Soccer seems a dangerous game on the heart: Links 1, January 9, 2022

1. Another heart attack on the soccer field

2. Prof. William Toel: My Message to all German police officers

3. This is a key one. There was and is still an ongoing Coup in Kazakhstan. There was a lot of deception around the reportage of it, which is part of the reason we didn’t focus on it here much, other than to point out that burning down or attacking multiple health centres didn’t seem to have much to do with high gas prices to us. Please watch the following video. Meanwhile we will look for the other videos this man claims to have. Let’s hope his claim is true, and that the revolution was to oppose totalitarian measures like a QR code needed to access one’s own money at the bank.

4. Germany needs jabs, not omicron’s ‘dirty vaccination’ — health minister

(Funny way to put it I think. Personally I would rather be licked by a dog than shake hands with a communist or totalitarian of any stripe. So that would be my response to his little defecation of adjectives.)

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has said it’s “naive” to think the omicron variant will be the end of the pandemic. He warned that new COVID-19 mutations were still possible.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has insisted vaccine mandates are the only way out of the pandemic, as the omicron variant continues to spread in Germany and across the world.

Speaking to the Sunday edition of German daily Welt, Lauterbach said gaining immunity through infection was a “dirty vaccination” and not the solution.

“We still need a vaccine mandate. Otherwise, omicron is a dirty vaccination through the backdoor. Counting on everyone getting infected sooner or later and becoming immune … would cause big problems,” he said.

The omicron version of the virus has so far appeared to be milder than previous variants. But the health minister warned that “many people would become seriously ill with often permanent damage,” if omicron was left unchecked.

5. This was inevitable.

6. Paul Weston on the UK health minister, (that like the entire official health network of the USA and Canada, is a totally corrupt office willing to kill millions to make a whole hell of a lot of money and maintain an authoritarian grip on the systems governing health.)

Thank you Snaphanen.Dk., Johnny U., ET., EB., Judge Roy Bean, Darcy, M., Sam Dubé and many more who sent in links and information this weekend.


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4 Replies to “Soccer seems a dangerous game on the heart: Links 1, January 9, 2022”

  1. Another soccer player drops. I don’t remember seeing any hockey players dropping which makes me wonder, did hockey teams get fake vaccines or do they just not work as physically hard as other athletes do.

    • Wow – know this is a little premature – but Eeyore called this. Bravo.

      Just thinking about it, if they raised our gas priced by 50% (and I live with the highest gas prices in SoCal and gas taxes), my reaction would be “meh.” I wouldn’t be hitting the street – maybe over pushing vax poison on kids (although I don’t have a dog in that hunt) but gas prices? LNG to boot? No way.

      It had to the COVID vax shuffle causing the unrest. Now let’s see if the previous government is still there tomorrow.

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