Police are rapidly becoming a political tool, and not protectors of the people or their rights: Links 1, March 27, 2022

1. I thought this is why we are supposed to hate Russia

2. Allegedly a massive data dump from Hunter Biden’s laptop. I went to the link and downloaded the files. So far no problems.


3. WHO demands end to ALL time limits on abortions: Agency says laws preventing termination at any point risk violating rights of ‘women, girls or other pregnant persons’

(Reminds me of an old joke. The Jewish definition of when a fetus is viable is when it graduates medical school. I guess now you can abort it right up till then. What isn’t a joke, is science will probably find a way to make a man carry a fetus, just so he can go have it terminated. This would be something Orwell would have put in one of his books if he thought anyone would believe it.)

The world’s most influential health organisation is calling on governments to scrap the legal time limit on abortion, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. 

New guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) claim laws preventing abortion at any point during pregnancy risk violating the rights of ‘women, girls or other pregnant persons’. 

But last night Tory MP Fiona Bruce, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, described any proposal to legalise abortion up to birth as ‘completely unacceptable’ and ‘truly shocking’. 

4. Full testimony by Steve Kirsch at the Pennsylvania State Senate Discussion
Sunfellow on COVID-19 – Published March 9, 2022

5. Please load this in Chrome or other translation program and read, or, if you speak german, just click the link. THIS is the most sensible explanation for what the Great Reset will look like that I have seen so far. What we have all suspected, is that the plan is to essentially remove all lateral or horizontal transactions, and make all transactions of any consequence vertical. No more peer-to-peer transactions.This means not doing anything without an increasingly disconnected government knowing about, and approving it, and not having any wealth or currency that the government is not in total control of. In other words, digital currency.

This would be the exact antithesis of democracy, where the government is subservient and answerable to the public. Now, the public will have no say whatsoever in who rules them, or how. But they will determine every aspect of your life. “You will own nothing”, and you had better be happy about it. This is, and always has been, why nations attempt to remove any kind of force multiplier from the public. Yes, thats an abstraction of the propaganda phrase, “Gun Control”. But it never is about controlling guns. Its about controlling people, and people’s ability to use meaningful force. Taking away your money is not “money control”. Its YOU control. The plan is you must have no way of fighting back. No force, no wealth, no means of transportation except as approved by the state via your unique digital ID which will probably be merged with your digital wallet which ‘contains’ your pre programmed digital currency, which can only be spent on, in and where, it is programmed to be spendable.

Here’s a fun project you can try at home!

Some of you may have noticed the increased militarization of ‘police’ forces.

In a democracy, there are profound differences between the military and the police. both in terms of tactics and purpose. The police may not engage as the military engages, and the military must never be deployed against its own citizens. Soldiers are anonymous in action to the enemy. But police have to give their badge number and name whenever carrying out police duty, because citizens have a right to contest the assessment of police actions against them in a court of law.

But as we saw in Ottawa at the end of the Trucker’s strike, the police are indistinguishable from the military at this point. Hundreds of olive clad anonymous police showed up in a long long row of busses and pushed out protestors with excessive force against peaceful citizens with a legitimate grievance. A grievance in fact, which was asking for their constitutionally guaranteed rights to be restored. What they learned is, “Constitution? We don’t have no stinkin Constitution!”.

A reader of this site sent in the following photo from yesterday:


As it was explained, you can’t see it clearly but the person in the passenger seat had a military camo uniform on. The person who took the photo, asked what type of vehicle it is.

they were told it was an RCMP security vehicle.

So I sent the photo in to a friend with lots of connections to security services and was told as best as I can remember:

“There are mass casualty and terrorism exercises being carried out all over Canada now with highly militarized services.” One person said they are scheduled to be in one in a small Northern Ontario town soon and he was just a part time paramedic.

So you all at home can participate by taking photos of the hybrid Police-military that is being increasingly deployed against our own citizens and sending them in, or uploading them to a photo sharing service and posting the link to the comments here at Vlad. Maybe at best we are giving ourselves a few minutes extra warning about what is coming. But it never hurts to know what is true compared to how much it hurts not to know what is true.

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15 Replies to “Police are rapidly becoming a political tool, and not protectors of the people or their rights: Links 1, March 27, 2022”

  1. I may own nothing, but then I may choose to go all Amish on the “elites'” sorry arses. Imagine being Amish. I guess it’s pretty much impossible to screw an Amish person on-line–not that I plan to–but you know. Just wait until Mark Carney needs a friggin’ emergency barn put up in an hour. Don’t look to me, loser. And you won’t steal my digital wallet or time-stamp my cash because I’m trading in cast iron pots today ok, fuck face? That’s right, I just got a heart transplant from the dentist/doctor/blacksmith fella up the road and it only cost a kitchen set. Next week I trade my goat for a new set of wood chisels. So shove your digital wallet, Carney, and your constant crisis while you’re at it. The only real crisis is our government manufacturing crisis.

    There, I feel better. Thanks Vlad. Good post. I am now Amish except for my cell phone, computers, cars and dishwasher.

  2. I appreciate the “County Sheriff” system in the U.S. The Sheriff is elected and directly answerable to the people of his/her county. During the scamdemic, most refused to enforce the Governor’s insane orders. She had to resort to using State Police who were already overwhelmed. Predictably, there are moves afoot to eliminate the Sheriff system….

  3. The geese have returned and they are honking late at night, I am feeling wounded, they are upsetting me, instant noise, where are the police?

  4. I can hardly wait to see Johnny in his new garb. I know a man who has race horses, some horses are not suitable for racing and he sells them to the Amish. Johnny will you be getting a buggy, I can arrange to get you a good deal on a horse.

  5. The WHO’s abortion statement: These people lack all empathy for humans. The word ‘depopulation’ comes to mind, also. It’s a select club with no soul.

    • No. It is evidence that the PRC has decided to broaden its one-child policy. The WHO shows itself as an instrument of despotic regimes. If they are not getting $ for this, then what Sassy says is true; if they are getting $ for this, her words are also true.

  6. The RCMP vehicle photo: As summer is but a few months away, it’s quite possible the government is anticipating angry demonstrations.

    A perfect storm is brewing: unaffordability and shortage of food, gas prices, and possible said climate-related restrictions will awaken the masses. A lot of angry people.

  7. When hasn’t the Police been a Political TOOL?
    They were never implemented to protect us, they were implemented to protect the Elites from us lynching the monsters for all the EVIL they’ve been doing for centuries.
    In Feudal times they had their own “Men at Arms” they paid with the money they squeezed from their own peasants, now they have a Police – thug – force that is been paid through the Taxation of ALL the peasants in the realm.

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