Tucker Carlson Opening Monologue for January 18, 2022

Tucker explains how Wall Street managed to dramatically increase homelessness in the West Coast in order to get huge public funding to solve homelessness while actually making it bigger.

I’d like to update this with a horrifying idea.

The following video is from the founder of the profoundly destructive and influential, destructive BECAUSE its influential, communist think tank, The Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw.

After watching the whole tucker clip on the homeless problem created and exacerbated by especially the communist ghovernor of California, Gavin Newsom, it feels like maybe the plan is a classic one of problem, reaction, solution.

Create the problem

Know what the reaction is going to be

Apply the solution you had ready before the problem existed.

And for anyone wondering about his powers of prediction, below is a clip where he explains that the election of Adolf Hitler would bring peace to Germany, England, France and Russia.


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