Vaxeed or not, if you live in Ontario, you just lost all your basic rights again: Links 2, January 3, 2022

1. Police battle military vets in the Netherlands. One might expect people who have been trained to fight for freedom would be on the side of, well freedom. Police, who are supposed to be trained to protect individual rights should be on the same side as vets. Interestingly, but not surprisingly,…

2. Alex Berenson’s Substack superimposes maps of Covid Hot spots with maps of areas vaccinated to over 90% from the NYT which, predictably lie about the data they themselves present to us, which really is the new normal.

Best to click through and see them all at source.

3. Speaking of superimposing maps of the vaxxed and the sick, here’s the Israeli PM explaining how they are deep into an Omicron wave of sickness but no worries, they are getting their 4th jab and the Pfizer pill! so all good right!?!

4. Germans no longer trust government supplied information

5. Ontario proves for the hundredth time in the past 2 years, that you cannot comply your way out of tyranny.

Ontario reverts to modified step 2 on ‘roadmap’

Doug Ford confirmed the rumours and delayed a return to in-class learning at schools as well as a host of new restrictions for Ontario as the province reverts to a modified version of Step 2 of the roadmap to reopen.

In a grim announcement on Monday morning, Ford conceded the province is “bracing for impact” and that if measures weren’t taken immediately “we could see hundreds of thousands of cases every single day.”

“This is a problem that will only get worse,” said Ford. “The math isn’t on our side.”

Here are the new restrictions and closures announced for Ontario that will take effect this Wednesday, January 5.

(The restrictions include schools, zoos, bars and restaurants and some of them make no sense whatsoever. Like you can no longer buy alcohol after 10:00 PM at Walmart.)

Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes must close for indoor dining.

  • Outdoor dining is permitted with restrictions. 

  • Takeout, drive through and delivery is permitted.

  • There are new restrictions that prohibit the sale of alcohol after 10 p.m. and the consumption of alcohol on-premise in businesses or settings after 11 p.m. with delivery and takeout, grocery/convenience stores and other liquor stores exempted.

So anyone who took a shot of this goo to get some of your basic rights and freedoms back, which you should never have allowed to be taken from you in the first place, this is what you get. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny. The government of Ontario has also determined that you cannot have more than five people indoors, presumably even at your own homes.

Thank you Gun Goddess, Sassy, Johnny U., ML., M., ET., EB., Mad W., and a lot of other wonderful and conscientious people who keep the cerebral fires lit.

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11 Replies to “Vaxeed or not, if you live in Ontario, you just lost all your basic rights again: Links 2, January 3, 2022”

  1. 1- Taking down vets goes a long way to scaring the rest of the restless plebes into submission, could be the reasoning for this.

    • I’m in the Netherlands. From what I’ve read, this is a group led by a handful of vets, the rest are regular citizens wearing camo and berets. They’re thus easily recognizd as “protectors of the citizens”.

      They show up at gatherings like this to put themselves between the anti-lockdown protesters and police. This started last year at previous protests on the museum square in Amsterdam.

      It seems they have a link to this international organization:

      Dutch chapter:

      I browsed the associated bitchute channel. It contains testimonies by veterans, marines, policemen, but mostly by healthcare workers. I haven’t watched any of them, no time.

  2. Gives fresh meaning to “Supply-Chain Disruptions”. The supply of truth from government is the most broken of all chains.

  3. Yup…here we go again. OberFattenFuehrer Ford, as predicted, and as telegraphed for months, just put us right back to March 2020. I guess the fake “vaccines” and the “passports” completely failed, didn’t they?

    Of course the Moronic Cold is being blamed. The whole point of this exercise is to force the sheep to get the boosters (the propaganda is on every radio station I have tuned in). And after the lockdown is lifted, you can bet your sweet bippy we will be in an even worse police state than before: this is when the uninjected will be banned from grocery stores (again, they have telegraphed this intent in New Brunswick).

  4. I depend on the “little people” at the grocery store to get the feel of what is going on politically and today the consensus is Doug Ford is Demented and along with Trudeau, (who has in the past admitted to smoking pot) should be removed from office.

    News flash Justine – your M-103 is not preventing the number of Canadians who absolutely hate you and what you have done to our beautiful country.

    • The worst part about Trudeau is he could be removed from office TODAY because he has a minority government. However, the opposition parties refuse to do it, because they all work for the same boss in Davos.

  5. Heard from a source that the defense department in Ottawa is telling it’s people of a February global lockdown. No way to verify, but with all the insanity these days, it seems a possibility.

  6. My cousin in Detroit is a grandma again!
    – – But her daughter lives just across the Ambassador Bridge, in Communist Occupied Ontario.

    Trying to figure out how she can go there, help take care of the other kids. They barely know her, they’ve seen each other so little over the last two years.

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