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  1. “There is this F.B.I. surveillance plane — may remind you — it is illegal to surveil U.S. citizens. But the F.B.I. still had a plane up, and then they tried to twist it and say I was chasing down Mr. Rosenbaum. Never happened,” he added. “And the funny thing is, we were not provided that drone footage until October and they had it way before and the F.B.I. gave it to them and they compressed that F.B.I. drone video and gave it to us. They gave us a compressed version of that file. Same thing with the drone video. So they had a 4K drone that showed the shooting of Mr. Rosenbaum.”

    “And another very, very, very disgrace in this government is with the F.B.I. drone, they called the camera operator of that drone to testify. ADA Binger asked us questions, and then attorney Mark Richards, great attorney, phenomenal attorney asked these questions. He asked about the tail number, the state objected,” he continued. “And then he said he had letter from the State Attorney, and we weren’t able to ask him the tail number so we can submit our FOIA request, which are still being appealed right now so we can get the complete version of that night on the drone video. He wouldn’t give us the tail number. We weren’t able to ask him what the tail number was because of the 2E (ph) letter that we got the day he testified that, supposedly disappeared from attorney Natalie Wisco, another great attorney’s e-mail. It just completely magically disappeared from her e-mail because the state said they emailed them, but we never got it.”

    When asked by Carlson what he thought motivated Binger, Rittenhouse said, “Assistant District Attorney Binger is a corrupt person who just wants to make a name for himself and not look at the facts.”

  2. No criticisms of the seemingly infinite money spread by big pharma in political, medical and media spheres, no mention of the dramatic underreporting of adverse reactions to mRNA injections or their spike-loaded pathogen partners, no mention of the miniscule dangers of C-19 to the general population, no mention of the fact that no pandemic exists because no excess deaths occurred, no questioning of the lockdown of the healthy or the economic catastrophe resulting, no mention of the unseen virus that has never been isolated being used to justify the dissolving of every Western democracy, no mention of the radically-left, climate-change agenda supporting Trottier Foundation that pays their bills, no hiding the Catwoman bitch tone that can’t be unseen once seen lovingly praising Kennedy while ripping his eyes out, no mention of the fraudulent PCR tests and “models” that have driven this revolution…nope, nothing to see here but good objective journalism:


    • This article you linked to Johnnyu was written in May 2019 and will not answer your questions. Speculations on the cause of the Wuhan virus, the lethality of the mRNA vaccines and takeover of by the Left Wing State had yet not started circulating on blogs then. Because, the rest of the world only knew something seriously was up in Wuhan, from around December 2019.

      That big pharma has got as corrupt as banks by controlling all the variables of supply and demand? Monopolies will always take the risk out of ‘business’ if not regulated.

      Is Fauci a crook or is it a death by a thousand accusations?

      The lawyers for Fauci will decide to prosecute or defend if the book is credible. But Tucker, who said he had read the book did not mention any single one of them. (Fox probably advised him not to).

      I only questioned this silence, before I made any decision to buy it.

      No mainstream reviews yet.

      • 2017:
        RFK Jr vaccine beliefs – why experienced journalists don’t take him seriously

        On 20 April 2017, Kennedy had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that centered on Kennedy’s views on vaccines. The interview with Mr. Carlson lived up to Mr. Kennedy’s previous dismal standards of accuracy on vaccines. His claims ranged from simply untrue to subtly misleading, all clearly designed to create fear and doubt about vaccines. Mr. Carlson did not have the knowledge to counter them, and being misled by his interviewee is exactly what other journalists avoid by not letting Mr. Kennedy repeat his past and provide misinformation about vaccines.

        Let’s examine the claims…


  3. Vaccine Reactions at less than 1% as of last Friday

    Adverse Reactions 894,145 or

    Deaths ONLy 18,853 or

    Serious Injuries 139,126 or

    11 year old girl from Georgia vaccinated Sept 14, prior to the authorization of Pfizer has died.

    Breaking out in blisters that burn is rare and only lasts a short time says the CDC. I know 7 women who have had blisters for months – Doctors don’t know what they are from!

    Now is not a good time to label anyone an anti-vaxed or a liar.

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