Some items on the dishonesty of the officials and pharma corps on vaxx etc., Germany pushes back: Links 1, December 23, 2021

1. Judas Priest guitarist nearly dies onstage from massive cardiac event. Yes, he was fully vaxxed.

I keep reading your reports on athletes and adverse reactions/deaths to the vaccine. The music industry has a dirty little secret with the vaccine. On September 26, Judas Priest was playing the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville when guitarist Richie Faulkner – 41 years old – suffered a massive heart attack and almost died on stage. He had reconstructive heart surgery and now has 4 metal valves in his chest. Richie is a guy who was in top-notch health, had no history with drugs, but had to get vaccinated to go on tour with the band and to be able to play Live Nation venues. No one will admit the vaccine was the cause, because there’s no evidence to prove it, but those of us skeptical of the effects of getting jabbed have our theories. Given the nature of the far left leanings of the music and entertainment industry, we have to keep our thoughts to ourselves for fear of being blackballed. Not sure what you can do with this info, but I thought you might be interested to hear it.

(Video is here, but to be honest I don’t see what they see in it. Description by the guitarist of it himself is in the article)

2. In France, the double vaxxed are the new anti-vaxxers

3. Convicted Harvard Scientist Paid by ChiComs Behind Genetic Nanotech in COVID Shots

Kinda looks like some of the worst aspects of these mRNA shots are due to this Chinese Spy asset

4. Germans appear to be getting fed up. But are they fed up enough to end this utter tripe

5. Zero Hedge: FDA Releases More Data On “Adverse Reactions” To Pfizer Vaccine

As the FDA prepares to approve Pfizer’s new pill for treating high-risk patients infected with COVID, more information about dangerous side effects tied to its vaccine are coming to light.

Just yesterday, we reported another death tied to the vaccine in New Zealand. Now, documents released by the FDA reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160K adverse reactions to its COVID vaccine in the initial months of its rollout.

The data were obtained by a group of doctors, professors, and journalists calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. They filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FDA asking for their release. And the first tranche of documents revealed that, as of February 2021, when Pfizer’s shot was being rolled out worldwide on an emergency basis, the drugmaker had compiled more than 42K case reports detailing nearly 160K individual adverse reactions to the vaccine.

The data show the bulk of the adverse event cases, both serious and non-serious, were classified as “general disorders”.

Let’s revisit an Orthopaedic surgeon’s experience who was actually part of the Pfizer trial:

Thank you M., Johnny U., PC., Mad W., Xanthippa, George I., EB., ET., Snaphanen, GomeznSA., TB., Yucki, and all who contributed in any way to this effort, and to the best interests of personal liberty and truth as the Greeks knew it.

Think on what we know a drug gang will do to protect a few city blocks of sales territory. What would they do against any threat, a competitor, or an agency that would interfere with sales and profits? Then ask what a company would do to protect a trillion dollars in sales world wide. Then the things we see around us every day start to make a lot of sense.

“Goats and fruit tests positive”

Haiti President Jovenel Moise assassinated in attack on his residence

And about 3 more African leaders who opposed the use of the vaccines.

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  1. ITEM 1 – The guitarist. You see it so clearly, it’s both dreadful and amazing that he managed to finish his song, the last one of the show.

    At 2:06, you see he’s beginning to be less preppy although it started early but he put all his energy into not showing it. Then, at 2:52 and 2:55, you SEE IT below the throat, the huge ball. OMG.

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