Five items on the corruption and fraud that was the Covid vaxx: Links 3, March 6, 2022

1. Quebec Email Revealing No Scientific Basis for Curfew Prompts Calls for Probes Into COVID-19 Measures Across Canada

Revelations that the Quebec government ordered its December 2021 COVID-19 curfew contrary to scientific advice have prompted calls for investigations into pandemic measures imposed by Quebec and other jurisdictions across Canada, including by two civil and constitutional rights groups.

“Professionals from Montreal Public Health and also from the [Quebec] public health institute said explicitly directly to the chief of public health that there is no scientific evidence for this,” Joseph Hickey, executive director of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA), told The Epoch Times.

“‘We can’t provide it because we don’t have any. And on this short timeline, there’s no way we could try to do a study or anything like that. All we have is the experience of last year. … This is not a good idea. Do something else if you have to do something,’” Hickey paraphrased the advice the Quebec government received.

(It would appear that the Quebec government asked Public Health to provide evidence that the predetermined solution, a curfew, would work. This is more proof that this was never science or medicine. Science does not work that way)

2. Dr. Paul Elias Alexander speaks at the People’s Convoy in Hagerstown, Maryland

3. Exclusive: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines

(The Covid-vaxx scam should tie up the courts for about 100 years)

In response to a FOIA request filed by TheBlaze, HHS revealed that it purchased advertising from major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations. These outlets were collectively responsible for publishing countless articles and video segments regarding the vaccine that were nearly uniformly positive about the vaccine in terms of both its efficacy and safety.

No matter how many times I post this, it never feels like its enough:

“Every war in the past 50 years has started because of media lies”. -Julian Assange

4. Israel is seeing a 10X, 1000% increase in all cause deaths.

5. More and more doctors are coming out with claims that as a consequence of the various Covid ‘vaccines’ there will be a staggering amount of cancers.

A few doctors I know well enough to speak plainly with tell me they already see this.

The counter is that people didn’t go see their doctors for 2 years so you are getting two years worth of cancer cases all at once. We should know the truth of that soon enough.

Thank you all for staying the course. I hear that in Ontario by the end of the month, the mask mandates will end. But its unlikely we will return to a liberal democracy.

Glenn Beck has a few predictions for the fall.


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13 Replies to “Five items on the corruption and fraud that was the Covid vaxx: Links 3, March 6, 2022”

  1. As a physician at a large academic medical center, I can tell you that there is an epidemic of vaccine complications. Every time I see a blood clot now, I just ask the patient when they got their booster. Always 1-2 weeks before. The vaccine is crime against humanity.

    • Are so scared of telling the truth
      Yes of course.Like my criminal family doctor who in 2020 when I had covid did not give NO ADVICE
      Should he rot in hell with all others like him
      Because of chickens like you people die
      F you all nasty doctors

      • Jan right now we desperately need all the medical staff who are willing to admit what the deal is and help us survive the vaccines. I know lots of doctors who are great in all ways except they ONLY got info from corrupt sources. They did not know about the VAXX scam or the Covid scam but believed what the authorities like the NEJM and The Lancet were telling them.

        Not all doctors are malicious. Mine in fact sort of told me the truth to the extent she could, but she was from a communist country and knows how to speak double-speak. So she told me in the same breath what the govt. told her to say, and what she thought the truth was but carefully.

        Please don’t act out against the doctors that are trying to help and were not in the know about this. We need them. Once we get past this phase, there is time enough for trials, and I hope to be part of them. I know people ready to finance them if we can find an honest lawyer, for the ones who knew what was going on and kept pushing anyway.

        • I can assure you Yucki, I did write a poem. But the wonder of technology, especially when I link to government medical websites, seems to get blocked.

          I enjoyed the observation.

  2. Sorry about that. I’m sure I’d get fired for posting here. Already warned that prescribing ivermectin will “have consequences”.

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