More singularly fit young people suddenly dying, more lockdowns to get more people to take the stuff killing the athletes: Links 2, December 18, 2021

1. We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Andrés Meléndez.

2. Taniela Moa dead: Tonga rugby legend dies aged 36 as tributes flood in

FORMER Tonga rugby star Taniela Moa has tragically died aged just 36, the country’s governing body for rugby has confirmed.

Former Tonga halfback Toniela Moa has tragically passed away aged 36. Tonga Rugby Union labelled Moa a ‘legendary great’ within the sport as they released a statement confirming his death. The body confirmed the unfortunate news in a statement but the cause of death has not yet been revealed.

3. Ezra puts out the numbers for Ontario

And they still won’t define how the word, ‘case’ is defined.

4. New Brunswick backtracks on vaccine passports for grocery stores

After sustained pressure by True North and its readers, the New Brunswick government has announced it is no longer allowing grocery stores to bar unvaccinated Canadians.

The announcement came Friday in a government news release on interim COVID measures directed at slowing the Omicron variant.  

“An option allowing stores that sell groceries to ask patrons 12 and over for proof of vaccination, instead of implementing distancing requirements, is being removed from the province’s mandatory order.”

(This whole thing is very odd. NB was the province that handled Covid the very best in Canada, right out of the gate. They treated patients with HCQ and had zero deaths until that one doctor went to Quebec and back and infected his older patients with it. The premiere was a conservative non-politician. So its very odd that they would implement a policy so unscientific as to block people from entering a grocery store to prevent transmission of a disease to those who had been inoculated against it. That can only make sense in a Hegelian dialectic. Some of the science shows that people who have had the shots can carry an order of magnitude more of the offending virus in the nasal passages than those who are not. So going with the science, the vaccinated should be barred from public spaces. But since science is never settled, and the numbers seem to indicate that those who have had the vaccine are in equal to or greater danger from Covid, plus the various other effects of the mRNA shots, then policy should probably focus on how to undo the effects of the shot and leave people to shop in peace.)

5. Revealed: The Hamburg Senate has stirred up panic among Germans with manipulated Corona statistics

There is trouble in Hamburg about false Corona figures!

As reported by the newspaper “Welt”, the Senate of the Hanseatic city apparently listed infected people, whose vaccination status was unknown to the health authorities, as unvaccinated in the statistics.

Mayor Peter Tschentscher (55, Social Democratic Party) declared in calendar week 45 that “more than 90 per cent” of the new infections had occurred “among people without full vaccination protection”.

An enquiry by FDP MP Anna von Treuenfels (59) now shows: In more than 63 percent of the cases, the vaccination status was not known at all.

The Senate’s answer to the MPs’ parliamentary question shows that the vaccination status of ten infected persons could not be determined in calendar week 45:

In calendar week 45, the vaccination status could not be ascertained for ten infected persons, and it was not ascertained for 2179. 497 stated that they were NOT (fully) vaccinated, 780 were vaccinated. A total of 3466 infections were recorded during the week.

6. Dutch set to announce new lockdown, press conference at 7pm Saturday

Prime minister Mark Rutte has called a press conference on Saturday evening to announce tough new measures to brake the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Rutte and health minister Hugo de Jonge will be joined by Jaap van Dissel, head of the public health institute RIVM, at the 7pm meeting, broadcaster NOS reported. Ministers are meeting regional safety board chiefs on Saturday morning and will take a final decision about what measures are to be taken in the afternoon. The government’s Outbreak Management Team has recommended a tough lockdown and the closure of all non-essential shops as well as cafes, schools, cinemas, museums and fitness centres. De Jonge and Rutte earlier made it clear they would not hesitate to impose more measures if the OMT thinks it necessary. The cabinet had asked for its advice on how to combat the Omicron variant of coronavirus, which now accounts for a quarter of cases in Amsterdam. Van Dissel estimates Omicron could lead to 600 hospital admissions a day, including 100 to 125 intensive care patients if fast action is not taken. The Dutch campaign to give everyone a booster injection has now become a race against time to beat Omicron, Van Dissel said earlier this week.

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