42 vaccinated people get Covid at a restaurant, and they treat it like an urgent appeal to get more vaccine: Links 2, December 5, 2021

1. Greek Orthodox Priest shouts at the Pope that he is a heretic

2. This is back in October 2021. Yet nothing has changed except increased push to make people take the goo.

Alberta doctors group claims vaccinations cause short-term spike in COVID cases, deaths

A group of Alberta doctors is claiming that Alberta Health data shows a short-term spike in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths after vaccination for the virus.

“There is a group that I’m a part of on Signal,” said Alberta family doctor Dr. Christy Reich, in reference to a group of doctors and medical specialists she collaborates and shares information with on the messaging platform.

Reich says the group consists of both vaccinated and unvaccinated medical professionals.

“I had posted the graphs from the Alberta government’s website on our Signal group and it raised a lot of questions in our group,” Reich said.

3. Eric Zemour attacked, put in choke-hold

4. 42 people test positive for COVID-19 following birthday party at Kingsville restaurant

(The article reads like a scare tactic to get everyone vaxxed. But the facinating thing is.. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that restaurant was FULLY vaccinated, or they COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN IN! The following three paragraphs cause cognitive dissonance)

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13 Replies to “42 vaccinated people get Covid at a restaurant, and they treat it like an urgent appeal to get more vaccine: Links 2, December 5, 2021”

  1. Zemmour: I’m stunned. They removed it from his account. So, I did some work and found it here. This will greatly help the translator as it has cc caption.

  2. europravda – Clashes erupt as far-right presidential candidate Zemmour holds first rally

    Anti-racism activists were beaten up as far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour held his first rally amid protests.

  3. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – French far-right candidate Zemmour holds first rally

    French far-right candidate Zemmour holds first rally

    Thousands of supporters of France’s far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour gathered at a stadium outside Paris to attend his first campaign rally.

    Police were deployed to prevent clashes between supporters and protesters.

  4. This man if elected. Will clean up this beautiful country from this filth who over the years imposed even decades by this traitors politicians..

  5. I’ve been getting the sequence wrong.
    Bolsheviks killed off the Anarchists and Social Revolutionaries BEFORE the Mensheviks. So no matter what, the clock is running down on this antifa trash.

  6. The french swamp, politicians from the “Ecole Nationale d’Administration” , ENA for short, will be going into overdrive-mode to stop Zemmour. Just like the Washington swamp tried with President Trump. Expect the most unlikely coalitions between parties otherwise on opposite parts of the political spectrum. Can’t have someone from outside our circles in that position, can we? My prayers for Eric Zemmour from now to the french presidential election and beyond. And for Donald Trump, i sincerely hope he’s considering running in ’24.

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