “A CCV infection is generally mild, with sporadic symptoms, or none at all. But if a CCV infection occurs simultaneously with a viral canine parvovirus infection… [it] can be much more serious.”

        An update published:

  2. Further to the above, fiat currencies and electrical power share a lot in common these days: a lot of people don’t know where they come from. Many people don’t know fiat is a derivative of precious metals, and they also are unaware that electricity–even from wind and solar–is a derivative of fossil fuels. Or, in some extreme cases, money comes from a bank and electricity from a plug.

    More on the emperor having no solvency:

    • twitter @zerohedge

      EU to Boost Russian Gas Imports through Countries Willing to Pay in Rubles


      zero hedge – Four European Buyers Fold To Russian Demands, Pay For Gas In Rubles, As EU Threatens Companies


      europravda – EU accuses Russia of ‘blackmail’ as it cuts gas tap to Poland and Bulgaria

    • zero hedge –Russia Says It Destroyed “Large Batch” Of Western Weapons With Ship-Launched Missiles

      Russia’s Defense Ministry (MoD) announced Wednesday that its forces have taken out a large batch of weapons and ammunition that had been shipped to Kiev by outside Western countries.

      Specifically, Russian warships launched Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea, targeting and destroying a military warehouse said to contain “a large batch of foreign weapons and ammunition, supplied by the US and European countries to the Ukrainian army,” according to the MoD statement. While not acknowledged by the Ukrainians or US, it comes after the Kremlin vowed to target Western arms transfers into the country.


    • ctv – Canadian MPs unanimously back motion calling Russian attacks in Ukraine a ‘genocide’

      Canadian members of Parliament voted unanimously on Wednesday to label Russia’s attacks in Ukraine a “genocide.”

      The vote was triggered following the tabling of an NDP-backed unanimous consent motion, sponsored by foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson.

      MPs agreed that there is “clear and ample evidence of systemic and massive war crimes against humanity” being committed by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and directed by President Vladimir Putin and others within the Russian Parliament.

      Those crimes include, among other offenses, mass atrocities, systematic instances of willful killing of Ukrainian civilians, the desecration of corpses, forcible transfer of Ukrainian children, torture, physical harm, mental harm, and rape, the motion reads.

      Given that, the House recognizes that “the Russian Federation is committing acts of genocide against the Ukrainian people.”

      Russia’s invasion of the eastern region of Ukraine began on Feb. 24. There have been widespread accusations of war crimes since then, with some leaders going as far as to say that the situation amounts to genocide.

      International law defines genocide as the deliberate killing or causing other serious harms “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

      Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it’s “absolutely right” the term genocide was being used to describe Russia’s conduct. His comments came a day after U.S. President Joe Biden used the term in reference to the Ukrainian invasion.

      However, Trudeau was quick to note there are “official processes” in places to formally apply that designation.

      “As President Biden highlighted, there are official processes around determinations of genocide,” Trudeau said at the time. “But I think it’s absolutely right that more and more people be talking and using the word ‘genocide’ in terms of what Russia is doing.”

      Days later, Defence Minister Anita Anand said there is a “strong argument” to be made that Russia’s “atrocities” amount to genocide.

      “I believe that if you take the definition of genocide, which includes the intent to wipe out a nation in part or in whole, there is a strong argument to be made, even without the use of chemical weapons, that a genocide is occurring,” Anand said during an interview on CTV’s Question Period.

      Canadian MPs most recently declared China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims a genocide. However, Trudeau did not participate in the vote. Then-foreign affairs minister Marc Garneau abstained on the record while the rest of cabinet was absent.

      On Wednesday, Trudeau was present in the House of Commons for question period but, it is unclear if he was still there for the vote on this motion.


      global news – Canadian MPs unanimously vote to recognize Russian ‘genocide’ in Ukraine

      The Canadian House of Commons on Wednesday unanimously voted to recognize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s butchery and brutality during the invasion of Ukraine as genocide.

      NDP MP Heather McPherson put forward a motion seeking support for that proposal following question period, and MPs from all parties voted in favour of it.

      The motion is not binding and does not carry direct consequences under broader international law, where the definition is laid out by the United Nations and its International Criminal Court.

      Neither of the latter venues has formally recognized Russia’s atrocities as genocide, though investigations on that question have begun in recent weeks amid global outcry as Russia’s retreat from areas of central Ukraine lays bare a trail of suffering and brutality.

      McPherson’s motion asked the House of Commons to “recognize that the Russian Federation is committing acts of genocide against the Ukrainian people.”

      By passing the motion, the House of Commons also recognized that “there is clear and ample evidence of systematic and massive war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed against the people of Ukraine by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, directed by President Vladimir Putin and others within the Russian Parliament.”

      Those crimes recognized by the House of Commons include “mass atrocities,” “systemic instances of willful killing of Ukrainian civilians and the desecration of corpses,” “forcible transfer of Ukrainian children to the Russian territory” and “torture and the imposition of life conditions causing grave suffering.”

      It also recognized “widespread instances of physical harm, mental harm and rape.”

  3. EU warns Elon Musk that Twitter must play by its tough new rules

    The EU will be able to audit Twitter every year to make sure it complies with the new Digital Services Act, regulating online harassment and policing illegal content.

  4. – MONTREAL (Qc): SUMMARY – Mommy wants her 9-year-old child to get the shot. Daddy refuses. Mommy brings daddy to Court. Judge rules daddy must not talk to his child about the vaxx, nor share his opinions. Mommy wins. Child will get the vaxx. –

    ** A Montreal father opposed to vaccination and health measures will no longer be allowed to share his conspiracy beliefs with his 9-year-old daughter, the court ordered, noting that the child’s welfare was his top priority. **

    “The Tribunal [had] to decide this issue with the best interests of the child in mind, not the interests of a parent or his or her beliefs,” reads Justice Micheline Perrault’s recent decision, which also bars the father from taking his daughter to anti-sanitation protests.

    At the center of this family case was a 9-year-old child. On one side was the mother, concerned about respecting public health recommendations, who wanted to have the child vaccinated to protect her and to allow her, among other things, to reduce the risks when she visits her vulnerable grandparents.

    “She argues that it is also in the child’s best interest to participate in the collective vaccination effort,” the court decision reads.

    * ANTIVAX *

    The father, on the other hand, was completely opposed to it, under the pretext that the pandemic was “almost over” and that he no longer believed it was necessary to protect the health system.

    To prevent his daughter from wearing the mask, the father even pretended that the child was asthmatic. When the lie was exposed, he then claimed that she had respiratory problems.

    “He made statements such as that vaccination is ‘a crime against humanity’, that the vaccine is ‘an experimental treatment’, and that the vaccine contains a ‘chip’ that is injected at the time of vaccination,” reads the judgment, which quotes the mother’s statement.

    * ANXIETY *

    The father’s words have caused the girl a lot of worry, the mother complained, especially since she had been taken to several demonstrations against the health measures.

    At the time of the hearing, the father had however defended himself to be conspiracy or anti-vaccine.

    Arguing that his daughter had already caught COVID-19 and that she had recovered “without any particular difficulty”, he had attacked the usefulness of vaccination.

    The father also said he “favoured natural remedies over treatments derived from Western medicine.

    However, all his attempts to prevent his child from being vaccinated were in vain. When it comes to vaccinations, the courts favour parents who want to follow public health recommendations on the subject, the magistrate said.

    The father’s personal concerns must not prevent the child from benefiting from the protection offered by the vaccine,” the judge ruled. The Court cannot conclude otherwise than by allowing the child to be vaccinated.”

    The court still ordered that the father be made aware of when his daughter will be vaccinated. He was also prohibited from “making any comments against health measures put in place by public health, including against vaccination, in front of or in the presence of the child.”

    Translated with (free version)

  5. Top doctor says higher-ups were given fake vaccine cards

    As Alexander writes in a substack article, “[Senior doctors and CEOs in US hospitals] were offered vaccine cards (fake) when they told their hospitals that they [did] not want the vaccine when they were mandated to take it, and the hospital leaders [said] they will not be suspended or fired… How come? Is it due to the lack of safety that these people know about?”

    He continues, saying that this is extremely troubling and that senior officials were considered “too valuable to the hospital” to lose, hence the shady fake vaccine cards and mandate dodging.

    MORE :

  6. global news – Kids under 5 in Canada still without an approved vaccine

    The lack of progress remains also remains a concern for parents as pediatric hospitals report an increase in infections among children.

    As Jamie Mauracher reports delays for the much-needed shots could still continue, prompting physicians to warn parents that they may have to find another way to keep their kids safe, for now.

  7. I remember going to the grocery store the day after Doug Ford said you no longer had to wear a mask and there were 2 or three people with masks on. Today, at the same store, there were 2 other people who did not have masks on. Everyone else, including the cashiers were all wearing masks. I don’t understand people, is everyone mad?

    Yesterday I wore my trucker T- shirt, a lot of smiles and a few glares. Today when I went into the little restaurant, everyone was raving about the bikers, how evil they are. GRRRRR I left, I have no more time for crazy.

    • It’s become a habit.
      When my helpers visit, I have to ask them to take the mask off: “I want to see your pretty smile!”

      They laugh, saying they’ve gotten so used to it they don’t even know they have it on. They never thought it was a big deal, don’t care one way or another.

  8. We talked to friends who live in Belarus. They lived here for a while, then got homesick and went back.

    Here’s what’s scary:
    Belarus is reverting to 1937-38 Soviet Union, the Great Terror. Mass arrests for ‘crimes against the state’, summary executions. International threat, fear of fifth column, need to crush opposition before the large-scale war which is imminent.

    They’re now in Poland, on their way back here.

  9. DAILY MAIL – Biden sets up toothless ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ to combat midterm fake newsheaded by Russia ‘expert’ who called Hunter’s laptop a ‘Trump campaign product’ and spoke out AGAINST free speech

    The Department of Homeland Security set up a new Disinformation Governance Board to tackle misinformation in minority communities

    It will operate under the Biden-era Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3) and provide grants to help curb radicalization in the U.S.

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandor Mayorkas did not disclose any powers that would be granted but said it would also aim at election misinformation

    Nina Jankowicz, a Russian disinformation expert, will head up the new board

    Jankowicz has previously questioned the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, calling it ‘a Trump campaign product’

    She also told NPR last week that she ‘shudders to think about’ more free speech on social media platforms after Elon Musk bought Twitter

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