The tyrant’s time machine, and the British ministry of truth: Links 1, January 6, 2022

1. Italy extends COVID vaccine mandate to everyone over 50

ROME, Jan 5 (Reuters) – Italy on Wednesday made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for people from the age of 50, one of very few European countries to take a similar steps, in an attempt to ease pressure on its health service and reduce fatalities.

The measure is immediately effective and will run until June 15.

Italy has registered more than 138,000 coronavirus deaths since its outbreak emerged in February 2020, the second highest toll in Europe after Britain.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government had already made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers, and since October last year all employees have had to be vaccinated or show a negative test before entering the workplace.

Refusal results in suspension from work without pay, but not dismissal.

(Seems Canada is still worse)

2. Florida Surgeon General: If You Have No Symptoms, Please Don’t Get Tested

Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo issued new guidance for COVID-19 tests on Jan. 4 in a bid to reduce the strain on the state’s testing centers.

So many people are using the centers the availability of tests is under pressure.

“We are going to scale back,” Ladapo told reporters at a press conference. “We’re coming back to something sensible.”

People have been flooding Florida testing sites, leading to long lines, he said.

Instead of restricting testing, however, Ladapo said he would place a new emphasis on “high-value” testing against those of “low-value” in order to give priority to tests that would “likely change outcomes” based on a positive or negative result.

For example, someone who is elderly with pre-existing medical conditions and is having symptoms he regards as high value.

Someone who is otherwise healthy with no pre-existing medical issues and with no symptoms is low value, he explained.

Ladapo said people need to get back to a “sense of normalcy” in society.

This is actually the way to end the pandemic. Seriously. Testing millions of healthy people with flawed tests designed to generate false positives, then put them in buildings where sick people are, and denying them any worthwhile therapy but giving them poison, that creates it. Lets see how Thailand beat the pandemic before it even happened. Uploaded on May, 2021.

3. Let’s take a sober look at France, the USA and Canada’s tactic here. Both nations impose authoritarian rules on the public, claiming they are needed because “state of emergency”. They then blame the disobedient for the imposition of these regulations. (Cannot really call them laws can we, as they are unconstitutional and usually created by fiat and not the normal legislative process) So you would think that Trudeau and Macron have a time machine for blaming those who refuse a vaccine in the future for restrictions they themselves caused in the past. Got it? They pass laws restricting the freedoms of everyone, well before the Gene therapy even existed.Then, they set up terrible enmity and foment hatred against anyone who decides to make serious medical decisions for themselves. Not anyone else, but for themselves and offer a quite reasonable explanation why others may want to follow suit. People like the former VP of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon for instance, and the creator of mRNA gene therapy, Robert Malone just to name a couple. These people are then blamed by both the French government and Canada’s revolutionary Marxist PM, Trudeau, for the policies they themselves have imposed. Again, well before the gene therapy even existed.

This way they can shift the hatred, fear and mistrust they themselves have earned  by destroying so many lives, killing so many by withholding therapeutics and causing conditions for years which result in suicides, and beginning the obliteration of the Kulaks middle class, onto the politically disobedient. As if it was ever about anything else.

Now what should we do with a recalcitrant group of people who are killing the obedient, ay? What should be done with them. As Trudeau says, certainly not tolerate these extremists.

4. Francesca Donato MEP on the reality of policy Vs. Well reality of the unconstitutional green pass. MANY people will be segregated on their own block or island due to inability to use any transport except private. “Please don’t leave Italy alone”.

5. British government brags about censoring all non-narrative speech. Really, she should use a Russian accent when she speaks like this.

“Disinformation and misinformation unit”. The ministry of truth in other words.

Thank you Sassy, Johnny U., PC., ET., EB., Clive R., Snaphanen.DK., Miss Piggy and many more who have been on top of this horror and gracing us with their best thinking on it all.

(HIs book is brilliant. An important document. It contains all the facts on HCQ which we reported as it happened here at Vlad, but coherently with a timeline and explanation which makes it make far too much sense. For example, HCQ was made basically impossible to prescribe or use off label for Covid even though everyone knew it worked. Instead, an expensive drug which was still under patent, and that Fauci had a direct stake in, Remdesivir, (rundeathisnear) was used, and many feel it killed more people than Covid did. Or rather, people who had Covid and were treated with it, died who would not have, had they not been given Fauci’s failed Ebola drug.)


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5 Replies to “The tyrant’s time machine, and the British ministry of truth: Links 1, January 6, 2022”

  1. “…Very sad situation…” says my Russki friend. “…A repeat of what happened in Belarus except Belarus people are more civilized and less violent because they are not Muslim…”.

    While some police are switching sides or quitting, as happened in Belarus, it is also likely that many who quit because they don’t want to kill their own are jailed by the regime, so they are trapped unless they can flee the country.

    Over 7 hrs, I believe, of video here. Is this about gas prices, general dissatisfaction with a corrupt regime, or an ignition from governmental vaxx mandates? Distraction from Ukraine of some sort? Colour rev? Some or all of the above? Will it spread?

    • WIKI: Kazakhstan is a country located mainly in Central Asia. It borders Russia in the north and west, China in the east. Kazakhstan is the most dominant nation of Central Asia economically and politically, generating 60% of the region’s GDP, primarily through its oil and gas industry. It also has vast mineral resources and is officially a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage. (Government has no opposition.)

      WIKI: Protests broke out in Kazakhstan on 2 January 2022 after a sudden sharp increase in gas prices which, according to the Kazakh government, was due to high demand and price fixing. Growing discontent with the government and former president Nursultan Nazarbayev also influenced larger demonstrations. As there are no popular opposition groups against the Kazakh government, the unrest appeared to be assembled directly by citizens.

      In 2012, the World Economic Forum listed corruption as the biggest problem in doing business in the country while the World Bank listed Kazakhstan as a corruption hotspot…

      RECENT ACTIVIST GROUP behind the story:,_Qazaqstan

      ME: I don’t believe the sudden increase in gas prices are the trigger. And I believe the gov when they say it’s due to high demand and price fixing. We are all living through a period of ‘Stagflation’ aka WEF Agenda 2021-2030.

      I see magic words: Russia, China, WEF, World Bank, Oil/Gas, Minerals.

  2. UPDATE on my comment the other day re disastrous consequences of banning access to the Quebec Liquor Board stores for the non-jabbed: As of January 18, it’s a done deal.

    The Health Minister has no clue of the consequences of such a ban. People will order online by the caseload thus resulting in stock disruptions, reasonable drinkers will abuse alcohol (if it’s there, you drink more), over-consumption often leads to violence, hospital admissions, and poor work performance.

    Grocery and convenience stores will also have inventory problems.

    The double-jabbed+ boosted will hate us as they will also pay the price!


      1. So, I was out doing my groceries and all necessities. I stopped to buy one bottle of wine. I spoke with the cashier and the other one joined in. They are very angry at the new directive. They agree re the unseen but unavoidable consequences of a ban of the unvaxxed on the Liquor Board’s inventory and alcoholism. They want me to write a letter to the HQ detailing the upcoming upheaval. I will.

      2. Just WOW! The Dollarama and the retail grocery store has loads of empty shelves. The meat department is almost bare. I’ve never seen this before. Scary.

      3. WOW !! – The Royal Bank’s ATM is OUT of CASH.

      Such a fantastic day. Where are we heading?

  3. AUSTRALIA – NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner says there will be a territory-wide lockout from 1pm local time for the unvaccinated.

    This comes as the territory recorded 256 new cases of the virus.

    “If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home. You are at greater risk of catching COVID, getting ill and needing hospital care,” Mr Gunner said.

    “The fully vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone aged 16 and above.

    The lockout will end on Monday at midday and a vaccine pass system will be implemented.

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