“Experts” say we are all doomed if we don’t lock down and mask, bizarre corelation between vaxx status and support for war with Russia? Links 2, March 31, 2022

1. CTV: Comrade Colin Furness, an “expert in infectious disease epidemiology” from the University of Toronto explains in every possible way how we must remain slaves to the state. WARNING: Watching this video is akin to being treated as a mushroom.

There are so many fallacies and errors and coarse generalities in this video, one is tempted to make a contest to see who can spot the most in the comments.

2. Here is a nice counterpoint to the video above. Looking for the whole interview now:

3. Finally a Canadian MP calls Trudeau out for the dictator he is

4. University of Toronto drops vaccine mandate after being hit with human rights complaint

Vaccine mandates, including those recently renewed by Ontario universities, are scientifically questionable, ethically problematic, and misguided,’ reads a paper featured on the University of Toronto’s law faculty website.

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – Roughly a month after a group of University of Toronto faculty submitted a formal human rights complaint seeking an end to the school’s vaccine mandate, the university announced it will be rescinding its COVID-related policies. 

“University of Toronto staff, students, and faculty presented a letter to the University of Toronto’s top administrators on February 16, 2022, prepared by counsel Mr. Courtney Betty and Mr. Glyn Hotz and sent on behalf of individuals affected by the university’s vaccination mandates. The letter outlines claims of the affected parties, many of whom have already been placed on 12-months unpaid leave, intend to make in a pending Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Group Application. These claims are now being filed,” a group of faculty members revealed in a press release earlier this month. 

Less than two weeks after the complaint was filed, the University of Toronto updated its so-called COVID health guidelines, announcing that they will no longer be enforcing vaccine mandates or compulsory mask wearing on their campuses. 

(Clearly this complaint was not filed with the “Canadian Human Rights Commissions” as they never actually do human rights that are actually human rights. Just moves towards collectivism and destruction of our values)

5. A Fascinating claim by an Ottawa Research firm about vaxx status and support for action against Russia

This is quite a thing. So I went to the EKOS Twitter feed and found this:

Well. Wadaya know.

Thank you all who contributed to this effort as the world slides from Orwell to Kafka.

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4 Replies to ““Experts” say we are all doomed if we don’t lock down and mask, bizarre corelation between vaxx status and support for war with Russia? Links 2, March 31, 2022”

  1. I am unvaxed and I support Ukraine aginst Russian agresssion ,including the latest Russian invasion

    • Dear Anne: I know unvaxxed people who were anti-Russia. After I send them info pertaining to Zelensky’s history and finances, what caused this war, what is truly happening in the towns via videos, the history of East Ukraine, and Putin’s demands, I ask them what would they do if they were in Putin’s place? Their tune changes.

      Did you know Zelensky has some 150 public relations firms at his disposal in the UK? Why would he need this? And ask yourself why did he address the need to transition to green energy while his people are in deep trouble?

      The WEF nations want to prolong this war and we, in the West, will be the true victims. Meanwhile, Putin is clearly the victor in more ways than one.

  2. ITEM 5: Why am I not surprised?

    The sheeple on one side, it is quite fascinating to see it in in a chart.
    The people who fell for the media propaganda, they lack intellectual curiosity, most are brainwashed, and it’s not easy getting through to most of them.

    May it be for the vaxx or the current Ukraine-Russia war, they never questioned the same stories being repeated on all legacy media and related subsidiary web sites. The WEF must be very pleased.

  3. Someone once said that Epidemiology should be scrapped as a discipline, as it has no scientific value. The more I listen to them, I can’t help believe that he was right.

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