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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Jacinda Ardern : “The side effects that people experience with vaccines, which we all have come to expect, a sign that the vaccine’s doing what it should”

    • Pelosi leads moment of silence for COVID-19 dead

      …on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Monday evening to remember the more than 900,000 American lives lost due to COVID-19.

    • New Zealand Covid protest convoy jams streets near parliament

      A convoy of trucks and campervans blocked streets near New Zealand’s parliament in Wellington Tuesday to protest against Covid restrictions and vaccinations, inspired by a similar demonstration in Canada.

    • ctv – Protesters gather outside the home of N.B. Premier Higgs

      A group of protesters gathered outside the home of New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs Saturday to voice their frustration with restrictions.

    • Toronto launches ‘Vax the East’ campaign

      Health officials are targeting Toronto’s east end for a 10-day COVID-19 vaccine blitz.

      The push comes as the city’s top doctor reveals new data about how successful vaccines are at preventing infection and illness.

      • “Has reacted like a dictatorship”. I have not seen my grandchildren in 2 years, I am not allowed on a bus, a train, boat plane – the government of Canada is a dictatorship and all the fragile, fear freaks help us get there and now we are being saved by the truckers, farmers, unemployed / fired, doctors, nurses, police, firemen……I will not comply heroes.

        When this is all over, show no mercy to the politicians, doctors, healthcare “officials”, media monsters who promoted this shamdemic

    • CTV – NEW BRUNSWICK – President of Saint John Pride resigns after photo at anti-lockdown rally surfaces online

      The long-time president of Saint John Pride has resigned from his post after a photo showing him posing with Nicholas Pereira, a member of the People’s Party of Canada, surfaced on social media.

      Michael Cummings confirmed to CTV News that the photo — in which he is pictured on the right in the red jacket — was taken at a rally opposing vaccine mandates and lockdowns in Moncton, N.B., in late January.

      On Friday, Saint John Pride released a statement that an emergency meeting had been held and that Cummings was no longer at the helm of the organization.

      “I was very shocked that he would do it and I sympathize and agree with the community as to why they were upset, because I was upset that he was supporting it,” says interim president Sara Hubbard.

      CTV News was able to obtain the resignation letter issued to Hubbard by Cummings, in which he states that although he’s proud of what he and the organization have built and accomplished, it also makes claims of cancel culture.

      “They will come for you and when they do, look out,” writes Cummings in his letter, “The woke left mob gets what they want and you can’t stop them.”

      The photo has also drawn concern and criticism from other LGBTQ+ organizations in the province, including Fredericton Pride and Moncton River of Pride.

      “I would say that, we should recognize this was not OK,” says interim president of Moncton River of Pride Rebecca Rogers. “In the end, he did the right thing by resigning.”

      Saint John Pride says it will be holding a general meeting in the coming weeks to fill the vacant board positions.

      “I think the main focus for us right now is accountability,” says Hubbard. “To listen to the community and the community wants accountability and they want visibility.”

      CTV News did reach out to Michael Cummings for an interview for this story but he declined.

    • My favorite cousin’s there. Nephew in Windsor, daughter and grandchildren in Toronto.

      She and her husband have both had heart attacks, and she’s recovered from cancer. Friends and family have died of covid (medical malpractice). A suicide on her husband’s side.

      Terrible times of fear and personal loss.
      But she’s changed. Back to the mind your own business cousin I love.

      She now says vulnerable people must accept responsibility for themselves. She and her husband will continue to self-isolate when case counts are high. We’ll keep each other company on the phone.

  2. Tucker: Crumbling regimes always resort to this

    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host argues leaders are trying to intimidate truckers for speaking out.

  3. CBC – Why Ottawa protesters seem to be a step ahead of police

    Experts say the presence of former police officers within the ranks of the Ottawa protesters is giving them a tactical edge over local law enforcement.

  4. global news – Trucker protests: Foreign influence concerns rise as Ottawa convoy galvanizes US far-right

    As the disruptive trucker convoy protest drags on in Ottawa, there are fears of foreign interference, as the U.S. far-right and media weigh into the unrest.

    On American conservative cable news channels, the Canadian protest dominates their airwaves.

    Meanwhile, right-wing American figures, politicians and even former president Donald Trump are chiming in, with claims of “big tech censorship” after GoFundMe shut down the trucker’s online fundraising campaign.

    Global’s Jackson Proskow explores who is backing this protest with money and moral support.

    + comments on the YT page

  5. Freedom convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION – Feb. 6, 2022
    “State of Emergency Update” | IrnieracingNews
    Marcel Irnie – Feb. 7, 2022

  6. The Ottawa Chief of Police was installed because he was perfectly Woke. At that level he is a politician. For the convoy news conference main speaker to position the Chief as a helpless pawn is obviously off the mark. Or maybe the convoy is being cleverly disingenuous in its empathy. I don’t know.

    That video of Ottawa police arresting that little old man really should go viral. What a disgrace.

    It bothers me that there may be validity to rumors there are hidden foreign manipulators and even hidden creators of this movement. Now we see reports that the American “FAR RIGHT” is involved. (Indeed, they exist, but the Left won the war, don’t forget.) Last week a CBC pundit opined that Uncle Vlad was behind it. This bothers me because I want to hope, and I want my children to continue to have the kind of hope they had when the convoy came. “Will we be able to get on a plane because of this, Daddy?” my daughter asked. She, like many of us, have not been this hopeful in two years. But if a hidden hand is involved I am forced to think it is possible its desired outcome is not ours. Such a powerful force will have preset timelines, winners and losers.

    I want nothing to be “preset”. I want a grassroots movement that grew from integrity, pure hearts and love despite the outcome being unknown. This gives it real power. Did the Boston Tea Party have a hidden quarterback? If it did, then I suppose the good guys get to pull the strings sometimes, too. My point is that there CAN be grassroots movements, just maybe not for long. The possibility of a preordained outcome this time portends a monkey business whereby the injection mandates are not dropped. That even a tactical retreat by government to appease the truckers superficially is replaced by something even more sinister, such as a Mark Carney. Then we will be driven not by our current puppet, but by his smarter, more ruthless master.

    Have the globalists and their agenda departed the U.K. or Denmark in mandate-dropped defeat? Only a fool would think so. We must be on guard against battles won becoming wars lost.

    • It comes as Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency on Sunday, alleging a “serious danger” posed by the trucker protest. Protest organizers say their movement is peaceful.

      “IMPORTANT: Anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway,” Ottawa police also said in a statement on social media Sunday.

      The decision was panned by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a group representing the truckers.

      “In a free and democratic society that is governed by the rule of law, citizens can freely associate with each other, including the giving and receiving of goods and gifts. There is no law that would allow the Ottawa Police to arrest people for giving fuel or food to another Canadian,” Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter said in a statement.

    • What are the chances that this covid farce was to run its course until the world fights back. Then they pull the plug on the financial system. After chaos the world has never seen, plug it back in, its reset, with digital money.

  7. Out of control Liberal, irresponsible mayor of Ottawa calls truckers “criminals and hooligans, says at council meeting that the small fire in the hallway of the apartment building “Clearly demonstrates the malicious intent of the truckers” – – where is the evidence please.

    My God I am tired of people spewing hate – – he should step down.

    We the people NEED to get rid of Trudeau, Freeland, Carney and all the other “Young Global Leaders. We NEED to Tackle Treasonous Traitors, arrest them for Crimes Against Humanity.

    No matter what madmen tell you, the flu is still just the flu, and no need to take their goo. It is over, now let’s see a lot of arrests.

    I love all the truckers.

  8. national post – Privacy commissioner: Few realized the government was tracking their pandemic movements

    Daniel Therrien’s office is investigating whether Canadians’ cellphone location data was properly anonymized

    The government should have been more proactive in letting Canadians know it was acquiring anonymized cellphone location data from third-parties to track movement patterns during the pandemic, federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien said.

    “I highly, highly doubt that the majority of users of mobility services knew that their data was collected,” Therrien told a parliamentary committee Monday. That’s despite the fact the federal government outlined that information online on its COVIDTrends website.

    “In order to get to that page, you need to know that the program exists and there is something called COVIDTrends,” he noted. Therrien told MPs the government should have been more proactive in its communication strategy, such as outlining that information in press conferences.

    “I think it’s fair to say that Canadians, by and large, were not aware,” he said.

    He said both the government and the private sector companies that collected the data “could have done more to inform users that their data was used for these purposes.”

    While Telus’ privacy policy does say that users’ de-identified mobility data could be used, privacy policies are not a “particularly good way of informing Canadians,” Therrien said. PHAC obtained location data from Telus through a contract that ended on Oct. 8, and has a contract with BlueDot that will end on March 18.

    Therrien was appearing at the House of Commons ethics committee Monday as part of its study on the use of de-identified and aggregated data by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Opposition parties called for the review after news coverage of PHAC using data obtained from third parties to track Canadian travel patterns during the pandemic.

    Therrien said the government is likely “legally correct” in its conclusion that using anonymized data in this way falls outside of Canadian privacy law, if the data was properly de-identified and aggregated. But he said his office is in the process of investigating whether the data was indeed properly anonymized, and hopes to conclude that investigation in the coming months.

    Other privacy experts have said that the data was most likely collected and disclosed to the government lawfully, but also that Canadians probably have no idea of the extent to which their data is gathered, stored and sold on a regular basis by third parties such as data brokers. Canada’s privacy laws, The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) — which covers the private sector — and the Privacy Act — which covers the government – deal with personally identifiable information, not de-identified or anonymized data.

    The privacy commissioner’s office has previously said the government informed it of its plans for the program, but didn’t consult with it. As a result, the privacy commissioner’s office didn’t have a chance to “look under the hood” to ensure Canadians’ privacy was protected.

    “We offered to provide advice on the adequacy of safeguards to ensure that the data was properly de-identified. And the government decided to rely upon others. That’s their prerogative,” Therrien said Monday.

    He told the committee that the law should cover the use of anonymized data.

    “The second issue is whether it is good legislative policy, that de-identified information falls outside the reach of privacy law,” he said. Having such information fall outside the law brings “very significant risks,” he said.

    “It’s not good policy.”

    He said “a more appropriate policy would be to authorize the use of personal information for legitimate commercial interests and the public good” within the law.

    video – 34 mins 20 secs
    Freedom Convoy SOS CANADA and WORLD. Help us, help everyone.
    video – 4 mins 48 secs
    Ex-RCMP Officer Danny Bulford has been working extensively with the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizing team and police to ensure a peaceful and safe event for Ottawa citizens, truckers and supporters. In this press release, Bulford addresses citizens of Ottawa, the false govt and media narrative and his extensive background in counter-terrorism tactics.
    video – 1 min 29 secs
    Sask. Premier Scott Moe will end proof of vaccination Monday and masking by the end of the month, as the refrain being heard around the world continues, “It’s time to learn to live with this virus.” Moe said the toughest challenge going forward will be for family and friends to “heal divisions” of those intolerant of personal choices and risk assessments made by those with opposing views.
    video – 2 mins 30 secs

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