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8 Replies to “THIS JUST HAPPENED: Iran fires LRBM at US consulate in Iraq”

  1. There should now be no doubt that President Applesauce Brains and his DEI V.P. have turned America into a crippled laughing stock has-been that can be pushed around by essentially everyone. If they really have the ability to tell exactly where these missiles came from, why have Iranian military installations not been pounded into snot?

    I’ll tell you why: this is actually Barack Hussein Obama’s third term. America last, whitey must pay, the West must show penance for its (now former) success. In the 8 years that that POS subhuman Marxist Kenyan asshat was President, EVERY decision he took was designed to weaken, humiliate and undermine the security of the U.S. and its people – and here we are, AGAIN.

    Biden is nothing but a shriveled-up empty sack of skin with Obama’s mulato hand implanted firmly in his ass. Hell, Biden was a worthless jackhole BEFORE he had dementia. Being senile doesn’t generally improve one’s performance.

    God help us. We are doomed.

    • We are back to fatherlessness.

      This, has the biggest impact on the hamstrung child’s mind.

      Without a past, present, future; the ‘now’ looks wrong to them from the classroom.

      Old people are not rich (by each year investing a little after little); they have use “Privilege.” To those who each ‘spend according to their need without savings,’ curse the dark-magic of Capitalism that must be destroyed.

      Such a fatherless person, is by definition a bastard. Barak Obama. This is a known fact. He never became his father’s father. And if he had sons, they would be gay by choosing the mother as their imprint.

      In the guise of protecting Religion, Association and Gender, they instead nurtured islam, Trade Unionism and Sexualism. Making sure hell is protected.

      The lifeless:

      The human inside-out, crying for a Saviour to come.

      And damned if anyone show disrespect.

      Dear Leader.

      • This concept of ‘father,’ to be self-reliant and not care what other people believe, has been lost on many.

        People are now afraid of what other people think, to demand that they do and say what is permissible. A world filled with an alphabet of Preferential Characteristics.

        The fathered do not look at humans as a Race, Creed, Color, or Religion. They view the content of their character. Harmony is achieved by righteous behavior. Their just laws, have an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Rapists and murderers can say goodbye to this world

        The mothered however, look at Race, Creed, Color, or Religion as definitions of identity. To create Paradise between them is by micro-managing fairness. Rapists and murderers have quotas. They even have Hate Crime laws for sexually staring, unless it’s at their popular Strippers Night.

        The terms father and mother can be represented as say a yin and yang, the duality of having two brain hemispheres to perceive their distinct realities.

        (Please do read a book Jan.
        https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300245929/master-and-his-emissary )

        Bucks, Cucks and Sucks cannot draw off the life of another if their father is in them. Dead from the neck up.

        In a world where some people are more equal than others, where there is one law for them, and one law for you; you will find the fatherless.

        The slave is never a slave if they know they are slaves. It is those who are willing-slave that are the slaves.

        A battered wife is still free.
        Rejected for being white, is still consciousness. Cursed for being a straightly-appropriate, is still a person at liberty to chose.

        They cannot destroy the kingdom of god within unless they act so outraged they can intimidate the children into submission.

        The muslim, The Stakeholder, and The Gender, gave up their souls for the peace with a piece of pie lure. Sweets handed out after a murder. Groomed to be victims with a vengence.

        Left Brains switched off. No father. Drones and Workers.

        And the only way to reboot, is to repent and face the truth about themselves and admit they received a gift of pride through resentment. For that was the moment they shut out their father’s voice. He said red, they said blue. His voice burned them. He was not perfect, he’s a Trump, they reasoned.

        No one is a ‘piece of shit subhuman.’ They have something to say about their abuser living through them. A zombie unable to pass masculinity on to their children.

        And the femaled who broke them, can now repair them with only remaining right-brained logic they have left. Intellectually creating the peaceful NAZI to stand be beside the Stasi. They keep doing it. A dream into a dream that becomes a nightmare, and they wondered how Chinese Nationalist came from International Socialists. Men born from the rib of woman.

  2. zero hedge – Iran Claims Responsibility For Attacking ‘Israeli Strategic Center’ In Iraq

    Update (03.13.2022 1158ET): Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has claimed responsibility for a missile strike on what it called an Israeli “strategic center” located in the Kurdish capital of Erbil, located in northern Iraq, according to Bloomberg, citing the Revolutionary Guard’s official news portal, Sepah News.

    The semi-official Tasnim news agency, which is closely aligned to the IRGC, said 10 precision-guided missiles were fired from northwestern Iran, citing an informed source that it didn’t name. The report added that the strike “very likely” resulted in “many casualties” without providing any details. -Bloomberg

    Nobody was hurt or killed in the attack, according to US Deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, denying earlier reports that the US consulate was the target and had been hit. Sherman told Fox News that the incident was of “great concern to all of us,” and amounted to attacking Iraq’s sovereignty.

    As we noted last night, the attack comes days after Iran vowed revenge for an Israeli missile attack near Damascus, Syria which killed two IRGC members. According to a Sunday statement by Sepah, there will be a “severe and destructive response” to any future attacks from Israel.

    * * *

    Update (2130ET): Initial reports that missiles ‘struck’ the US Embassy in Erbil, Iraq have been downgraded.



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