Smoking guns aren’t even worth as much as a used one: Links 1, March 9, 2022

It’s a buyer’s market for smoking guns. But the value isn’t that high because knowing the truth fails to make much of a difference anymore.

1. 38 pages of the Pfizer report on Adverse effects

(Click to download)


2. Short segment of a longer segment of a full talk by Joe Biden in 1997 about NATO expansion into East Europe. In this segment, he brags about mocking Russia when they threaten a Chinese alliance against NATO expansion into Ukraine and other border states.

A longer segment of this talk can be seen here, and below, and here is a link to the entire thing.

3. Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz and other senators meet with and listen to, some of the organizers of the American trucker’s convoy. IMAGINE if Canada had done this instead of going totalitarian. Imagine if even ONE branch of government actually listened to their grievances. OUR grievances. How different things would be in Canada. Ted Cruz’s soliloquy is very good here. But what did he have to say during the worst oppression of the last two years?

4. The Power Brokers you NEVER elected (48 minutes)

5. RAIR: The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset: ‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali (Videos)

Please do click through to the RAIR article. Its one of those ultra important ones which is now an every day occurrence. But the frequency of those does not diminish the importance, anymore than nuclear weapons detonating over cities makes the news less important when another one goes off.

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  1. Sundance is the sharpest analyst anywhere. I’ve been reading him for years, he’s given me an education in American politics.

    But Ted Cruz.
    He’d get my vote.

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