Police actions in Ottawa, Trudeau sends forces to confront Russia: Links 1, February 23, 2022

1. All human rights orgs have gone darkside at this point.

2. Testimony of a protestor who was beaten by police

3. Covid-19 mRNA injection contents


Link above is to the same video as below, but contains an extra minute of introduction to the speaker. It did not have an embed code however.

4. Good news for anyone who took the vaccine and doesn’t have AIDS. You may still have a shot at syphilis. FDA:

December 17, 2021

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting clinical laboratory staff and health care providers that false reactivity, or “false-positive”, Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR; non-treponemal) test results, when using the Bio-Rad Laboratories BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR kit, can occur in some people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. Based on information provided by the manufacturer, Bio-Rad Laboratories, RPR false reactivity was observed in some individuals for at least five months following a COVID-19 vaccination.

More research is underway to determine the extent of the issue. It is not known if other RPR tests may be affected similarly. Treponemal testing for syphilis such as Treponema pallidum particle agglutination (TP-PA) and treponemal immunoassays do not appear to be impacted by this issue.

Health care providers should make patients who received a reactive RPR result using the Bio-Rad BioPlex 2200 Syphilis Total & RPR test kit aware that they may need to be retested for syphilis with another test to confirm results.

COVID-19 vaccines do not cause syphilis. Health care providers should continue to strongly encourage patients to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and be aware of their patients’ vaccination status when interpreting reactive RPR test results.

5. Must be tough to be in France and double vaxxed. All that risk and zero benefits.

6. Canada sending troops to Russia’s border

(…when disabling or killing your own soldiers with experimental injections isn’t fast enough…)

Canada is set to boost its military presence at Russia’s border and sanction Russian sovereign debt, parliamentarians and companies, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday, citing what he said was an “invasion” of Ukraine.

Up to 460 members of the Canadian Armed Forces will head to the Baltic country of Latvia, which shares a border with Russia, to join the 540 Canadian troops already stationed there.

A frigate of the Royal Canadian Navy is also headed to the area, accompanied by one or more CP-140 Aurora spy planes, Ottawa has announced.

Trudeau’s government has banned Canadians from buying Russian sovereign debt and having any financial dealings with Donetsk or Lugansk, which Ottawa sees as part of Ukraine. Canada has also blacklisted Russian parliamentarians who voted in favor of recognizing the two Donbass republics as independent, as well as Russian banks, military contractors and companies. 


Thank you all for your kind attention. It is getting harder to figure out what the reality is as governments rely more and more on lies to control or occult the public from the information they need to take action. So your thoughts and links are more necessary and appreciated as time goes on.

I pray that all readers of this site use the best internet hygiene they can. A VPN at bare minimum. Users of Macs please buy and install Little Snitch and configure it so not one bit or byte leaves your system that you aren’t aware of.

Also, Please everyone USE A PASSWORD MANAGER. Here is a link to a review of some of them.

Setting this up is a very very mild inconvenience. but it can save you indescribably cost and pain down the road. For those that don’t know, it creates for you, passwords that would require a quantum computer serious time to hack, and auto-fills them in the places you need them.

You can usually have a copy of the PW manager on a few devices, so you can have your phone and computer set up with it so that it handles all PW requests for you. You can if you need to see it, use ONE master password to open the app and see all your passwords. But it makes it exponentially harder to hack your info to a login etc.

Nothing is perfect protection. But I tend to think of it this way:

Say you have a house in a summery paradise. You have no windows or doors. Well, now anyone who thinks they may want something of yours can walk in and take it. So you add windows and doors. Now you cut the number of people who might do that by 90% as now they have to actively do something and that doesn’t feel as easy. Add locks to the doors and windows and you cut down the number of people who might break in by another 90% of the remainder.

Alarms and so on…

The point of computer hygiene is to at least reduce the number of people capable of hurting you down to people who have bigger fish to fry with those kind of skills than any of us.

Like the NSA, RCMP, FBI and other organizations who not just hack people but create the tools used to hack people. At some point not much can be done to stop them short of going back to an abacus, a land line to land line, and a 1979 Caprice Classic.

But these tools will likely save most of us from most of the threats to us out there.

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  1. “I have yet to see a peep from @caj, @PENCanada, @AmnestyNow, @CJFE, @pressfreedom, etc”. Money talks, and money gets folks to count it instead of speaking out.

  2. FALSE positive syphilis tests are no big deal… They’re a flag – say, pink.

    They’re one of 14 diagnostic indicators for certain autoimmune diseases. Just suggestive of some change that could well be transient.

    With what’s going on in the world right, screaming – AIDS! Cancer! Syphilis! – is a distraction.

    Distractions serve hostile actors. They pipe info ops through channels that are mostly innocent. Bits get picked up, amplified, sensationalized. If you’re feeding from a notorious, Russian-funded trough like Global Research, Canada – be wary.

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