Parliament makes odd fumble of question about Trudeau, the Cabinet, and Klaus Schwab: Links 2, February 20, 2022

1. In case anyone things the Muslim Pedophile sex-slave gangs isn’t still a thing

2. HUGE Freedom march in Toronto.

(Only despotic idiots think this was about trucks, or removing the trucks would stop people from wanting basic rights back)

3. The question of WEF control in the PMO and cabinet control came up in Parliament. Watch what dishonourable evasiveness looks like

4. Sky News Oz has a few choice words for the Petit Dauphin

5. The woman who was trampled by police horses

Thank you all who participated in the attempt to restore basic human and individual rights to Canadians this past few weeks. The road back to rights will be hard and probably littered with bodies if history is any sort of teacher. Or maybe the governments of Canada at various levels are reading the tea leaves and are planning to move things a few steps back to democracy. But whatever they may be saying now, watch it closely. They have a habit of making the right noises then doing the wrong things.

Today on Dalhousie St. near Rideau where all kinds of barriers to people and checkpoints are, is a rather ironic little advert. This is for a display at the War Museum in Ottawa on the loss of civil liberties resulting from the last use of the War Measures Act by none other than Le Petit Dauphin’s father, Pierre Trudeau. Apparently, some of the violence by the FLQ was also false flags done by the RCMP, but I need more time to look into that before it can be stated definitively.

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4 Replies to “Parliament makes odd fumble of question about Trudeau, the Cabinet, and Klaus Schwab: Links 2, February 20, 2022”

  1. 1.

    “…stupid white slutty English trash…”
    The Normans fought and held you by the lash.
    A King lost his head for dictating balderdash.
    Hear their pronouns calling in a flash
    “Stupid White Slutty english Trash.”

  2. I was over the weekend in Hogsback visiting “friends” and looking at a property/Small-holding that I thought to buy – not going to for several reasons.
    Obviously I was introduced to quite a few people and Canada and the protests came up.
    I really had to bite my tongue not to respond with vitriol towards the stupidity of these supposedly “highly” educated people.
    They rather believe the lying MSM than their own eyes and ears by the off-chance that they actually would do some research of their own.
    Needless to say, have of them wore a Mask and most of them were jabbed.
    Compliant Sheople almost the whole lot, with a couple of exceptions (misfits) I had some good converstions with.
    Not a community I would want to live in and I left 2 days earlier than planned.

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