Trudeau properly questioned and natural immunity for the win! Links 2, February 3, 2022

1. A politician finally had the wherewithal to ask Trudeau why he was spying on 33 million Canadians via their phones illegally.

(There is no way it was “de-identified”. Remember the bank info request Trudeau made in 2018?)

2. Alex Berenson post on the collapsing shares of Facebook and Twitter’s diminishing returns.

3. So how’s it going in China at the olympics? Video and comments.

4. Part of a speech by the last surviving member who co-authored the Charter of Rights and Freedoms given at one of the Trucker protests

(In the spirit of this speech, I would like to appear to contradict it a little. I don’t give a rat’s exhaust who wrote down what. No man has the right to give us these things and no man has the right to take them away. They, these rights he mentions, are ours innately. If they had not been written down, they must be. If we are not able to exercise them, then we must simply do so anyway, and fight to whatever extent, and by whatever means is needed, to exercise these rights.

Freedom to assemble and freedom of speech, the right of exit and others that he mentioned, are fundamental. They are God given and not even within the intellectual or theoretical sphere of man to modify or be taken away.)

5. Natural immunity for the win yet again

Researchers find people who have recovered from Covid have similar spike protein antibody levels whether they were infected 20 days or 20 months ago.

A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds more good news for unvaccinated people who have already had and recovered from Covid.

Anti-spike protein antibodies following Covid infection and recovery seem to persist indefinitely in unvaccinated people, researchers found. People tested 20 months after coronavirus infection had slightly higher levels of antibodies on average than those just after infection.

The key chart: the flat yellow line shows that people with natural immunity seem to have the same level of antibodies no matter when they were infected.

(Graphs and data on Alex’s Substack linked above)

Thank you all for your contributions today. We have some more material on the Trucker’s protest coming up. The punch line is that the media has been extremely deceptive to the point of being a literal weapon against them. Also rumours of the military being used are likely planted by the government to abuse any response from the supporters of the truckers, possibly to justify an actual military deployment. Videos of the interviews on these coming up ASAP.




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3 Replies to “Trudeau properly questioned and natural immunity for the win! Links 2, February 3, 2022”

  1. #3 I do think that previous generations had a better grasp on the need for
    putting these rights and freedoms into charters and laws, especially in the last century because they’d seen the
    gross violations in the two world wars and in Soviet Russia and other Communist Countries.
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written after the Second World War, sets out the basic rights and freedoms for every person, because they’re a human being with dignity.
    That’s the basis for all human rights from a secular world view and from a religious world view: in the secular world, in natural law and in the Judeo Christian faith, because these rights are endowed by God.
    The writers of the UDHR got it right.
    Today governments have gone too far, they give rights to groups of people based on certain characteristics, not according to natural law and the Judeo Christian worldview.
    But the fundamental rights are the rights of the individual.

  2. 3. “Caught red-handed: A Review of Peter Schweizer’s exposé of the corruption spread by Communist China” by Steve Mother – February 2, 2022


    Nancy Pelosi: Occupying one of the securest congressional seats for a Democrat in the country, San Francisco, Pelosi rose to become Speaker of the House. Representing a city with a large Chinese-American population, she was a prominent critic of the Chinese Communist Party – until China started offering her husband and son lucrative deals.

    One turning point came during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Pelosi was in favor of boycotting the games until her husband’s California-based limousine companies somehow got major contracts in China to cart VIPs around the Olympics. Pelosi then flipped, saying she was opposed to a boycott. It gets worse. Pelosi’s family has done a lot of business in China since the COVID outbreak, Schweizer notes, suggesting that it is perhaps not a coincidence that she has refused to allow congressional hearings to discuss the origins of COVID.

    It’s that time again: Big Help With A Little Bad Mouth.

    “Pelosi tells U.S. Olympic athletes – Keep your mouths shut about CCP…”
    by Kane – February 3, 2022

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