Tucker Carlson complete for April 8, 2022

Tucker really hits it on the Trans-scam. But he doesn’t go the last step. The one thing all the trans stuff and forcing homosexuality and non-typical sex on children gives you, and the same reason you would want to force this on children too young to understand these issues in ANY personal way, is that all these things lead to sterility.

Anyone have any demographic stats on trans-kids? What race has the most children that get sterilized by the state?

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  1. No stats yet, but from talking to teenage children of friends, they are being put under tremendous pressure by teachers and the educational establishment to embrace LGTBQ+ and “gender fluidity”. The number that take that fateful step will depend upon the strength of their familial bonds, guidance from non-establishment role models, and emotional stability of the individual.

    • Ss I previously mentioned, ilI visited a young adult (18 to 30)
      In-patient mental health unit ajd probably 2 of the 20 people there were “trans..” the other patients were flocking around them with questions about identity. One was 20, a 1st generation Asian America. She/he and her bearded lesbian partner were taking male hormones together when she had a violent, impulsive altercation, which landed her in the unit. I felt so much sympathy for her Chinese-born mother, who seemed to be in more of a daze than her transitioning daighter.

      Our “children” need avenues for separation and independence. Perhaps military service once filled that role; college no longer does. This confusing “soup” could qlso explain the attraction to violene, religion, violent interprétations ns of religion, etc.
      I wonder if Mormonism’s missionary travail ning fulfills that role. That would explain why the musical Book of Mormon mocked that pratcie.

      • I’m a firm believer in the Army draft, a 4-year mandatory enrolment. And for schools, bring back the school uniform.

  2. “A lot of Americans love Gay People”

    This trojan horse that stole marriage and depressed a nation.

    The other horse, stole community and civic responsibility.

    And the other, stole religion and dictated what the soul should feed on.

    Americans sure love their riders.

    • I spent some ten years of my life hanging out with LGBT, mostly Gays. As a female, Gays are ideal traveling partners as they don’t bother me for sex, they don’t criticize, and they’re fun to be with.

      I’ve seen quite a few of them revert, both Gays and Lesbians, when the right person shows up in their life, often as a friend, and then it blooms into something else.

      I worked with one Trans who was saving ‘her’ money for the big operation. An okay person who was discreet and melted in well. Another Trans was a business person, same story. But they are in that rare category who don’t flaunt nor are demanding. Of interest, I had to be told they were Trans, I never would have guessed it although I felt something was off.

      The problem is the Pride individuals. Clowns and troublemakers. Good LGBTs stay away from them and are anti-Pride.

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