Protest videos for Ottawa, February 12, 2022

The Trucker protest in Ottawa is expected to be large today. Panels of first rate and world class doctors are coming to speak, and have asked for an open debate with the collection of graphic designers and eco-terrorists Trudeau has in his cabinet to deal with the Covid policies. Please check back regularly to see events, videos and news items as they are found and posted in the comments to this post.

Here are a few videos and images from the past few days. New material for today should be added as available, but check the comments first. As this post is created Friday February 11, these initial materials are from earlier this week, and are placeholders till replaced with more current materials. Enjoy anyway!

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  1. global news – Protesters vow to protect National War Memorial in Ottawa after removal of fencing

    Purported veterans and supporters of the so-called “Freedom convoy” removed fencing protecting the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Saturday.

    • Tomorrow afternoon, an airline pilot for a major Canadian airline is speaking to the crowd about the effects of the vaxx and pilots.

      I spoke to another pilot in the crowd today and I can tell you right now. There is a huge problem.

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