Canada warns of MANDATORY vaccinations: Links 3 for January 17, 2022

1. Canada: ‘I see it coming’: Mandatory vaccinations on the horizon, federal health minister says

Our people are tired and the only way as we know through COVID–19, be it this variant or any future variant, is through vaccination,’ Duclos said at a press conference Friday

OTTAWA – Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said he believes mandatory vaccinations will happen in Canada.

Duclos signalled Friday that provincial governments should be discussing mandatory vaccinations, saying it is a conversation that has to happen as unvaccinated patients continue to put strain on hospitals.

(I’m thinkin no.)

2. Follow up to the GET OUT GET OUT video from Australia. State thugs arrest bar owners in the middle of the night without warrant for a public health order.

(This tactic of very aggressive and intrusive arrests, often very public like the Trump associates, one of whom was arrested with dozens of police and CNN had been tipped off to be there waiting, is becoming more and more common. Like Mao, public humiliation is now a common way to humiliate and shame political opponents in formerly Western and free nations.)

3. The Counter Signal interviews Dr. Roger Hodkinson on the strange deaths of so many soccer players

4. Bayern Munich says Canadian star Alphonso Davies has heart muscle issue after COVID bout

(In a similar way to how the media attempts to make a Muslim antisemitic terrorist look like he is a British citizen and no other motive, this article attempts to make it look like this soccer player got the exact disease so many other young men get from the mRNA shots, except they foist it onto Covid. They don’t SAY it was Covid, they say its hard to tell. but they never mention the vaxx. However, it’s a dead cert these teams have to be fully vaxxed to play. So do the math.)

MUNICH – Alphonso Davies‘ return from a bout of COVID-19 has been put on hold with Bayern Munich saying the Canadian star shows signs of an inflammation of the heart muscle.

Canada Soccer says the 21-year-old from Edmonton has been ruled out of Canada’s three World Cup qualifiers in the FIFA international window that straddles January and February.

Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann told a pre-match news conference Friday that the problem was detected in the follow-up examination that all players who have had COVID undergo.

“He’ll sit out training until further notice. He won’t be available, also in the coming weeks,” Nagelsmann said in German.

“The ultrasound shows this myocarditis isn’t so dramatic but it’s a sign of myocarditis. Still, it has to heal and that will definitely take some time,” he added.

Myocarditis is a mild, temporary condition in the vast majority of cases, according to experts.

Asked if the myocarditis was due to COVID, Nagelsmann said it’s hard to tell.

(Surprising that the reporter bothered to ask. It might lead to “vaccine hesitancy” and that is pretty much a crime now in Trudopia.)

5. Covid, vaccines and Quebec:

Thank you Johnny U., M., ET., EB., Graham, Mad W., and MANY who are contributing on the Pod, and the site and in many ways.

Here is a story I have wanted to read for years. WHY did President Trump not pardon either Assange or Snowdon? Worth the read.


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  1. I used to watch this yoyo, he sat behind Justine in the house, he would lean way over, so he could be seen on tv. I often thought who is the dorky guy who is saying “look at me, I’m on tv.”

    That is when I started to follow him, so here we have an economist, puppet, a perfect little puppet as our Health Minister, advising us on our health. LOL LOL LOL

    If you can, do try and look at some of the old footage, he is hilarious, but it also might keep you up at night – – –scary.

  2. If the government thinks they are going to make the injections mandatory, then they need to let any unvaccinated gladly leave the sh*thole they have made of this country or…….

  3. It is illuminating to see how the “covid” crackdowns intensify as the truth about the virus and the medical realities makes it ever more saliently a psychological and political phenomenon.

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