Leftist rapper identified in Waukesha Christmas parade attack and much more: Links 1, November 22, 2021

1. Driver of SUV In Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack Identified – Darrell E Brooks, Black Male (39), From Milwaukee Wisconsin

With three independent eye witnesses {link}, and now confirmation from New York Post journalist Karol Markowicz {LINK}, we can confirm the suspect who was driving the maroon Ford Escape was a black male named: Darrell Edward BrooksJr, 39 years-old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Waukesha Parade Suspect Deeply Influenced by Leftist Propaganda

A twitter user compiled social media posts allegedly belonging to Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. He tweeted anti-Trump political posts, anti-police and pro-BLM sentiment. If the posts are accurate, Brooks was heavily indoctrinated by leftist propaganda.

Click through to RAIR for examples.

2. Discussion on Sky News Oz. on the new bill granting God like powers to Dan Andrews.

3. Australia: Senator Hanson calls for an end to mandatory injections

4. France sends special forces to Guadeloupe amid riots over COVID restrictions

Interior minister Gerald Darmanin said 50 officers from police special forces would travel to the French overseas territory, in addition to 200 police officers sent from France’s mainland.

5. I see SO many of these stories. Not to mention news and stats on still births after the mRNA injections. Trying to find them now with sources, but these kinds of stories are suppressed well beyond what they do to things that are actually not true. Put more bluntly, are suppressed in the way they do to things which are true, and a threat to the current government-pharma control.

Thank you Yucki, M., PC., Johnny U., EB., Miss Piggy, Hellequin GB., C., Sassy and many more for your efforts this past weekend.

Each one of these cases sounds familiar. Anyone know to the contrary?

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3 Replies to “Leftist rapper identified in Waukesha Christmas parade attack and much more: Links 1, November 22, 2021”

  1. “The executive order requiring federal workers to be vaccinated applies to White House, FDA, CDC and NIAID. Pfizer and Moderna have established independent mandates for their employees.”

    “Federal employees must receive their last dose of their vaccine no later than November 8, 2021, to meet the November 22, 2021 deadline to be fully vaccinated”

    Desperate to get these numbers down, with a virus so well attuned to humans.

    “Opinion | Once and for All: No, We Didn’t Get the Coronavirus From Bats”

  2. Coronafakenews: 11 questions to stay alive.

    1) Do you find it normal that WHO doctors of all people who are pro-abortion (45 million unborn children are killed every year on earth) are now suddenly determined to destroy our most basic freedoms in order to protect our little lives from a flu virus?

    2) Do you find it normal that in Germany (population 82 million) not a single child died from the flu this year, even though we were told that the virus could even kill children this time?

    3) Do you find it normal that on the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, when we were told that the virus could even kill healthy young adults this time, and when the entire crew – a thousand people – were infected, not a single sailor died from it (or that of the 3500 people who worked in a slaughterhouse in Germany, all infected with the virus, not a single one died from this “terrible flu”)?

    4) Do you find it normal that in order to count the number of people infected with the virus, we add the number infected this year to the number infected last year (something we have never done before and know that if we had done this in other years, we would have had high numbers as well)?

    5) Do you find it normal that actions against Corona by doubling the famine on Earth (100 million dead) kill hundreds of times more people than Corona itself, and that the consequences of those actions have destroyed hundreds of millions of lives for economic reasons?

    6) Do you think it is normal that we are told that old people die of Corona, when we know that at the end of life, and especially in the last hours of life, the immune system breaks down and that it is common to detect all kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi in patients (so also the current flu virus we called Corona). If we were to look for oral mycosis rather than corona virus in these people, we might as well say that there is a pandemic of deadly oral mycosis. Yes, that would be absurd, but that’s what’s happening with Corona. Do you think that’s normal?

    7) Do you find it normal that journalists all over the world talk about deaths “related” to Corona and not deaths “because of” Corona, as if they were aware of their lies and somehow wanted to protect themselves in advance in case they had to give account later?

    8) Do you find it normal, when we know that more than half the population of a country can be infected with a flu virus (for Germany that would be more than forty million inhabitants and that would not be abnormal), that every day new cases of Coronas are presented to us as something extraordinary?

    9) Do you find it normal, when humans have survived very well for hundreds of thousands of years without slave masks or vaccines, that we strangely have to change the rules of the game to survive just a few decades after the advent of the pharmaceutical industry and Freemasonry’s control of the world?

    10) Do you think it’s normal for anyone who doesn’t believe the official version of the facts presented by the media to be censored or even committed to mental hospitals?

    11) Do you find it normal to think that God would have made a mistake in his creation by forgetting to provide us with a skin mask to protect us from the flu?

    Jean-Pierre Aussant, author of the essay ” the instrumentalization of the coronavirus and its civilizational and anthropological consequences”.

    (Anyone who finds all this normal is a living corpse infected by demons).

    • 11) Do you find it normal to think that God would have made a mistake in his creation by forgetting to provide us with a skin mask to protect us from the flu?

      Men evolved a foreskin and that was cut off by pre-antibiotic tribes in hot climates – codifying it, as their perennial Sacred Cow post-antibiotic – so I would guess making the mask mandatory for a new god, would put this on our faces? Especially if they killed off the opposition amongst their own kinsmen first. Then it’s everyone looking for the return of the messiah to make them whole again and never will.

      So, no mistake from God. It is just that no one has been blaggard enough, with sword in hand, to claim God told them we had to wear masks as a Sign.

      Any takers? Anyone accusing people of being demons?

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