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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • EMA and ECDC recommendations on heterologous vaccination courses against COVID-19

      […]The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) therefore continue to urge all EU citizens to get fully vaccinated and to adhere to recent recommendations on booster vaccination.
      IRELAND – Data supports giving Covid-19 booster vaccines after 3 months, says EMA

      HSE says vaccine booster system upgraded but problems persist as queues form at clinic

      The European Union’s drugs regulator said it could make sense to administer Covid-19 vaccine boosters as early as three months after the initial two-shot regimen amid “extremely worrying” infection numbers.

      […]On Thursday, immunologist Prof Luke O’Neill called for everyone in the State to receive their Covid-19 booster vaccine after three months.

      The professor of biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin said it was “ridiculous” for people to have to wait five months to get their third dose of the vaccine.

      “I would boost everybody three months after the second shot. The UK is doing that – they’ve lowered the gap to three months. Why don’t we do that? The boosters are so effective.”


      VOA – Calls Grow Worldwide for COVID Booster Shots

      GENEVA —
      Health officials in the United States, Israel and other nations have for months been pushing for COVID-19 booster shots among older populations, and those calls are now growing worldwide. The issue was discussed at an extraordinary meeting at World Health Organization in Geneva convened by SAGE, the 15-member Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on vaccination.

      Current data show that vaccines against COVID-19 provide a ROBUST LEVEL of protection against severe forms of disease. However, emerging evidence indicates vaccines begin to lose their effectiveness about six months after they have been administered. This puts older adults and people with underlying conditions at particular risk.

      Chair of SAGE, Alejandro Cravioto, says the group of experts agrees a booster shot would provide a greater level of protection for people at risk. However, he notes vaccines are in short supply in many parts of the world. He says the wide administration of booster doses risks exacerbating inequities in vaccine access.

      He notes most current infections are among unvaccinated people, the majority of whom live in poor, developing countries. He says SAGE believes they should receive these life-saving vaccines instead of further doses being provided to people who already are fully inoculated against the coronavirus.

      “For the time being, we continue to support — one, the need for equity in the distribution and allocation of vaccines and, two, the use of third doses only on those that we have previously recommended. Those that have received inactivated vaccines and those that are immuno-compromised, which are the two groups that we feel should be protected further by a third dose of the primary process,” he said.

      Cravioto said meeting participants also discussed the feasibility of mixing and matching different vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer and Moderna to achieve full immunity against COVID.

      “WHO supports a flexible approach to homologous or a single platform versus a heterologous mix and match schedules. We still believe that the best approach is to use the same vaccine for the two primary doses,” Cravioto said.

      For national immunization programs, however, he said a different vaccine can be used for an additional third dose. This, if the vaccine used for the two primary shots is in short supply and unavailable.


      S. Korea to cut booster shot interval again as COVID-19 cases exceed 7,000 for third straight day

      The authorities are also speeding up the administration of booster shots to cope with the surge.

      It will shorten the interval between the second and third doses from the current four to five months to just three months from next week.

      Around 80% of the population have been fully vaccinated

    • bloomberg – New York Governor Imposes Indoor Mask Mandate as Covid Cases Surge

      Facing a winter surge in COVID-19 infections, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Friday that masks will be required in all indoor public places unless the businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement.

      Hochul said the decision to impose a mask mandate was based on state’s weekly seven-day case rate, as well as increasing hospitalizations.

    • europravda -Bulgaria’s vaccine battle: the mistrust driving COVID’s surge

      Bulgaria has the lowest rate of vaccination in the EU.

      Euronew’s Julian Lopez investigates why the push to get more Bulgarians vaccinated has shaken the country to its core.

      ========>go to the 7 min 08 mark

    • Germany: Bundestag votes to adopt first vaccination mandate against COVID-19

      The members of the Bundestag passed a mandate that aims to increase the number of people vaccinated, as seen in Berlin on Friday.

      The bill passed with with 571 votes, whilst 80 disagreed and 38 abstained from voting.

      The mandate states that medical workers and those others working in healthcare facilities will be now forced to show evidence of vaccination. Other measures include expanding who is allowed to administer vaccinations to include those not qualified as doctors, as well as making it legally viable to close non-essential businesses.

      Green Party minister Maria Klein-Schmeink called for people to ‘join us on the common path,’ stating that the new vaccine mandate is ‘more important than ever’ with the rise of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant.

      Several AfD members could be sitting apart from the rest of the ministers, due to being unvaccinated.

      “With force, we are to lose the medical staff for our health system and thus also for the seriously ill. And the greatest insolence, however, is that you on the governing bench sell the mandatory vaccination as a contribution to the community,” said AfD minister Tino Chrupalla.

      The Bundestag is set to debate a further bill on a vaccine mandate that would apply to everyone in the upcoming weeks.


      SOT, Maria Klein-Schmeink, MP for the Green Party (German): “Of course, a very, very important element which cannot happen again is that people who live in places, live in facilities where they are fundamentally dependent on others, that they become infected because of those who work there [and who] are not vaccinated. This is what we want to change and we do that with the facility-related mandatory vaccinations. This creates protection.”

      SOT, Maria Klein-Schmeink, MP for the Green Party (German): “Join us on this common path, it is a first element and not to be confused with the fact that of course we have to and will talk about general mandatory vaccinations in the next few weeks, in the new year. And regarding the new coronavirus variant this seems more important than ever.”

      SOT, Tino Chrupalla, MP for the AfD (German): “What they [the people] have been experiencing here in Germany for the last two years are constantly changing statements by leading politicians. No one can plan either privately or commercially, and the statement that there will be no compulsory vaccination was turned into the opposite by the traffic light coalition after the federal elections.”

      SOT, Tino Chrupalla, MP for the AfD (German): “With force, we are to lose the medical staff for our health system and thus also for the seriously ill. And the greatest insolence, however, is that you on the governing bench sell the mandatory vaccination as a contribution to the community. Your speech as well, Mr Lauterbach, was demagoguery.”

      SOT, Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus, Minister for the FDP (German): “On the one hand, it is logical to be critical of freedom encroachments but at the same time to consider a facility-related vaccination obligation as correct because the facility-related vaccination obligation gives the overall freedom balance a positive effect, namely that we can finally get the endangerment of the vulnerable groups under control.?”

      SOT, Janosch Dahmen, MP for the Green Party (German): “Instead of too late, too little and too slowly, the characteristics of the new pandemic control should now be the ability to act, the speed of action and the appropriateness of action, and that means we are monitoring the situation very closely and we will come together here again at any time, if necessary, at short notice and decide again what is necessary and get it done.”

      SOT Yvonne Magwas, Vice President of the Bundestag (German): “Submitted votes: [289, 689, 689] 689. 571 yes votes, 80 no votes and 38 abstained. The draft bill is hereby adopted.”

    • Why are the FDA & Pfizer REFUSING to release vaccine data?

      Civil rights attorney Aaron Siri is demanding answers and transparency from Pfizer.

      He represents dozens of doctors and medial professionals — from the nation’s most prestigious institutions — who all wish to conduct a critical review of the vaccine but are unable to thanks to Pfizer and the FDA.

      Apparently, it would take over 75 YEARS for Pfizer to review and release the documents in question — even though it only took the FDA 108 days to do the same before approving the vaccine for public use, Siri explains.

      He tells Glenn why this lawsuit is SO important for ALL Americans…

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – German lawmakers approve stricter COVID measures

      Lawmakers in Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, voted on Friday in favor of updating Germany’s infection protection law in a bid to curb the fourth wave of COVID-19 infections in the country.

      Among the measures is Germany’s first coronavirus vaccine mandate — currently limited to health workers.

      A few hours later, the new measures were given the green light from the upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat.

      Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s newly inaugurated government has made combating the pandemic a priority, as concerns over a new spike in cases grow as the Christmas holidays draw closer.

      The changes include measures aimed at getting people vaccinated and speeding up the booster shot campaign — and are initially valid until March 15, 2022.

      Medical workers in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, facilities for people with disabilities and other health facilities will now be asked to show proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19.

      Only health workers who can provide a medical reason for not getting the jab will be exempt from the mandate.

      Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who is an epidemiologist, said it was unacceptable that some people at hospitals and care homes are still not vaccinated.

      “This vaccine mandate is necessary because it’s completely unacceptable that, after two years of pandemic, people who have entrusted their care to us are dying unnecessarily in institutions because unvaccinated people work there,” he said.
      “We cannot accept this.”

      Andrew Ullmann, an MP with the Free Democrats (FDP) who are part of the new governing coalition, emphasized that while personal freedom is paramount, “freedom always comes with responsibility.”

      “We have to be aware that we have a responsibility that comes with the freedom and that responsibility is for other people to be sure that they are safe,” Ullmann, who is a physician, told DW.

      “This means that our hospitals are not overwhelmed by the cases of COVID-19.”

      German lawmakers are set to debate another, likely more contentious bill in the coming weeks on a vaccine mandate that would apply to everyone.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Origin, transmissibility, severity: What we know about the Omicron variant so far?

      The new coronavirus variant omicron has so far been found in 57 countries, the World Health Organization said, warning that the rate of hospitalization resulting from infection is likely to rise.

      The WHO said it needed more data to evaluate the severity of the disease caused by the new variant.

      “Even if the severity is equal or potentially even lower than for delta variant, it is expected that hospitalizations will increase if more people become infected and that there will be a time lag between an increase in the incidence of cases and an increase in the incidence of deaths,” it said.

    • Trudeau, Mendicino discuss booster rollout, border measures

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says when it comes to boosters, the government will follow the NACI recommendations on when they should be rolled out and how the Omicron variant factors in.

      Marco Mendicino, minister of public safety, says border measures to combat the Omicron COVID-19 variant come into place today, and will look to public health official advice on expanding these measures to U.S. travellers and land borders.

      • Thirteen year old girl from Texas VARES# 1913198, died 31 days after her first Pfizer shot August 1. Two weeks after her shot she complained a vague pain in her upper back and was diagnosed with a “rare” soft tissue cancer located on her heart despite having no previous medical history. Her cancer and heart condition rapidly and progressively worsened and she Died December 1. Does this despicable piece of a human being, Justine Trudeau, have the right to keep pushing this vaccine on children.

        • Where can I find that please? Its not on the VARES site that I can find. I REALLY want to post this one, but that number puts up no results.

        • VAERS ID: 1913198


          Patient received Pfizer vaccine in 8/2021. In 9/2021 she began to have some vague complaints of upper back pain. Patient ultimately diagnosed with epitheliod sarcoma. Parents requested that this information be sent to VAERS in case her cancer was related to Vaccine. Physicians caring for the child do not feel her death or her cancer was related to the covid vaccine. Presented to the local Medical Center on 10/30/21 after having received care closer to home. Pt is a 13 y.o. female with no past medical history who presents with fever, chest pain, and diarrhea. About two weeks PTA, she began complaining of sternal chest pain. She had fatigue and sore throat so was taken to an urgent care where she was negative for strep, flu, and COVID. She was prescribed bromfed. She then progressed to a dry mild that started about 10 days PTA. On Tuesday, 10/26, she was seen at an outside ER and was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was started on azithromycin and augmentin. She has continued to have chest pain, SOB, and fatigue. The day of presentation, she stayed home from school. She developed nonbloody diarrhea, tachycardia, and weakness so she was taken back to the ER for evaluation. Found to have a pericardial friction rub. Admitted to hospitalist service.


          Acute kidney injury, Cardiac output decreased, Debridement, Exploratory operation, Hypotension, Low lung compliance, Pericardial excision, SARS-CoV-2 test negative, Airway peak pressure increased, Cardiac tamponade, Diarrhoea, Fatigue, Influenza virus test negative, Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, Pericardial rub, Sedation, Asthenia, Chemotherapy, Dyspnoea, Fluid retention, Intracardiac mass, Neoplasm malignant, Pneumonia, Streptococcus test negative, Back pain, Chest pain, Endotracheal intubation, General symptom, Lactic acidosis, Oedema, Pulmonary oedema, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Death, Epithelioid sarcoma, Haemofiltration, Loss of personal independence in daily activities, Oropharyngeal pain, Pyrexia, Tumour excision

          VAX DATE: 01 August 2021 | ONSET DATE: 01 September 2021 | DAYS TO ONSET: 31

          Admitted to local HCF 10/30/21. See the following from her death note summary related to hospital course: Pt is a 13 y.o. female admitted for Left atrial mass and has been hospitalized for 30 days. she had her left atrial mass resection on 11/11/21, pericardial window creation, and mediastinal exploration with debridement. Her mass continued to grow and increase in size and Rhee invading the left atrium and possibly the right atrium along with creation of tamponade physiology on the ventricles. She was started on chemotherapy by hematology team, Nephrology team started her her on CRRT since she developed acute kidney injury along was multi organ failure and severe lactic acidosis. Patient was on multiple inotropics support with progressively increasing inotropics support epinephrine up to 0.3 micrograms/kilogram per minute, norepinephrine up to 0.3 micrograms/kilogram per minute along with 2 milliunits per kg per minute vasopressin. Over the past 48 hours prior to patient staff she was getting multiple fluid boluses and she was few L positive every day with severe 3rd spacing and progressively worsening cardiac output. She has had evidence of progressive tamponade physiology despite aggressive chemotherapy. she remained intubated and sedated with extremely high lung peak pressures and very poor compliance with severe pulmonary edema. On 12/1/2021 family expressed the wishes of stop giving fluids to her since she looks very edematous, parents understand that this will lead to cardiac arrest and ending her life within the next few hours, father expressed he is willing to do everything for her but he wants to end her suffering, mom and dad were at the bedside, IV fluid replacement was stopped. Patient vasopressin was weaned along with other inotropic support, family agreed on extubating the patient so that they can spend some time with her prior to the off. Patient continue to progressively having low cardiac output, hypotension and bradycardia, time of death was 7:00 a.m..

    • CBC – Ontario to keep vaccine passports indefinitely

      Ontario announced Friday that vaccine passports will be used indefinitely in the province, which will also shift to requiring the use of QR codes.

    • city news – Mandatory QR code’s coming for Ontario

      The new COVID-19 variant is spreading faster than anyone anticipated in Ontario.

      Adrian Ghobrial with the Ford governments attempt to stamp out all fake vaccine certificates and medical exemptions.

    • city news – Canada on track for COVID resurgence in 2022

      We’re getting a first look at how the omicron variant could impact Canada’s case count.
      Caryn Ceolin with new federal COVID modelling and what it will mean for your holiday gatherings.

    • city news – AI could help identify COVID-19 patients needing ICU care

      Researchers at the University of Waterloo and DarwinAI are developing AI technology to identify COVID-19 patients who need ICU treatment.

      Erica Natividad with why they say a computer can help make a critical decision.

    • British researchers discover COVID jabs ‘appear to expose people to an increased mortality’

      Anomalies in vaccine data may stem from misclassification of those who have died within 14 days of a COVID injection as ‘unvaccinated.’

      LONDON, England (LifeSiteNews) —?Researchers from Queen Mary University in London (QMUL) have discovered anomalies in COVID-19 vaccine data indicating that the narrative supporting the effectiveness of the jabs is “massively exaggerated” and that the vaccines expose recipients to a risk of “increased mortality.”

      The most likely factor for the erroneous statistics has to do with government authorities misclassifying those who have died within 14 days of a COVID injection as “unvaccinated.”

      Dr. Norman Fenton, a Professor in Risk Information Management at QMUL and a lead author of the study, provided a broad framework of his team’s research in a December 4 radio interview.

      “When it comes to the vaccine, ultimately, the only truly objective way to evaluate its overall risk [vs.] benefit is to compare the all-cause mortality for the vaccinated against the unvaccinated,” he stated.

      “So, in crude terms, if the virus is as dangerous as claimed and the vaccine is as effective as claimed, then we should by now have data confirming that the vaccines are saving a lot more lives than they’re killing.”

      Looking closely at the data provided by the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), which suggested the vaccines were effective, Fenton and his co-author Dr. Martin Neil, “found so many inconsistencies and anomalies in the data that when you take account of the most obvious explanations for these, there really is no reliable evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality.”

      “In fact, if you take account of the fact that newly vaccinated people [who] die, [are] likely being misclassified as unvaccinated—because that’s the most likely explanation for the strange things in the data—then you get to the conclusion that the vaccines don’t seem to reduce the all-cause mortality, but rather produce a genuine spike in all-cause mortality shortly after vaccination,” he summarized.

      Dr. Martin Neil, a Professor in Computer Science and Statistics at QMUL and co-author of the study, sent out a series of tweets explaining the data from their paper.

      1.Our research team have now analysed the ONS England November mortality data. We conclude that despite seeming evidence to support vaccine effectiveness this conclusion is doubtful because of a range of serious inconsistencies and anomalies.


      — Martin Neil (@MartinNeil9) December 3, 2021

      The figures showed a lower non-COVID-related death rate for the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated indicating that the vaccinated were oddly provided protection, not just from COVID-19, but from all other life-threatening maladies as well.

      And strangely, as Neil reports, the higher mortality rates of the unvaccinated “peak at the same time as the vaccine rollout peaks for [each] age group.” It then “falls and closes in on the vaccinated [rate]. This is not natural.”

      Providing another chart, Neil shows spikes in death rates of the unvaccinated following the uptake of vaccines in the vaccinated, and asks, “Why are the unvaccinated dying after NOT getting the 1st dose? Why are the single dosed dying after NOT getting the 2nd dose?”

      Answering his own questions, he displays another chart from their study demonstrating that there is “plenty of evidence that the vaccinated who die within 14 days of vaccination may be categorized as unvaccinated. Then someone who dies within 14 days of first dose is miscategorized as unvaccinated and a similar thing could occur post second dose.”

      After considering further aspects of the data, Neil concludes that they found “no significant benefit of the vaccines in the short term.” In fact, the shots “appear to expose people to an increased mortality.”

      Furthermore, “[w]hatever the explanations for the observed data, it is clear that the ONS data is both unreliable and misleading. Absent any better explanation Occam’s razor would support our conclusions. The ONS data provide no reliable evidence that the vaccines reduce all-cause mortality.”

      In September, Dr. Joseph Mercola reported that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States is “counting anyone who died within the first 14 days post-injection as unvaccinated.”

      “Not only does this inaccurately inflate the unvaccinated death toll, but it also hides the real dangers of the COVID shots, as the vast majority of deaths from these shots?occur?within the first two weeks.

      Now their deaths are counted as unvaccinated deaths rather than being counted as deaths due to vaccine injury or COVID-19 breakthrough infections,” he wrote.

      Offering further support for the study, Dr. Clare Craig, a co-author and UK Diagnostic Pathologist, tweeted a link to a document issued by Public Health Scotland confirming, in her words, that that one can be “vaccinated for 3 weeks in Scotland before you are ‘vaccinated.’”

      When asked if their paper had been peer-reviewed, Fenton said, “No. The funny thing is, when we first started doing research on this, we had no problems getting our work in peer-reviewed papers because we weren’t challenging the narrative.”

      After their work began raising concerns over “mass testing of asymptomatic people, the potential for false positives” and the “inflating [of COVID] case numbers,” their papers were rejected by these publications without review, a difficulty Fenton and his team had not faced before.

  1. europravda – Mexico truck crash: Dozens killed after lorry packed with migrants crashes into bridge

    …. at least 49 migrants died

  2. global news – Quebec teacher removed from job due to hijab sees support pour after incident sparks anger

    The teacher has seen support pour in from not only her students and their parents, but people in and outside the province. S

    upporters have taken to hanging green ribbons on a fence in support of the teacher, and a letter-writing campaign is being organized urging parents to denounce the situation.

    The school board in charge of the school says its position is clear it does not approve of Bill 21, but had no choice but to uphold the law.

    But the move has prompted a wave of political reaction, with at least one federal MP calling it a “disgrace” and Indigenous-Crown Relations Minister and Quebec-area MP Marc Miller saying it is “cowardly.”

  3. “Don’t Come, We Can’t Guarantee Your Safety” – Los Angeles PD Union Chief Gives Ominous Warning to Americans Thinking of Visiting The Crime Ravaged City (VIDEO)
    by Julian Conradson – December 9, 2021

    RNC Research – December 9, 2021 – Twitter

  4. Ontario MPP thrown out of legislature for not being vaccinated against COVID-19

    Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios removed from Queen’s Park Legislative Chamber for not being vaccinated against COVID-19.

    • Oh maybe there is something in the water now. Don’t be surprised if this lawyer/ health minister tell y’all that is the reason for the skyrocketing numbers of stillbirths.

      Some people have no soul or shame.

  5. Defender Children’s Health Defense site CDC VARES report up to December 3, 2021

    Does anyone out there remember when Revered Wright said “God damn America”?

    Some believe the numbers should be multiplied by a factor of 41, personally I find the numberS that the CDC put out are staggering enough.

    Adverse Reactions 946,463

    Deaths 19,886

    Serious Injuries- – myocarditis, pericarditis, Guillain Barre Syndrome, blood clots, brain bleeds, heart failure, MS symptoms, paralysis, shingles, blindness………….

    Reactions in 5-11 year olds 3,301
    Reactions in 12-17 year olds 24,359

    A 13 year old girl from Texas VARES # 1913198, who dies 31 days after her First Pfizer dose on August 1. Two weeks after she complained of upper back pain and was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer located on her heart despite having no previous medical history. Her cancer and heart condition rapidly and progressively worsened and she Died December 1. RIP sweet girl.

    17 year old girl from Minnesota, VARES # 1912785 who experienced cardiac arrest and died at home after receiving her 1 rat Pfizer dose. RIP sweet girl.

    The CDC madmen and women, on Thursday signed off on Emergency Use Authorization of booster doses of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine for 16 and 17 year olds.

    Approval from the CDCmad woman, Director Rochelle Walensky came hours after the FDA authorized booster doses for the same age group.

    Fully vaccinated “breakthrough” cases surge in Missouri, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

    Missouri showed 730 died from Covid despite being fully vaccinated.

    DR. FAUCI said, “It is only a matter of time before the definition of fully vaccinated is CHANGED to include 3rd dose.

    Where the hell are all the doctors? This is evil madness.

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