Scramble to block liability for the vaxx damage: Links 1, February 21, 2022

1. Maxime Bernier speaks with Brian Peckford

(Brian Peckford explains the Canadian Constituion and the rights we are awarded under it. NONE of the actions over Covid are legal. NONE of them, especially vaxx mandates and coercion.)

2. German court rules that in the case of a fatal side effect of a vaccination against Corona, the relatives of the victims had no right to file a lawsuit because the fatal side effects had been known beforehand

In November, a 15-year-old girl from Hollfeld died. The mother then posted on social media: The Corona vaccination was to blame for the death.

Serious side effects of the vaccination are said to have led to the girl’s death on November 17, 2021. The public prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg-Fürth has been investigating. These are the current findings.

The Bayreuth District Office remains silent on the incident: “Due to medical confidentiality, no information can be given on the results of the autopsy”, the health office explained in November 2021. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is investigating possible vaccination damage, cannot give any personal statements either. Here is an overview of the investigations so far and a statement from the Paul Ehrlich Institute on the case.

3. And in that same vein… Florida Hospital Immunity Legislation on DeSantis’s Desk Amid Growing Calls for Veto

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has until Feb. 24 to decide whether to sign, veto, or ignore legislation that protects health care providers from lawsuits related to COVID-19.

Florida lawmakers delivered SB 7014 to his desk late on Feb. 17, according to a statement from his office. Under the Florida Constitution, DeSantis has seven days to act on the measure. If he doesn’t address the legislation by Feb. 24, it will become law, taking effect immediately. That has put the Republican governor in a tight spot, forcing him to choose between aligning with his party or appeasing a growing number of constituents who are demanding a veto of the measure.

Support behind a letter stating why he should block the legislation has swelled to include signatures from 35 leaders of organizations representing a combined total of hundreds of thousands of people in Florida and beyond, according to the letter’s author, attorney R. Shawn McBride, of the American Freedom Information Institute.

4. Various armed forces deploy unknown weapons against the Canadian public, that may do permanent damage

(I Guess Canada doesn’t want Cuba and China to use these kinds of weapons against us more than our own governments do.)

5. Because the most important thing about a hospital, is crosswalks celebrating men having sex with other men.

Crying out for cash… but NHS hospitals still find tens of thousands to spend on LGBT rainbow crossings

NHS hospitals have spent tens of thousands of pounds painting pedestrian crossings in the rainbow colours of the LGBT+ movement during the pandemic, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

MPs last night accused NHS bosses of ‘pandering to woke nonsense’ and said the money should have been spent on patient care.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust in Wiltshire spent £11,000 on four rainbow crossings in 2020-21 and South West Yorkshire paid £5,000 for nine crossings.

More than 20 Trusts have spent £46,000 on the rainbow crossings since 2019, data released under Freedom of Information requests has shown. 

(We also get a sense of how serious the pandemic was, don’t we?)

Thank you all for your attention this past week and weekend. We need to keep an eye on premiers to see if they live up to their promises on mandates and restrictions, or if they are just moving things around so the effect is the same but the blame lands elsewhere.

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4 Replies to “Scramble to block liability for the vaxx damage: Links 1, February 21, 2022”

  1. The revolution wasn’t televised and the resistance went out with a whimper.
    The people of a major nation with a long history of personal liberty just lost all their freedom of speech by force.
    As a 60 year old American this is like the biggest political event to date in my life and it seems like no one knows what just happened !

    This really is the Twilight Zone.

    • OT/ fyi – RE: Uke, Putin, Orban

      Clint Ehrlich @ClintEhrlich
      Putin accuses Ukraine of “derussification.”

      Blames government in Kiev for attempting to purge the Russian language and culture from the country.
      “De-MAGYARIZATION” too.
      Since the coup the Western-oriented govt [read: German-EU] has essentially disenfranchised non-Ukrainian-speaking minorities. Closed their TV stations, civil service restrictions, voting rights.

      THAT’S why they’re called “nazis” (small “n”). A term emptied of meaning here, it’s evolved there to mean “satellite of the U.S.-led 4th Reich”.

      Mr. Orban has been the strongest advocate for the rights of Hungarian-speakers and others. All under the radar. Helps explain why some Nato members aren’t onboard with defending Uke’s “sovereign borders”.

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